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Small, unnoticeable camera, I don’t really see how it can benefit in a good way even if eliminating surveillance by company/govt from the threat model list. Stalkers, perverts, abusive partner would also benefit from having this piece of tech.

But for being positive once, I can attach the camera to my cat to see how far it went when they’re out of the house, without being afraid the camera get stolen.

I’m using Klavaro


GNOME Builder is nice. But I rarely use it. I’m more often writing on Neovim, Atom, and mostly within Godot editor itself if I’m working with Godot/gdscript.

The whole screenshot is funny, “Please use Edge, it’s fast, secure, modern” then right in the bottom “BTW you need to accept that we track you”.

KeePass, from flatpak. I manually copy and paste stuff because I think KeePass has the ability to pop up suggestions, but it just won’t work on Wayland. But despite that, it’s still quite of an improvement to my workflow. My account information are now stored in one encrypted place and offline.

“I’m gonna install Steam”.

“But then I’d have to remove xorg”

“Yes, do as I say!”

“Aight see you in tty”

Personally I may never need Windows in the future, I may never install it in my own devices. If college required me to use Zbrush which only works on Windows, I’d want to purpose Blender (seriously, Blender is good for sculpting as well, and industries are adopting Blender). I hate that education focuses on specific software, not creativity to self-adapt with any available software.

I do have the curiosity to use Windows 11, how it looks, how it feels. But it’s not enough to make me install it. So if a friend had it installed on their device, I may ask to try run around in it.

The joke I’m getting is http 503

Minecraft source code leaked

I like Linkin Park logo, well their music too, but I don’t really like stickers on devices. So I have it as ASCII art for my neofetch


Idk how it’s supposed to be eaten if it’s taller than the mouth height

It’s interesting. Months ago, I have tried getting Origin and the games running via Lutris or Proton but still have no luck. I’ll be trying once again later.

Two personal favourites:

  • void QLabel::buddyDied() // I can't remember if I cried.
  • if ( name.lower() != "JPEG" )

deleted by creator

I rarely watch films or show or TV, lots of the way the drama being acted feels uncomfortable to me. But recently I really like Elementary, and have watched all 7 seasons.

This is the first time for me to get into Sherlock Holmes world, I have never read the original Sherlock Holmes. Elementary is a modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. But I guess this can be interesting for anyone who also like Sherlock Holmes.

I really like the relationship between Sherlock and Joan in that series, they live together and really work great for being together, but they are not a romantic couple. It’s an interesting relationship. The series also have some fun trivia or elements related to digital privacy, surveillance, internet culture, etc, which are quite relatable to me. It mentions Edward Snowden once (I forgot which season, but it’s the one on 2014 I think, post-Snowden revelation). And NSA in that series also known being the one who have the ability to surveil everyone. Particularly on Season 7, they have a social media company that works alongside NSA to track citizens. I see that company in the series is kind of like Facebook as PRISM partner.

I am personally very terrible at documenting what I know, or what I’m doing. I don’t even take photos/selfies when going out or write notes about something interesting (unless it’s very urgent/important).

But honestly this idea of writing “personal wiki” of things that I know, not just “life documentation”, is quite interesting.

Searx is pretty good in my experience. It’s just sometimes, the instance that I use occasionally down. When that happened, I use DuckDuckGo. Months ago I used Feneas’ Searx instance but it downs more often though today I haven’t used it since.

A little problem with Searx is just a little trust issue, like can I trust any random Searx instance?

I have little interest with web development hence I’m bad with HTML, CSS and definitely JavaScript. But I have a web design class this semester. When I can’t properly understand some instructions in an assignment, the Ducks have been the most helpful, lol. And most of the time I just use flexbox when I feel lazy to follow the instruction to use various elements, like ul, li, tr, td.

I haven’t been using a proper phone in a while because mine is currently broken, just the screen. But so far it’s been a little irritating that everything expects everyone to have a smartphone.

wow the camera crews nailed their job.