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Searching only in one community does not work for me
The GUI of the search page indicates that it is possible too search only in one special community. When I select for example this community I get search results from many other communities. Any hints?

Facebook, Google - all of GAFAM is built on Open Source. GAFAM ist clever.

Lemmy auf der FrOSCon
Gestern in meinem Talk habe ich auch kurz Lemmy erwähnt. Ich hoffe, dass es ein wenig hilft.

Keyboard navigation in Lemmy
Is it possible to navigate through Lemmy with keyboard shortcuts? I appreciate the vim-like shortbuts in Mastodon.

A knife in the back of small and medium enterprises that offer hosting services. They cannot comply with this. The EU fosters GAFAM.

Mail was decentralized. Then came Gmail. Code alone ist not the solution. We need cooperative operations.

Was Zensursula bisher durchsetzte, war immer eine einzige Katastrophe. Patrick Breyer, der in dem Artikel zitiert wird, weist auf einige Punkte hin.

Ich fürchte überdies, dass dieses Gesetz vor allem gegen die kleinen Fediverse-Instanzen durchgesetzt wird. Die EU versucht seit Jahren durch Auflagen den alternativen Diensten das Leben schwer zu machen. Wer kann denn den geforderten Aufwand als Admin einer Instanz überhaupt leisten?

Viktor Vilĥa en Odeso kolektas subtenon por la defendo de sia hejmurbo, kaj li jam ricevis kontribuojn de esperantistoj el pluraj landoj. Sed mirigas lin, ke ekzistas ankaŭ esperantistoj, kiuj subtenas la invadon de aliaj landoj. ”Tio estas por mi tute nekomprenebla afero”, li diras.

I think the biggest advantage is also the biggest showstopper as people have to learn, that Briar does not always delivers messages in at once in some milliseconds. As the article says the messages are delivered to the next Briar node and stored until in can be handed forward. Even with internet access delivery can last several minutes. And I don’t know how well Briars works if only few people use it.

We, a hosting cooperative in Germany, mentioned Lemmy in a book about free software that we published two weeks before. It is in German and targets clubs, non-profits, foundations and cooperatives. It’s free to download. https://www.hostsharing.net/publikationen/vereinshandbuch/

I really like your idea of promoting Lemmy by providing a limited free hosting offer. It gives people the chance to find sustainable funding.

In the book mentioned above we recommended Lemmy as a forum solution. Many organisations like clubs are looking for something like discourse or flarum to replace a mailing list for discussions or a community help desk. If an organisation uses Lemmy for inhouse needs giving accounts to all members the instance is funded by the organisation – and thanks to federation the users can join communities elsewhere too.

This is the organisational approach to sustainable Lemmy instances.

If there is no organisation that pays the bills, I have to look for funding elsewhere, as users won’t pay. I have to pass the hat around. But this is not sustainable at all.

Or I could go the usual internet way using ads to fund the instance. Is there a function in Lemmy that could be used as an advertising tool? A broadcast message by the administrator that is published to all accounts. Can instance administrators pin messages in communities? Or can administrators promote messages so that they get higher ranks?

I think of a Lemmy instance for a hobby targeting a community of consumers and producers where the producers are willing to pay for advertised postings.

hostsharing.net is the only hosting coop in Germany. But the website is German only, sorry.

Book a vm in a cooperative where you control the board as a member of the cooperative. In Germany there is Hostsharing, a cooperative founded in 2000 dedicated to green hosting, open source, privacy and security.

Is there a share to lemmy extension for any browser?
Hi all, currently I share links to my self hosted shaarli instance but I guess that I would like to post some links also to lemmy. Is there already a share to lemmy extension for browsers?

I would recommend https://cryptpad.fr/. All files are encrypted locally. You don’t need a database.

Not about cooperatives but maybe about the way to run them: I would recommend the book “We the people” about sociocracy.

Buck, John Jr, and Sharon Villines. We the People. Washington, DC: Sociocracy.Info Press, 2007.

The main problem there was that the employees weren’t taken along enough.

Somewhere I heard that the project was suffocated by bureaucracy, whether intentionally or not I don’t know. But I can imagine that the lobbying of Microsoft supported bureaucratic behaviour. I wish them all the best, but the history of governmental IT projects is a story of failure.

Every IT project of German authorities failed in the last two decades. So this is a bad news because the project will fail too and they will say it was because Open Source does not work.


Older versions of this include the “absoluter Geist” (Hegel) or the “episteme” (Foucault).

You forgot to mention that you need a docker environment with ansible installed.

You can also use Briar.

Moving communities to another instance
After reading in the [Promoting Lemmy Thread](https://lemmy.ml/post/76774) I had some random thoughts I shared in that thread. This thought might get its own thread. One of the most wanted features on Mastodon was the ability [to move your account to another instance](https://docs.joinmastodon.org/user/moving/) with all followers. I think that the fediverse of Mastodon instances started to grow faster when it was possible to move ones account to another instance without loosing followers. This made it possible to populate smaller instances with active users. On Lemmy the personal account is not as important as on Mastodon. On Lemmy the communities are the biggest assets of an instance. If decentralization is the goal it might be a good idea to have the possibility to move a community to a new instance without loosing their subscribers. Very big communities could even leave an instance to move to their own instance or to a special interest instance. What do you think? Was it discussed before?

The national agency for the digitalisation of the healthcare system in Germany (gematik) has selected Matrix as the open standard on which to base all its interoperable instant messaging standard - the TI-Messenger. gematik has released a [concept paper](https://fachportal.gematik.de/anwendungen/ti-messenger) that explains the initiative in full.