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hips is a small, self-contained utility that enables users to store their secrets encrypted alongside their code: https://github.com/mqnfred/hips

pf-badhost - a simple, easy to use network filtering utility

pf-badhost is a simple, easy to use network filtering utility that uses the power of the pf firewall to block many of the internet’s biggest irritants. Annoyances such as SSH and SMTP bruteforcers are largely eliminated. Shodan scans and bots looking for webservers to abuse are stopped dead in their…

Unbound-adblock - easy to use network adblocker

It allows you to block online advertisements network wide and thus block ads on devices that otherwise don’t support traditional browser-based adblockers such as uBlock Origin, Adblock Plus etc.: https://www.geoghegan.ca/unbound-adblock.html

I wonder how long will he stay with this project before moving on.

Me: Forget the princess. Now, where is my tea?

You know what NSDAP stands for? National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Socialist!

Communism is just more advanced version of socialism, that is all.

Nacism is a left wing ideology like communism. They have the same dad - socialism. I don’t see anyone complaining about communists here. Why ban one and not another?

Lemmy Kilmister’s project when he wasn’t on a tour. He said it was his greatest achievement after music, his women and beer. :)

Where do you live?

I just wanted to post about Kolibri OS the other day, but their website is down so I didn’t.