Good "Podcasts" on YouTube?

Hi looking for good podcasts / shows that you can just listen to… on YouTube (using NewPipe on phone) before sleep :)

Currently listening H3 Podcast, Joe Rogan (with interesting quests), Rob Braxman and Linus Tech Tips …


If you’re into coffee, I like James Hoffman’s channel.

Jack Saint, HBomberguy, and Big Joel are also good video essayists that largely write pieces dealing with media criticism and critical theory.

Obviously all of these channels have video components, but I think you can get a lot out of them with just the audio.


I like Lex Fridmans Artificial Intelligence Podcast. The guests he has on are sometimes pretty interesting ex. George Hotz, Jack Dorsey, Bjarne Stroustrup, Whitney Cummings just to name a few.


He has a RSS Feed - fantastic!

His guests are great, but the way he interviews is really awkward. It sounds like he has no idea what he’s talking about, even though he must (as an MIT prof).


That’s funny, he talked about this today actually. Turns out he asks simple questions on purpose.

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