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Reminds me of DashDucks, a twitch stream that when you subscribe you get to feed ducks once a day. Occasionally someone in the chat will feed them. I used to feed them lol.

Definitely a new computer, preferably one with a sweet graphics card so I could get into PC gaming/emulation. Intel HD Graphics are not doing it for me lol.

That’s funny, he talked about this today actually. Turns out he asks simple questions on purpose.

I like Lex Fridmans Artificial Intelligence Podcast. The guests he has on are sometimes pretty interesting ex. George Hotz, Jack Dorsey, Bjarne Stroustrup, Whitney Cummings just to name a few.

I’m still trying to find a balance :)

One thing I’ve done recently is reduce my Reddit usage as it was likely a small source of stress, especially during these times. Instead I mainly use Miniflux hosted on a raspberry pi to access a variety of RSS feeds and I’ve found it very enjoyable.


Thank god my texts are extremely boring.

What do you think about the use of triple parentheses in the description of the video?

People who describe YouTube’s thumbs down as a downvote. Bugs me for some reason.

The gym! I was on a roll and my nutrition/sleep were in check, it was great. 🙁

You can test ‌‍⁣‍⁢⁢‌⁡⁡‍‌⁡‌⁤‍‌⁢⁡‍⁡‍‌⁤⁡⁢‍‌⁢‌⁡‍‌⁢‌‍‌⁢‍‌⁡⁤⁡⁢⁡⁡⁢⁣⁢⁢⁢⁢‌⁤‌‍‌⁡⁡‍⁢‌⁡‍⁢⁤‍⁢⁣⁤⁢⁡⁡⁣‍⁣‌⁡⁡‍⁢‍⁢‍‌‍⁢⁡‍⁡‍‌⁡‌‍⁢⁢‌⁡⁤⁢⁢⁢⁢⁡⁣⁢⁤‍⁢⁡⁤‌⁢⁣it out using the link below. (This lines password is lemmy) …

I created a community for the decentralized web and related topics.

This is the future.

4000 now :)

Went over some of the CLP 1 textbook, I like how things are explained and formatted. Much better than some of the US textbooks, this is neat.

Thank you for sharing this gem.

Thanks, will look into these.

I’ve been using it for a while now, really enjoy and recommend it. Is there an equivalent for PC?

My name starts with D, and three letter usernames are available so I randomly chose drd. Wish there was something more interesting haha.