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  • KroktanntoFediverseDecentralized Single Sign-on
    3 years ago

    I don’t disagree with that, but there’s nothing preventing anybody from setting up their own OIDC service, and for sites to accept any OIDC provider rather than just a couple of giant ones.

    And yeah, the Hubzilla Magicauth is really nice! Not sure how easy it is to apply it to other uses than Hubzilla/zot though. Could be worth exploring.

  • Hey, sorry for the late reply. I just followed the instructions on the page I linked about how to install gnuk on the device. For your part since you’re planning on using a different firmware, the interesting instructions start in the “Connecting the ST-Link” section.

    In other words, you first need to develop or build the firmware you want to run on it, then upload the firmware to the device as described in the link.

    Once the firmware is uploaded you can remove the cables and it will work like just any USB stick with the given firmware. If you don’t need them, you can also remove the headers on the end of the device.

    Hope that helps, and I’m not too late. (Sorry again!)

  • Here’s the devices we used, you should be able to find them on any larger electronics supplier, or even build one yourself. AliExpress has numerous variants

    The thing about these devices is that they are simple general purpose microcontrollers with a USB port attached. So you can use them for anything. We turned them into OpenPGP hardware tokens, but you could use them for whatever you want, like an evilUSB, or anything else.

    From the factory the devices are set up as programmers, so that you can use one device to flash code to any number of other devices.

    Hope that helps!

  • Not quite, but in my previous job we made some usb OpenPGP hardware tokens using cheap STM32 usb devices. Got them from alibaba for a few dollars a piece iirc. Fairly simple devices, and you could use one of them to program the other. Sorry I don’t remember the exact device at the moment, but could look it up tomorrow if you’re interested.

  • “The Arabs - A History” by Eugene Rogan is a good and comprehensive introduction to the history of the arab peoples. This goes way beyond just palestine, but that’s also necessary to get the full overview of the messed up politics that lead to the problems that still plague the area.

  • KroktanntoAnnouncementsStatement on Politics of Lemmy.ml
    3 years ago

    I could care less about “growth” if that growth means an influx of disgusting racists. I’d much rather have a smaller, positive community that defends members of targeted communities.

    You have no idea how good it is to see this attitude from the central developers of the platform. How much better wouldn’t the world be if more people were thinking like this? Kudos to you all!