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Aging punk rocker, tech enthusiast, mechanic and anarco-communist crank.

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  • I am a recovered addict of the ‘hopeless’ variety. It is a tough road to put down the substances, but it is possible. The first thing I did was treat the physical addiction which can be done only through abstinance. After that, I treated the mental side, which is my obsession with getting/being high, which I do through 12 step programs, and treating underlying mental illness with my doctor. I have had to reevaluate my life and make a lot of changes to how I live, but am overall much happier. Please let me know if I can be of help, you can send me a private message. Footnote: I am not a religious type and don’t cotton to the ‘cult’ side of 12 step programs.

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    Thanks! It’s nothing new to me, but I do take a moment to remind people to be civil. I’m certainly enjoying the Fediverse, the vast majority of people are interesting and nice. For the others, well, I’m not here to get pissed off or pissed on, so the ‘block’ button comes in handy.