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Episode 3: “New Attitude”. The next episode to “Hooking a Brotha Up”. Thanks to all who loves this show. You are the reason why we continue. …

New Episode: Hooking a Brotha Up

Guy with no money trying to get a free haircut. Funny show to get you laughing today. Have some fun and enjoy!..

Interesting. When someone talks to me in another language I usually make them point to what they’re talking about.

Wow! All you have to do is tell a patient that the pill is more expensive and just like that your chances of getting healed increases by 24%

Indeed. People better be aware. When you start growing a shell on your back like a turtle, you’ll know why.

Exactly. I’ll leave you with this: Just because your dog walks on all fours doesn’t mean it isn’t family.

Well, you’ve just figured out how to make it out. Be different. Be strong.

Point taken. So if this is true, why can’t they figure anything out through books, television and community organizations? Isn’t opportunity there for everyone. If there is a business in a poor neighborhood, perhaps someone has money or has became successful to an extent.

Good article. I would just have to awake at 1:00 am to read. I’m usually asleep at this time.

Some people just don’t care about life period. It’s difficult trying to reach them to teach them anything. Probably why they’re in those poor neighborhoods.

This is what happens when you threaten a cop with a K-9. He was asking for it!..

Interesting. What a mess those animals and humans leave behind. We need a volunteer.

Oh. So they litter in poor neighborhoods, hugh?

They Stole My SUV and I had to Walk Hours and Hours to Get Back to Base

I was just a stupid man on this day. Trying to have fun, and be cool for the strangers. They saw an opportunity and capitalized. …

Have kids and make their life suck too. Maybe you’ll get a kick out of it. Maybe you won’t.

A story about a man in love with a woman with kids who exercises their love to win her over. …

Have you ever wondered why you struggled to capitalize on the skills and talents that you possess? We all need guidance to live out our desires. If you want to become so much more, read this article by Jason Dickson. You’ll love it. …

Ha ha ha haaaaa! This will make your day. And what make this dog more awesome when playing drums is that he’s on beat the entire time…