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Should probably stop doing gain-of-function research as well as not kissing pigs tbh

I don’t really bother much with daily news.

Meh, I’ll keep hiding the tab bar and use tree style tab instead.

I seem to have had the problem without any other clients.

But that problem in itself is fairly annoying as the movim mobile app isnt exactly great imo.

I keep getting unsubscribed from all the different communities i follow in movim for no obvious reason. I wanna love it, but it is just way to annoying to have to resub every couple of days.

Apparently it might have to do with the kind of server my jabber/xmpp account is on, which is just … great for ease of use for people.

Article on the Zapatistas journey across the ocean to visit activists and insurgents in Europe

also the fact that this shit was theorized in the 18th century, even the 700mph speeds and pneumatic railways were an actual real thing back then makes it not so innovative.



Choose one… ;)

The hyperloop is the biggest scam in decades.

Kropotkins Mutual Aid is my preferred recommendation. Helps combat the whole human nature argument.

I had no idea this was coming. Keeeewl.


It would be nice to be able to sort by clicking on “subscribers”, “users/month”, “posts”, etc.

All respect to the Zapatistas!

My friend is actually in the welcoming committee in my town!

Anyone who complains about not being able to use slurs is basically outing themselves as assholes as far as I’m concerned.

Akala is great, hadn’t heard this in a while!

If it wasnt for my need for realtime audio I’d still be rocking Solus to be honest (jack/RT audio was an absolute nightmare last time I used it). It’s a great all-round Linux experience!

I’m still waiting for Vinland Saga season 2, which I guess won’t arrive until summer-ish.

Gates charity work is for the most part a tax-scheme and scam. Fuck them all.

yeah I’ve been watching submedia(one of the kolektiva founding collectives) videoes for about a decade so I was pretty sure it was gonna be good ;)

Is there a way on user-level to ignore posts from certain lemmy instances?
Title says it all really. Is it possible as a user to "block" or make it so that posts from one or more lemmy instances don't show up under "all" or would I have to self host my own instance and then choose who to federate with?

Great cover of the classic song from Blind Faith by Norwegian band Big Bang.

Didn't really know where else to post this, but here seemed fitting enough.