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I think it would be cool if each server could also have custom emoji reactions as well.

But even without that, I feel like it could be like Reddit’s badges (or whatever they were called), except that these are free

For me, blocking is one of the most important features any social app (chats, social media, etc) should have. I tried using Jabber to block my friend and had them message me from Xabber (from which I was entirely unable to block anyone), and their messages came through just fine. Months before that test, I had tried to test blocking someone else, but was unable to unblock them, even though all my clients said they weren’t blocked. I simply remained unable to message them, and the client kept telling me I had blocked their JID.

Could this have been an issue with the server I was using?

I wish I could like XMPP, I really do, but no client I have used has a block function properly implemented, as in, you can’t unblock people you have blocked, and I tested it with a friend a few weeks ago and found that clients that don’t properly implement a block function (as in, not even letting you block anyone) can easily message someone who has blocked them from another client. This is an immediate No for a chat protocol in my opinion

All the New Stuff I've been adding to Moloch has finally reached that point in time where I'm pretty sure it's stable enough to be actually used in like, real runs, done by real Moloch players. This version adds sound effects, new spell modifiers, achievements, a complete overhaul of the main menu, One (1) necessary optimization to the minimap, and a bunch of other fixes and smaller features.

I don’t see why you’d want to verify whether this specific tweet is authentic or not tho

Oh god I tried seeing the site to see how bad it was (see sexy_peach’s comment), it overdid my every expectation. I don’t think I’ve seen a website worse than this, I don’t think I ever will

“A multiplayer game about paranoia and chaos on a space station.”

see this might be pattern finding monke brain but all i see here is amogus lol

Yes, a friend sometimes takes the time to speedrun going through all the rooms in the first level

No normal gameplay, tho, my computer isn’t good enough to record that and no one else has

Edit: extremely low quality gameplay:

I had posted this on the sopuli community, I think it's good to keep it around

sometimes its also “the reader who is knowledgeable on obscure thing X may notice”

i thought this was a conlanging meme for a second lmao

It’s been down for a while, its maintainer has not been able to put it back up

cross-posted from: (The Y in the title is the way i write the number eleven in base 12) Hi! I don't know if self-advertisement is ok in this community, please tell me if it isn't and I'll delete this post. This is a game I've been working on for the last week and I'm not fully certain it'll go anywhere, but it has a small community already, so I figured its worth showing it here Moloch is a very hard platforming roguelike where health is not health points, and instead, it consists of several conditions that are somewhat simulated and that can result either in a softlock or a death. Yes, being soft locked due to being hurt is part of the experience. It borders the line that separates rage games from the rest. My idea for the project is to make it be frustrating because of how easy it is to die, and not because of how hard it is to use the controls. I tried my best to make the controls as responsive and smooth as I could, so that the game feels good to get good at. It is inspired by Noita and Rain World, the former being the one that inspired the roguelike elements and the wands, and the latter being the one that inspired the way I'm handling the difficulty and health. *In any system optimizing for X, the opportunity arises to throw any other value under the bus for optimized X*

It is not the default in the sense that… well, based on reality, it isn’t

But in the English language, which doesn’t necessarily have to follow reality, it sadly is. We can only do our best to change it.