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I would recommend https://cryptpad.fr/. All files are encrypted locally. You don’t need a database.

Not about cooperatives but maybe about the way to run them: I would recommend the book “We the people” about sociocracy.

Buck, John Jr, and Sharon Villines. We the People. Washington, DC: Sociocracy.Info Press, 2007.

The main problem there was that the employees weren’t taken along enough.

Somewhere I heard that the project was suffocated by bureaucracy, whether intentionally or not I don’t know. But I can imagine that the lobbying of Microsoft supported bureaucratic behaviour. I wish them all the best, but the history of governmental IT projects is a story of failure.

Every IT project of German authorities failed in the last two decades. So this is a bad news because the project will fail too and they will say it was because Open Source does not work.


Older versions of this include the “absoluter Geist” (Hegel) or the “episteme” (Foucault).

You forgot to mention that you need a docker environment with ansible installed.

You can also use Briar.

@juhtoLemmyPromoting Lemmy

I would appreciate a straight forward installation documentation for non docker installs as I am eager to install Lemmy on a managed server.

Moving communities to another instance

After reading in the Promoting Lemmy Thread I had some random thoughts I shared in that thread. This thought might get its own thread. …

The national agency for the digitalisation of the healthcare system in Germany (gematik) has selected Matrix as the open standard on which to base all its interoperable instant messaging standard - the TI-Messenger. …

@juhtoLemmyPromoting Lemmy

I always look at the instructions to install software from scratch. ;-)

Many organisations want to create a discussion forum for their members. This can be done with Lemmy as it is a forum with federation as add on. They can use local communites for their internal discussions and federated for for discussing things with the whole world. This is much better than having a forum only for members and only for internal use. The Glasgow instances shows what I mean.

Is it possible to restrict account on an instance to members of an organization eg. by using LDAP or invite only registration?

@juhtoLemmyPromoting Lemmy

I am very new to lemmy (joined lemmy.ml only yesterday) so my knowledge about the software and its community is very limited. I am member of a cooperative that runs a Mastodon instance. Some of our members are clubs which might need a discussion forum for their hobby horse. Installing a forum like discourse or flarum is quite easy – running Lemmy needs a lot more. I would think that it requires as much maintenance like Mastodon or Matrix. So we need good arguments to promote Lemmy.

I think a good way to promote Lemmy would be to outline the benefit of running an instance for the maintaining entity – be it a club, a political party or group, a company, a town or region, a school or any other institution. I think a small list of usecases and benefits for a couple of organisations could be a good start. Maybe we can start here?