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When you rely on a privately owned for-profit corporation for free services, you can’t expect much.

They are speaking freely and making choices in their own interests, Elon.

Yeah, Elon’s making a big mess. I guess that some companies have become too big and powerful if this can happen. Forget anti-trust legislation, just let them eat themselves.

This is a difficult topic. Here in Italy the mass migration of the past decade has caused cultural difficulties, as well as some economic fears and resentment. I am myself an immigrant, but not a refugee. I believe in a right to refuge, but also in a responsability to try to assimilate without losing your identity. There is racism here against newcomers, but I find most people are open and welcoming to those that try to be a positive part of the community.

Got this type of setup on my home pc, my laptop has sway/gnome. It’s a bit more difficult integrating sway with gnome, still having to use the cli for bluetooth, can’t figure out how to have it managed by gnome networking.

You can get a public ip address for it if you want to share/collaborate using noip or similar service and a few minutes setting up your router.

Ahh, that was not stated. My apologies.

Just got off the train, I gave up cars a while ago.

No, I do not misunderstand the sub. It is an announcement to maintain a minimum of civility and not be a cowardly troll.

I am a recovered addict of the ‘hopeless’ variety. It is a tough road to put down the substances, but it is possible. The first thing I did was treat the physical addiction which can be done only through abstinance. After that, I treated the mental side, which is my obsession with getting/being high, which I do through 12 step programs, and treating underlying mental illness with my doctor. I have had to reevaluate my life and make a lot of changes to how I live, but am overall much happier. Please let me know if I can be of help, you can send me a private message. Footnote: I am not a religious type and don’t cotton to the ‘cult’ side of 12 step programs.

You can try an open source androi, I use e/OS. I only use F-Droid or directly get apks.

Usually in the header there is a contact email. I’ve found that developers are usually pretty enthusiastic to help you to understand their coding if you get in touch with them. Don’t forget to thank them and contribute to the project if you can!

Try honey instead, I like it much more than sugar in teas.

I’m going to try this (and the chai recipe) in a french press. I wonder how it would come out in a moka espresso. Thanks!

Thanks! It’s nothing new to me, but I do take a moment to remind people to be civil. I’m certainly enjoying the Fediverse, the vast majority of people are interesting and nice. For the others, well, I’m not here to get pissed off or pissed on, so the ‘block’ button comes in handy.

On desktop I use Firefox with DuckDuckGo search engine and plugin, as well as Privacy Badger plugin. For android (e/OS), I use DuckDuckGo browser. I also have TOR browser on all of my devices for when I need more privacy.

Good read, thanks!

Yeah, getting straight with the new lingo and how things work in federated social media takes a bit of time, but I remember trying to figure out corporate social media when it first caught on, and it’s about equal.

Srart bringing your twitter friends here and help us grow!

Can you say ‘shoot yourself in the foot’? RISC V is on it’s way, and this will only speed adoption.

Consideration and respect for others, self-restraint, self-discipline, a willingness to actively take part in the community, humility.

You really do seem like an obnoxious little boy or girl, uninterested in reasonable debate. I actually do matter, I have valid opinions, and am a reasoning and reasonable person. Grow up before you click on your keyboard. Your type of argumentation will never make people see your side.

I absolutely do not justify or support this invasion. I think it’s a horrific crime against the Ukrainian people.

Public debt will be paid off within 5 years of legalization. Turn an expense into an income.

The reason that negotiations will not happen is that Russia has insisted that Ukraine cede occupied territory.

There are always two sides to every story. Certainly Russia has legitimate greivances such as Ukraine’s proposed entry into NATO and changing economic ties to western Europe, as well as persecution of Russians inside of Ukraine. The war, however, appears to be Russian colonization without respecting recognized borders and the self-determination of a nation.

We put too much weight in the words of ‘famous’ people. I don’t personally care what Musk thinks.

What exactly do you mean with your name calling? You cannot provoke me, you just demonstrate personal insecurity being covered up by fake arrogance. Yes, I’m caucasion and live in the western hemisphere, and yes I have leanings towards communism. My question stands, though.

Yes. Greedy people at the top raise prices rather than lose profit, or see that workers have more money to spend so increase prices for more profit.

I’m using Jerboa on android, and external links open in my chosen default browser Duck Duck Go.

Why would being female or non-caucasian matter in playing video games?

Not scary, confusing. You can’t just click around to find what you’re looking for, you have to memorize a certain amount of basic commands. For someone who has a hard time making a Skype call without assistance, it can be impossible.

Many people just want to USE their computer, and need simpler interfaces or they get lost. I don’t mind using dnf or even building from source, hell, I use Vim to write emails, but my ex-wife likes Gnome Software, and GUIs, and relies on me to do any tweaking. I think it’s fine for people to stick to graphic interfaces if that works for them, it’s part of the reason why GNU/Linux desktop is getting more popular with regular non-techie users, which are the vast majority of potential users.

My vote would be for Fedora, it’s very up to date and extremely stable, though it gets a major upgrade about every 6 months (never a problem for me), and also daily minor updates. Fedora is very beginner friendly and just works. I have had lots of stability problems with Ubuntu, and there are also privacy concerns almost continually.

‘Desktop’ refers to the graphic interface, think about the difference between Windows XP, Windows 10, etc- they made many refinements to the graphical interface. With GNU/Linux you get an infinite choice. XFCE and KDE seem to be pretty intuitive for Windows users, but you can always change it and try different ones without changing the OS. One of the first things you’ll notice is the crazy amount of personalization possible with any GNU/Linux desktop, it can be overwhelming.

My recommendation is to try a few different distros and desktops in a virtual machine and find what works for you. No matter which distro you choose, the ‘normal’ software applications are fairly common for them all: word processors, spreadsheets, web browwsers, image viewers, media players, maybe the default applications are different, but you’ll find whatever you need or prefer in the package manager.

Data should not be sold. Cookies and similar technology shojld only be used for site functionality. It should not be legal for any entity, public or private, to create any type of profile without express permission.

I've been gritting my teeth for years over officials using 'free' services that send comprimising data to data-mining companies that sell data to anyone. Privacy and confidentiality my big, hairy, pimple-covered behind.