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Thank you for the article (you got some heat over at c/privacy hehe).

So, from what I understood, even though Session is a fork of Signal, it still shouldn’t be too trusted. Would you agree?

Thanks for your suggestions, but… None of your suggestions is quite what I’m searching for: in Google Images, when you click on one, below appear others which are similar to the first one. If you can try it you’ll see.

Google Images alternative(s)?

I know there are, but they aren’t open source, except for Search by Image (just speculation, haven’t researched far enough). The main functionality I seek is that of having similar images displayed while looking at the one selected…

Ok nice research, although it seems to be as complicated as I thought… I’ll still follow the guide, thanks!

Very interesting, thanks for the suggestion! I hope it isn’t too hard to setup, I’m not tech savvy

Maybe “privacy” doesn’t fit the question, yeah I agree. Regarding security then, I see that almost any device comes with encryption by default, so I shouldn’t worry too much.

Yeah it seems so, although I’m not convinced of the latest one with fingerprint recognition

Best external hard drive

What is the best external hard drive in terms of privacy, security and storage capacity? Should I wait for a better one coming soon? …

Very interesting! If someone can make a followup of this whenever it’s available, that would be great

Tell me what do you think about this one…


Tell me what do you think about this one…


You could also use the Privacy Redirect extension, which amongst other things can redirect your search engine to more private ones. In particular it has various instances of Searx, and rotates randomly among them

Used this for several months now, It’s super helpful! Especially from Youtube to Freetube, and from Reddit to Libredd.it. I recommend it

Since I’m new on the fact-checker pages, I still have to understand how to utilize them, so as @TheAnonymouseJoker said mentioning them excessively doesn’t bring a critical discussion on a topic, and I did that on some comments. Thanks for bringing this up! Also, I second your comment.

I’ve seen an interesting argument recently (don’t remember where, sorry), in which the guy says, in his opinion, that the problem with news subbreddits on Reddit (which can be applied also to c/worldnews), is that news posting is directly accompanied with comments, and by doing so you have opinions from readers that didn’t have time to process the information described in the article, which can lead to fights. He thinks that news posting and comments shouldn’t be together, instead be separated.

A solution could be separating c/worldnews with a new community which discusses those news: the post is doubled, with the original one clean and unopinionized, and the second one is full-on Waterloo.

I don’t have an answer to this problem, so honestly I’m staying out of c/worldnews now, because it’s not worth it

I’m also worried about this as much as you; my opinion is that it should have stricter rules/code of conduct, just because it’s the most important news community

Edit: found the argument, it’s @Jeffrey’s on this post, credit to him/her.

I’d like to learn it one day though: seems like an interesting hobby, and at the same time a huge pain

Ok, I didn’t think to check there, thank you!

Sorry, I’m not literate on programming language. I actually wanted to try it on Windows.

After download I unpacked the file but there wasn’t any launcher attached, I followed instructions but nothing happened, so I don’t know if I have to download any other program

I have the option in about:config for updated Firefox. Thank you for the advice, I think I’ll keep it on

This is all really cool thanks for the advice. I should be applying it more because I risk falling into the same news that just few publishers give, ignoring others.

I’ll keep an eye to all these you mentioned. Really grateful thanks, if you have any other suggestion, I’ll be glad to hear

Whatever you say man

Ti capisco, anch’io sono diventato ansioso dalla quantità di notizie che leggo ultimamente. Proverò con gli rss grazie!

Wikipedia Portale:Attualità

Una delle fonti di notizie d’attualità mondiali che ho iniziato a consultare recentemente è Portal:current events, ma ho scoperto oggi che non esiste la versione italiana. …

Eating less meat won't save the planet. Here's why

Hi, I’ve recently seen this video by a channel called What I’ve Learned, regarding the environmental impact of animal agriculture, in both of which Dr. Frank Mitloehner, a Professor and Air Quality Extension Specialist at the University of California, expresses his opinion on this topic. …