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I think that puts too much burden on the voter. I don’t want to write an essay every time I see a white brotherhood post in my feed, or one of the dozens of sockpuppets they run.

I don’t see what would stop them making a bunch more sockpuppets as long as there’s open registration. That’s not really a suggestion to close registration, I just don’t know what a solution could be.

Zero-K uses the spring engine as well, and the two are pretty different in actual gameplay.

This seems really cool, but I can’t tell how different it is from Beyond All Reason.

Link is broken, and “moncul.com” doesn’t seem to exist.

I like the current system, where removed posts are blanked. I don’t really see the point of preserving content after it’s removed by a mod if the modlog already shows what got removed.

I downvote the Chinese propaganda spam. Also the poorly written opinion pieces with unsourced claims or tabloid articles.

Then, what should one do? Just circlejerk, and only talk to people already in your insular community? Outreach is incredibly important.

Sorry, but I’m pretty sure that is caldav. I installed a caldav server recently, Radicale. Using the standard android calendar app, I can view any calendars created on the radicale server merged together, and allow others to see them also.

Several webcomics and a few software don’t check for updates automatically.

The problem seems to have miraculously resolved, but yesterday I tried Microsoft Edge, wondering if Firefox was the issue. It threw a ‘Security Error’ page I didn’t recognize. I wish I had recorded the specific error. Edit: I have just checked and I’m presently able to use the site with Edge as well. I have no idea what’s happened. Sorry.

I catch my coworker singing this at least twice a week, every week.