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It definitely seems like she’s just answering the question “Is [Venezuela/Cuba/China ] what you had in mind?”

There are Arch-based distros designed to be just vanilla arch but with fancy out-of-the-box tiling WM configs like you’d see in /r/unixporn.

I didn’t know that! the new android firefox is really awesome

I think the idea is to abolish capitalism.

Has there been any thought about the CS club hosting a Tor node? I have no idea what would go into that, but it would be neat.

If you’re into coffee, I like James Hoffman’s channel.

Jack Saint, HBomberguy, and Big Joel are also good video essayists that largely write pieces dealing with media criticism and critical theory.

Obviously all of these channels have video components, but I think you can get a lot out of them with just the audio.

His guests are great, but the way he interviews is really awkward. It sounds like he has no idea what he’s talking about, even though he must (as an MIT prof).

bashtop is great, I just wish it didn’t have such a large minimum size

Good to see! The more diversity in the open OS space the better.

IMO most of the functionality of Manjaro can be replaced by Arch + a graphical installer.

Wikipedia is peak liberal ideology tbh. They amplify the status quo, while sanitizing it of perceived political bias, because they don’t allow original research but still market themselves as a free encyclopedia.

There was a bit of drama on the reddit /r/linux post about this. Apparently some people really dislike Jeremy, for some reason.

We’re the hate crime capital of Canada, and simultaneously the “silicon valley of the north”.

The economic tension between software engineers driving teslas, STEM students, and working class people is palpable.

Spotify-tui + spotifyd is a nice lightweight and opensource replacement for the spotify client, even though that’s probably not what you meant.

oh wow I didn’t know this site auto-removed those words lol

I maintain my original sentiment towards the OP, but I do agree that’s really silly

lol this is transparently bad-faith, stop trying so hard to be offended

Got a new laptop, and was appalled all the ways Windows asks to advertise and track you when installing windows, an operating system I paid for.

I was vaguely aware of linux through developing, and decided that it was time to learn to use it, which took me down the FOSS rabbit hole.