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Straw men, straw men everywhere. Thanks for making the decision to leave your crazy echo chamber easier.

This is absolutely fucking idiotic. Or is “idiotic” an ableist slur because it degrades stupid people?

This kind of blatantly ideologically-motivated behavior is why your platform will die.

It doesn’t make sense to use such a young platform that way. New communities and even new servers are popping up regularly, and I’d like to see what’s happening on the platform as a whole. I want a blacklist, not a whitelist. Until I can block users, communities, and whole servers from my feed, this place just isn’t worth the amount of effort it takes to scroll through all the wingnut political agitprop.

Agreed. Over the last couple of months, it’s become clear that Lemmy is shaping up to be Voat for the Left. Maybe I’ll come back once blocking functionality has been implemented, but until then, I’m just not interested in wading through the sea of political loony toons to sift out the interesting privacy and open-source content.

I said it doesn’t surprise me that a researcher believes it is. I’m not really appealing to anyone or anything if I don’t make an assertion.

You endorsed the conclusion, whether you’re willing to admit it or not, and the fact that you would even advance this argument is proof that you’re not interested in good-faith dialog (as is this completely unhinged rant in this thread).

I’m not going to play sophistry with you. Bye.

“Endlessly inventive”

What do you need encryption for? You trust the government, don’t you?

Ability to filter out individual communities?
Sometimes I like to browse "All" for a broader view of what's going on out there in the Lemmy-verse, but there are a few of the shriller communities I'm certain I'll never be interested in. With RES, removing these from my feed was simply a matter of adding them to a filter list. Is there something similar for Lemmy?

The ACLU is a pale shadow of the organization it once was, and watching it fall has been one of my great sorrows.

Posting about stupid anti-privacy authoritarianism from the Australian government is almost cheating.

Agreed, I don’t like the idea of mods being able to edit posts or comments to make it look like a user said something they didn’t actually say.

Imma hold my breath and wait for this to get brigaded by !china with claims about it being western propaganda.

Here’s the full list of supported devices:

ASUS MeMo Pad 7
BQ Aquaris X5
Motorola Moto G4 Play
Nokia N900
PINE64 PinePhone
PINE64 PineTab
Purism Librem 5
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2015)
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2015)
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Value Edition
Wileyfox Swift

I love how the “fake” is in quotes, as though they’re only technically fake.

I had a Note 4 for the longest time, and the stylus was handy for fine control when I wanted to draw something. You could also set the phone to show a notepad on the lock screen whenever you pulled the stylus out of its slot, which was convenient for quick note-taking. Other than that, I almost never used it, and I don’t miss it at all now.

So who's from Austin, TX?
I see we have a few subscribers. Are you all actually Austinites?

Requesting c/Austin
Mod is inactive for many months.

The linked picture shows how it looks in Lemmur, but looking at it via the web client doesn't show the @sopuli.xyz association for either the user or the post itself. What's going on here?

Best way to get a Fairphone in the US?
Inspired by [this thread](https://lemmy.ml/post/58126/comment/44354), I'm looking into getting a Fairphone 3+, but I'm discovering they don't ship to the US at all. It looks like I can get it shipped to the US from [this UK seller](https://www.clove.co.uk/products/fairphone-4?variant=31976784166955). Before I pull the trigger, are there any better ways to go about this for those of us in the States?

If two servers aren't federated with one another, do they just act like separate sites?
So let's say I'm interested in posting on both tng.lemmy.com and on ds9.lemmy.com, but the two servers have declared themselves fandom blood enemies, and they refuse to federate with one another. Is the @flelk@tng.lemmy.com account totally unable to see posts on the ds9.lemmy.com domain? (If this isn't appropriate to post here, please feel free to direct me somewhere else. I'm just trying to understand how this thing works, don't want to take the community off-topic.)