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Exactly my point. Wasting renewable resources on cryptomining is a crime against humanity.

It’s a “currency” where the majority of currency got handed out to very few people very early on. It’s has a more concentrated level of wealth than the real economy has. And the energy use is a far bigger issue than all others.

Thats a bummer :(

It works perfectly for me.


for free ebooks, as long as it lasts

https://www.gutenberg.org/ should probably also be mentioned in that regard, although it’s only for things that are now in the public domain, wheras 1lib/zlibrary has “everything”

would be able to use green energy for them

you do realize that producing green energy is quite energy intensive right and most of the materials are non recyclable?

Using the green energy we produce to keep a network of money for speculators running is just beyond silly.

The cryptocoin gang are so detached from reality its not even funny at this point.

energy consumption

Bitcoin alone draws more electricity than the whole of Netherlands now. It’s network is basically a crime against humanity at this point. And I say this as someone with a (small, tiny even) stake in it.

It’s negated all gains made by renewable energy, and for what. A “currency” that is even more centralized in the hands of few people than fiat money is.

It looks really nice to be honest. Hopefully more languages will be added over time. And I see they have “language detection” as one of their todo’s which means it could be hosted together with a mastodon instance and provide translation services! :)

Good for the indigenous peoples of the area, the water and everything else.

Fuck settler colonial economies.

Most open source apps that have a cost I’ve run across usually have the option of building it yourself for free. But if you want prepackaged with support you pay.

The more I try to understand this the clearer it seems that XMPP/jabber is still really the king of the hill here.

Been meaning to try and set this up on an old spare computer for a while. Might finally do it.

Element/Matrix would be my choice but I would bet my life savings and first born son that I would never be able to get more than one person to switch.

That was my exact experience. I got two people. Both left.

I have toyed around with a couple of the other, actually native, apps. They were pretty nice back then but not really feature complete. I assume that has changed somewhat since I last used it. :)

Nice answer. Yeah this is essentially where I’ve landed. I really like XMPP, but it’s a big ask to get a bunch of non-tech friends to get an account somewhere they / I can trust.

The fact that Telegram is available through F-Droid is also a bonus. I really don’t like having to use the Play Store to get an app.

So Telegram, despite not being fully open and not E2E by default is at least a decent second to Signal. Good to know.

When I used it last the homeserver issues were to frequent. Delays in delivery, service outages etc.

And it was difficult getting more than a couple of friends on board. So it fell to the side for me.

It might be better these days tho, I dunno.

I’m also not overly fond of Electron apps. (I mainly use desktop versions as I dislike smartphones in general;))

Honestly, if getting people to get a jabber account wasnt such a pain that would still be my go to solution.

None of the other apps really do it for me. I ran matrix/element for a year or two, was way to unstable for daily use and impossible to get friends to migrate.

Signal has the benefit of incorporating SMS as well, but it’s been fairly hit or miss with message delivery for me and some friends.

Telegram works fine but isnt fully open source

And the reason why should that matter for my desktop app is? If my phone is off won’t the desktop app run?

What I am reading here is that it’s definitely not the app to get my non tech friends to install.