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Yeah I mean I can say from experience it was way, way worse on reddit when that American patriotism bullshit was at it’s peak. Any post shitting on American patriotism would have a 10-20% amount of downvotes and a load of comments from closeted right wingers who now unironically identify as "maga communists’.

Why is it that the KMT is closer to the CPC than the liberals? Has the KMT transformed into a more general conservative and less outright fascist party? At least on the topic of reunification the liberals seem multiple times more bloodthirsty.

Absolute and total bs. It’s like Jon Stewart giving bullshit awards to azov battalion for “fighting for democracy”. This is something to be given to countries who (for however long they’re in office) subdue popular uprisings and keep whatever country totally open to western industrial and finance capital.

Also, regarding the argument of long term leaders being more corrupt- if it was true we would see that in real life. The proof is in the pudding, and there’s none. The most corrupt country in Europe? Ukraine post USSR. In reality corruption all comes down to the political and economic system. Countries like the US have frequent presidential elections but the corruption is so insanely bad that it’s literally legal and all out in the open, and the masses of people can’t do shit about it but complain. Corruption will exist throughout all of history as long as there are hierarchical systems of power. It’s just about reducing it and massively punishing it to the point where it’s fairly insignificant. If we look at China for example, Mao was the top of the party longer than any others and China wasn’t nearly as corrupt then as it was in say the 90s and early 2000s. The more liberal the economic system the more it will lend towards and reward corruption.

Has the Kurdish struggle in Syria always been an imperialist side project or was it once revolutionary and co-opted by imperialist for their gain?
Ive read so many conflicting things about modern Rojava/the Kurdish part of Syria and this aspect seems vital. Are these long term imperialist allies? Generally I see it discussed in the context of the modern occupation of Syria, where the YPG is helping the US steal Syria's oil. I really don't know much about it outside of my country's current occupation and my interest was sparked by that True Anon guy who went and fought there. At that point I thought it was just imperialist but when he started talking against the US propaganda against Assad, fake gas attacks, etc it made me think there may be more to it, and perhaps not another Kosovo/Yugoslavia type situation.

It was because Libya had close economic ties with Taiwan, especially in the later years it was iffy between Beijing and Libya. Important to remember that China could have vetoed the US at the UN and at least attempted to stop western military action but didn’t… Something like that would be way more likely today as the US now treats China as a threat and mortal enemy, but even then I doubt it unless Libya stopped diplomatic ties with Taiwan.

100% remember when Trump nearly started WW3 with Iran assassinating a top general and some dems came out against it while the whole repub party was cheering? It’s been this way forever, back when Bush Jr invaded Iraq we had a few dems against it. They were in reality more anti-Bush than anti-war. These guys aren’t anti-war, they’re anti-biden. Which can be based, but in this case they just want to take this imperialist effort and transfer it to Taiwan rather than Ukraine. Which honestly is even worse IMO.

Definitely, though I think because of Iran’s population and military power Russia may not need to send troops to successfully defend it. Just weapons, tech, etc. People underestimate Iran imo. There is a reason despite being one of the world’s largest oil producers the US didn’t even dare invade them when Russia was destroyed and basically a US puppet, while they invaded Iraq alone twice and sanctioned them to mass death and are currently occupying Syria’s oil rich regions. It’s all about internal sabotage and color revolutions when it comes to Iran. The US would need a full scale invasion with a draft to defeat Iran assuming it had even a small amount of Russian backing unless it got serious backing from nearby allies, perhaps a puppet govt in Pakistan + turkey + the gulf countries.

I believe Iran is similar geopolitically to Venezuela, where because of how vital they are Russia would be willing to defend them in an invasion. Under Trump there was prep for invading Venezuela and Russia sent weapons there and said if US invaded they would then be at war with Russia, and Iran is not only 3x the population of Venezuela but also even more significant geopolitically. That said, it may be the plan of the imperialists to get Russia to put more resources towards Ukraine so that Russia would be less able to help allies like Iran. Is it a coincidence things are heating up in Iran just as Russia announces their increased troop mobilization for Ukraine? I personally think not.

Hudson is an interesting character, was surprised when I found out Trotsky was his godfather given he isn’t a crazy ultra.

Yeah management is needed but nowadays at least 75% of them (90%+ of the higher wage ones) are total labour aristocrats who are paid off to exploit workers the max with no care for their interests or even immediate well being. At least where I live, in the imperial core, half the management positions could disappear tomorrow and things would be just as efficient. They don’t really do shit except act as unreasonable tyrants, often being power hungry nuts. Not as bad as cops or anything, but that element is definitely present.

I have multiple family members forced into selling plasma here in the US right now with inflation, even encouraging me to do the same. Our local plasma place forces you to do to 2x a week and you get more money the more often and longer you do it, and once you miss 1 day it’s reset to baseline pay. It feels wrong in every way yet my family thinks it’s totally normal. You’re expected to do stuff like this here to survive.

One episode of the Government Secrets podcast mentioned a declassified doc talking about how they would not only just happen to disproportionately experiment on black people because they made up more of the prison population due to poverty, but they’d explicitly use higher doses of whatever toxin or drug for much longer because they had almost no way of getting help or justice after the fact. In the example they used, they upped the dose of psychedelics massively and then had the black people take it for 10x longer. It was like 25 days in a row vs 250 for black people. Those numbers are just estimates as I saw this a long time ago, but I feel like the amount of time was specifically 10x longer, that’s no exaggeration.

This is a common myth, and while technically true in some ways the overall gist of what you’re saying is totally bs. Being gay was “decriminalized” because the abolished the entirety of the tsarist legal code. This idea that lenin was some firebrand social liberal who was as progressive as socialists 100 years later is just not true, just as the idea that Stalin was this right wing conservative was bs.

Lenin was extremely progressive overall for his time as was Stalin, women’s liberation and empowerment was no joke in the USSR for it’s time for example. But when Marxists in the 2020s talk like Lenin was some warrior for gay Folk I have to cringe a little bit. It’s almost like many western leftists see Lenin as a “pure” socialist and project their moderm values and knowledge onto him, while stalin was the antithesis to that and he was just a strong man of sorts. The main difference in reality was the material conditions they were working with. Yes, under Stalin for a period abortion was made illegal with some exceptions, but I’d bet the same would happen under Lenin if 20%+ of the population was killed in a Nazi invasion.

That’s insanity coming from a place like mango press that focuses so much on other countries. These people do realize how most young people around the world learn English right? It’s 80%+ pop culture and consuming stuff that comes from the US/Britain. My longest relationship was with a girl from Italy who’s parents didn’t even speak a word of English and she was 10x more well versed in American pop culture and popular sayings than I am as an American myself. Even Yugopnik himself has said he basically taught himself English through American movies and video games.

The current leader of AFRICOM is also black. Total fucking joke.

Look dude I don’t mean to fedjacket, but you sound like either a young kid who just got into Marxism at best, or a fed spreading total bullshit talking points to discredit China. Sorry but this ultraleft bullshit is so obvious to any well read Marxist. Socialism is a long process that is defined as the transition period between capitalism and communism. In a practical sense, this is when workers take and hold state power and being steering the ship if you will towards the goal of communism.

Beyond that basic background knowledge, anyone talking as big as you are about China should know they refer to their stage of development as “primary stages of socialism”, with the current goal being a moderately prosperous socialist country. In the past 25 years real wages in China have gone up by over 4x. Imagine if in the US the median wage went up fucking 400% in that time. Spoiler, it will never happen outside of hyperinflation.

This dude really sounds legit too, and they have the example of Cuba which of course helps. To be honest and blunt, I see the CIA taking this dude out. I’d bet my left nut they’ve already tried or hatched plans at least. Hopefully he can pull a Fidel and swerve their bullshit attempts.

Nation wide strike?! Belgians being based finally! Solidarity with everyone demanding action. Under capitalism progress doesn’t happen by itself, it is always forced.

Is "The Duran" worth taking seriously?
I have seen some of their stuff around, it is recommended a lot for me when watching anything related to Ukraine. I first saw them in relation to the stuff that was happening with Gonzalo Lira, and because of that I've always assumed they weren't worth taking that seriously. They were promoting Lira this dude known for red pill sexist bs and when I looked them up I saw they had a news app with a description talking about "traditional values" which was a huge red flag for me and I've ignored them since. But today I go to watch The Left Lens with Danny Haiphong, and he had them on. I'm about 20 minutes in so far and honestly this has me interested in them. They're covering that recent video of a EU official talking about how Europe is a "garden" and the global south, Russia, etc are "the jungle" and shit. Surprisingly to me the first response was one of the Duran guys talking against European supremacy and colonialism and the like and how they exploit the global South. I looked up Alexander Mercouris and the first article I see is about how Asia is the future and US empire is dying. Maybe it's just me living in the US, but I've never heard a right winger talk like this. What do you guys think?

Struggling to understand the falling rate of profit, was hoping some more well read comrades could help with a few questions I have.
This is a concise answer I found online, but it only confuses me more. "Because profit can only come from human labour, as more and more capitalists invest in the new machinery the average labour time required to produce each commodity falls. This is what makes the rate of profit fall, as the ratio of surplus value to investment falls across the whole system." My understanding of this paragraph is that as machines play more and more a role in production less human labor is needed to produce the commodity, but I dont get how that lowers profit. My first thought it, don't machines allow more money to be made? As capitalism develops we are reaching a point where 90%+ jobs in some industries will be replaced by machines, needing less people and less overall investment for the profits you're getting. The entire reason is that it makes more profits right? Employers at least in the US save a ton just from not needing to pay for employees healthcare and other benefits, there are a lot of incentives in replacing people with machines. I am sure these questions sound totally moronic to you comrades who have read capital volume three, but I hope you can see where I'm coming from and let me know what I'm getting wrong. I would really like to understand this, but it's pretty intimidating to get into and wrap my head around some of this stuff. Thanks guys.

Favorite podcasts/online shows related to socialism, anti-imperialism, etc to listen to at work?
I am pretty much looking for all kinds of quality left analysis I can play in the background at work. My job involves zero human interaction 95% of the time and I can wear earbuds, so it doesn't need to be super sanitized or anything like mainstream news. I'm a big fan of the socialist program with Brian Becker, as well as pretty much everything put out by Breakthrough News and Multipolarista. They're pretty big though and I'm struggling to find much else as I don't really use any other social media. Also really like Revolutionary Left Radio and their theory podcast Red Menace, so theory heavy stuff is more than welcome.

So this was put out by Ben Norton a few weeks ago and I just saw it, and while I'm sure most of you know about this I was so blown away I wanted to try and start a discussion of sorts about this situation. Zelensky, in the midst of an invasion, is selling around 400 billion USD in Ukrainian state assets right on the fucking NY stock exchange. Coupling this mass privatization is a huge hit on labor rights. We all already know that being a worker in Ukraine hasn't been great since the fall of the Soviet union, but even these bare minimum rights of basic collective bargaining are being stripped away. Even liberal economists are saying this is "a return to the 19th century" in terms of labor rights. For me at least, this entire story begged a question: at what point exactly would you call Ukraine a fascist country? Ukraine has clearly been a neocolonial puppet state since it USSR was undemocraticaly dissolved, but has the maidan coup pushed Ukraine into transitioning from neoliberalism to fascism? Before Germany got to it's worst it started with this exact type of shit- mass privatizations, complete control of finance capital, fascist paramilitaries being incorporated into the armed forces, etc. Then you have Ukraine talking about how it wants to be like Israel, a fascist apartheid state that is actively commiting genocide. If Ukraine still exists in a decade, I'm worried about what things will look like there. It was already the poorest and most corrupt country in Europe before this military operation. I hope the Ukrainian masses take action while they still can, because soon enough they'll be imprisoning anyone organizing for basic collective bargaining.

I was just sorta interested in this at first, but just minutes in this dude is talking about studying in the Soviet Union and calls it the world's first proletarian and peasants state! He talks about how the US has failed in isolating Venezuela and how every attempt at regime change has been a failure. I'm not saying they're socialist or anything, but this absolutely confirms that the Maduro govt is in no way comparable to the imperialist social democracies in the global north. Huge props to Rania for scoring an interview like this. She's done some great ones with Cuban officials as well. Quote from Faria showcasing that he is not only a socialist, but anti revisionist as well acknowledging the Soviet Union's right deviations after Stalin. "We studied in the Soviet Union, in my case the first state of proletarians, and peasants state known to mankind, which, well, unfortunately could not continue existing for the reasons that we know. No, now will not be the time, the time to talk to you, but that we saw what it really was like, a socialist state, a state where really the working men and women were in charge of decisions. Of course the reasons for the disappearance of the Soviet Union have to do with that, just with the fact that this principle with which the Soviet Union was born was no longer observed. But at the beginning we knew what a socialist state was, of the workers, of the peasants. How it governed only in favor of workers and peasants, where it was not capital which had the decisions in the management of that great state. Where German fascism was defeated during the second world war, in the chapter of the Great Patriotic War, where the Soviet Union, the Red Army and it's heroic people defeat fascism, liberate the Soviet Union, liberate half of Europe."

(CNN)- At least seven children were killed when a gunman wearing Nazi symbols opened fire at a school in the western Russian city of Izhevsk, Russian state media reported Monday.

For European comrades: is it likely for a country or multiple to leave the EU this winter because of what sanctions are doing?
So when I'm thinking about ending western imperialism one of the first institutions that is a major block is the EU. Not only does it facilitate global exploitation in favor of the global north, but it also forces austerity in Europe and my understanding is that you literally cannot be a socialist government in the EU- this is not something we can change/take power of, but something that must be ended entirely. In terms of the current crisis, the EU is leading the charge to essentially rid Europe of all Russian energy. As someone who does not and has never lived in Europe, I'm wondering if I'm witnessing the beginning of the end for the EU and how easy or realistic it would be for countries to escape its grasp. I would also like to extend the time frame we're looking at a bit- if this crisis doesn't directly cause people to leave the EU this winter it could still cause it down the line. It just comes down to how decoupled Russia and China become from the west at the end of all this. Especially 10 years down the line, it is inevitable many countries side with China over the US if they're forced to choose just 1. That's not even including the amount of countries that are totally fucked without Russian gas. I just don't get how the EU could maintain itself through such a crisis, a self caused one at that.

I thought this video was super informative, and honestly I find what China is doing to be totally heroic. If only Russia could go red and them and China could get the US the fuck out of Africa. Even when the global economy is fucked China comes in and forgives debt for 17 countries in Africa! Ben Norton/Multipolarista is becoming some of my favorite independent journalism.

But Chinese people are the barbaric ones guys! Yeah we've nuked civilians, yeah we've done genocide, yeah we bomb entire countries to rubble. But look at those scary savages! Their skin isn't White!

Here is a Reuters article from May 22- https://www.reuters.com/world/americas/peru-opens-criminal-investigation-president-castillo-2022-05-29/ "Peru's attorney general's office announced on Sunday it was including President Pedro Castillo in an investigation into alleged crimes including influence peddling, collusion and "criminal organization." Peru's Public Ministry on Twitter said Pablo Sanchez, the country's top prosecutor, will lead the investigation into Castillo given the "seriousness of the accusations" made in an investigation against former Minister of Transport and Communications Juan Silva and six legislators from the opposition party."

Here we go.
Alternative title: Narcissistic sociopath chooses her legacy among neocons over the lives the the world's proletariat.

This is like the dream team when it comes to China coverage and I believe Xiangyu lived in Taiwan for some time so he has a pretty valuable perspective. Even if you can't join the stream it will definitely be worth watching later.

Apologies for the url being a screenshot, for some reason the lemmur app won't let me paste in the URL box, so here's the link to the article: https://www.democracynow.org/2022/8/1/headlines/house_speaker_pelosi_will_visit_taiwan_despite_warnings_from_china US is feeling really ballsy lately. Would be hilarious if their response was to start meeting with leaders of seperatists in Hawaii, Texas, Puerto Rico, Alaska, even California lmao. Do you guys think they're trying to force a confrontation while Russia is bogged down in Ukraine? Kinda seems like that is their goal. Bog down Russia as long as possible and while Russia is busy take advantage of US having all of Europe in a firm bloc? They are also trying to form a bloc I feel to slow down the insane amount of trade china does with Europe, but if they keep up the sanctions on Russia and China we may see some European countries go neutral or even side with china out of pure economic necessity. The US economy is collapsing and dollar hegemony in waning- even Saudi Arabia is now trading with china in yuan.

What do people mean when they say "the labor market is very healthy"?
As I've been looking into the current US economy and them covering up/lying about recession, I keep seeing liberals saying one thing over and over- that our labor market is very healthy. Is that just another way to say unemployment? This comes across as capitalist speak for, we love how many people are working multiple jobs, "people are getting back to work" etc. Hannity on Fox News was recently ranting about how people should be willing to work "70, 80, even 90 hours a week" during a recession. Classical economics spend so much time bullshitting and using language that sounds better than the truth.

Just saw this as I got home and figured you guys may be interested as well! I love hearing directly from comrades like Luna Oi on this as they can spot the issues in the western left great. Silverspook is also on the panel, who is a dope indigenous Hawaiian that even made a video game about Hawaii being liberated I believe.