Using autocorrect makes typing much easier on phones. Not only you can write words you don’t know the spellings of correctly, but it also compensates for mis-hits on the tiny keyboard.

But one day I had to write something using a pen and paper and I realised that I had forgotten how to spell common words. For example I had no idea if it was “absense” or “absence”.

Then I turned off autocorrect on my phone so that I can relearn how to spell words. I have gotten a lot better since then.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

I turn it off because sometimes there are a lot of informal words that I use in a casual conversation. As for dozens of broken spelling, I can’t do much, I just hate touch keyboard. Small keys, no feedback.

I much love typing on a physical keyboard. There was one time in school they taught me on how to use all of my fingers to type on the keyboard, which fingers are for which keys, it was hard to get into, but eventually made me fall in love with typing in keyboard. But generally physical/mechanical buttons are much better than touch buttons.

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