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I apologize for not answering for a long time. Spring, construction, constant moving.

It’s so hard for me to immediately write about strengths, I got a little distracted, but I can only give advice. This applies to those who create this platform, developers. Make it stand out from the competition. You know for yourself what the strengths and weaknesses are. Make it so that anyone who puts another script (and there are plenty of them on the net) knows that his version is not very good and there is a better one - Lemmy. People are such that they will prefer to use the best, especially since installation and support is not very complicated here. Just don’t give anyone a chance. )

You can improve endlessly, any product can be made better and better, and you yourself know this.

Fascism will be destroyed. This is a solvable issue. Next to me is a man whose toes were crushed by soldiers of the Aldar nationalist battalion with pliers and a hammer. I don’t think he will like any mention of a country where a fascist junta came to power as a result of a coup d’état. 8 years of death and destruction of civilians. 8 years of mockery of the Russian-speaking population. 8 years of harassment. Fascist torchlight processions in the center of Kyiv, calls to kill Russian children. Know. Decision is made. The time for talking has passed. Fascists with bio-labs, with an attempt to get a nuclear weapon, with the loss of everything human, must be destroyed. So it was and so it will be. The truth will win. And yes, I will not write about politics here anymore. It doesn’t make any sense. Словоблудия и демагогия.


I liked what Kedmi said, Yakov - from 1992 to 1999 - director of the Nativ special service.

For all this time, Western intelligence agencies have not taken the time to find out the nature of the Russian people. They are stupid. It doesn’t matter what they do. They only make things worse for themselves. All the decisions they make on the sanctions, I generally get the impression that congressmen in the United States all work for Putin. All their decisions are aimed at strengthening the Russians. To unite them with China and India. To destroy yourself.

This is an interesting question. I don’t even know what I’m doing, a lot of interesting things. Martial arts gave more than 35 years of life, a master of sports in boxing, hobbies - programming, archeology and theology. I love animals, there is an ostrich, an owl, dogs, cats and smart mice. )

In fact, we can find an excuse for this in this difficult time (what he forbade). We can justify any action on either side if we go inside. Alas, or cheers, this is how our mind works. We will defend our point of view, we will hold on to what “everyone” says to the last.

But we don’t know much. I will say this, and I think I will express the majority of Russians. They rallied like never before. Never in history have there been so many lies, 1 trillion allocated, big money, calls to kill the president of another country, etc.

All I can say is take your time. I am more than sure that time will put everything in its place. I don’t like politics, but the Russians didn’t start the war, they end it. Fascism on the border is not needed. We do not need.

And for me, today’s time is significant. He shows what propaganda is capable of, how it changes people’s minds.

There is so much to programming even when I started following what is now considered best practice. It’s what everyone does. It is right. Most cannot be wrong. I’m wrong, I thought so.

And on one forum, not Russian, they told me no, you’re wrong. Just the majority is wrong! And the link to the article was thrown off: delusion ad populum


The ad populum fallacy is seductive because it appeals to our desire to belong and to conform, to our desire for security and safety. It is a common appeal in advertising and politics. A clever manipulator of the masses will try to seduce those who blithely assume that the majority is always right.

There is a good article by Jeff Atwood, Hacker, Hack Thyself: https://blog.codinghorror.com/hacker-hack-thyself/

There are a lot of technical details, but maybe it will be useful to someone.

Good answers. It seems to me that there is no need to replace Reddit, copy it and try to be like it. A copy is always a weak resemblance. As Steve Jobs once said: I don’t want to do better, I want to do it differently. Lemmy have strengths, they need to be developed.

I enjoy following Lemmy’s development. I will place an ad on several of my sites, maybe someone will be interested. We need to talk more so people know. A lot of people just don’t know about Lemmy.

Mainly translation, writing my own social network (MIT license) focused on blogs, suggestions and code edits in a number of projects.

I have no hatred for him, maybe I don’t know something. Do I need to know this? Will this information change my life? I’ve always been a little amused by the reaction to celebrities. You have to ask for an autograph, ask for something, or find out something. Perhaps I would be more curious if it was an alien, I would really ask why is he here? A “successful” person is just a person. I have little interest in “success” or “money.” Maybe that’s why I have no questions for him. He is one of over 7 billion people. Would pass by.

This is an experimental setup. This style is not installed there. I temporarily replaced css i386 with this one (in Docker). Just switch to i386. ) https://misogi.ru

Users love this. Perhaps we are accustomed to an open, simple, white template. A lot of light, a lot of open space.

Alcohol is a big problem, but we have a noticeable move to 7th place. Wikipedia will update its data soon (the Russian version has already done this). Next to Lithuania are Austria (11.8 liters) and France (11.7). The five" leaders " are completed by the Czech Republic (11.6 liters) and Luxembourg (11.3 liters). The sixth place was shared by Latvia and Ireland, whose residents consume 11.2 liters of alcohol on average. Hungary, along with Russia, was also in seventh place with an indicator of 11.1 liters. Eighth place was awarded to Germany (10.8 liters), ninth — to Portugal (10.7 liters) and tenth — to Poland (10.6 liters).


I wrote about alcohol, because not so long ago I had one conversation about culture, where they told me: what is your culture there? It’s cold, everyone drinks vodka, bears roam the cities, etc. In general, that’s the whole culture. The conversation did not work out. :grinning face:

All Russians drink Vodka like it is water and everyone is always drunk.

I agree that Russia is probably the motherland of vodka. During the soviet union people had very harsh lives. To make themself feel better they drank. A lot. And a lot of people drank. Yet after the soviet union life seemed to change. Everything became much better. The government gave you a free house, one could find a job, and life quality over all became much better. After this drinking too much vodka was/is not an issue. Of course like in all countries there are alcoholics. Alcoholics will always be and have always been. Those guys do drink a lot of vodka.

If majority view of Russia was true, in stead of coffee every morning I would drink vodka.

Instead of a funny Tipi (ostrich nickname) I would walk with a bear.

In stead of a Subaru crossover I would drive a tank.

By the way, greetings from the Tipi!

I feed him every morning.

Wayward ostrich. And he would like to bite on the head. He apparently thinks this is a nut. Oh, these ancestors of dinosaurs. :grinning face:

I’m sorry, but I have nothing to do with Lemmy, and I don’t know who banned who (. Everything I wrote above applies to the communities I lead, and they are not a Lemmy scenario. Censorship exists and will continue to exist. I won’t let some things go out of bounds there. Selling weapons, drugs, murder, and more. Many perceive “freedom” as the freedom to attack, to kill. I will always resist it. It is logical that other community organizers share this opinion… and I still don’t know English very well. So there may be a similar misunderstanding here. )

Moderation in my humble opinion should be. Many apparently do not quite understand what freedom of speech is. Shouting “fire”, for example, in a crowded movie theater, is not" freedom of speech", but a crime.

And as noted above, let the community owners determine the rules themselves, and let them be in the environment that they have chosen. To do this, you can put your own instance or go to other ones.

If a person comes to the community to shit, attack others, send spam, etc. to make others worse, what kind of freedom is that? Freedom is linked to responsibility. And if he doesn’t understand it, makes people “badly”, he should be stopped. IMHO. (This is what I write about individuals who purposefully come to communities with the sole purpose of making things worse.)

Another conversation about the transparency of all this.

I looked. Yes, the task is not the same as I thought. Hmmm …

The search engine treats any page as a document. The document must have a title and description in the meta tags. And the document itself must have a header (h1). This is not SEO, this is markup. All this should be unique for each page (document). The site consists of pages (documents). …

His task was to show how good C++ is. To do this better, you had to attack someone. Was selected Rust. Ie motivation and goal is the protection of C++, which he apparently loves, works with him.

Such disputes are constantly going on between different languages. Sometimes they try to belittle the language in comparison.

I don’t take it seriously. This is his personal opinion. All the more so because it is obvious from the intonation and manner of speaking (and my native language is Russian) that its task is to show all the charms of C++.

What for? Perhaps this is an introductory lecture that aims to attract students to the courses. Which are probably paid. :grinning face:

By and large, money again.

The guy speaks enthusiastically, he believes in what he says. We all make the same mistake in different areas. If we are successful in one thing (for example, in C++), we somehow believe that we have become experts in another.

Singers talk about politics, physicists talk about religion, religious figures get involved in science. When this happens, there is a misunderstanding.

The big mistake here is that the research doesn’t start with a conclusion. Listeners are now convinced that C++ is “better”. This happens all the time. Someone tells us something and we start believing it all our lives. We believe this, without our own research. This is very much hindering development. We don’t need to investigate, because we already “know”. :grinning face:

Yes. The script itself is easy and fast. Even now, if just delete the double upload, it should be great to reduce the time. Bootstrap is a large library.

Why should connect Bootstrap 2 times?..

Fine. There is one more question. Does it allow, if I remove the “extra” styles from the Bootstrap file.

For example, btn-info is not used by you.


Or should the Bootstrap file contain everything? Some editors allow you to create your own style; do not use what is not.

I just want to immediately understand some basic things, so that later everything will be right.

The hierarchy of actions in buttons is not used. This is not an entirely academic example, and the colors are poorly selected, I just showed that one button should be one, the other another.

I have a bad translation, if there is a minute, please take a look at paragraph 7.

Item 7: Not every button needs a background color https://medium.com/refactoring-ui/7-practical-tips-for-cheating-at-design-40c736799886

But the conversation is not even about that. The hierarchy of importance, actions, and Bootstrap is usually distinguished by different classes.

At the moment, the properties of the buttons are the same. We can’t highlight let’s say in a different color, the buttons that are in the sidebar. Unless I will add my own styles using the card-body or card properties.

.card-body .btn-secondary {...

To somehow separate the “important” action buttons from the filter at the top of the topic.

Bootstrap uses different styles to separate the “importance” of buttons. If the styles are the same everywhere, it becomes very difficult to use the standard Bootstrap features for highlighting.

I have a question right away. I can use these things in design:

.card-body .btn-secondary {...

If I add a couple of my classes to the bootstrap file.

To somehow highlight the buttons that are in the sidebar.

Button styles: Primary, Secondary, Success...

When I started working on the design, I came across button properties. …

How important is it to use Bootstrap when creating themes?

I want to create a theme, but if possible, not use Bootstrap v4 at all. This will reduce the CSS file to a minimum. It’s easier for me to work without Bootstrap. :frog:…

Questions on changing the design, CSS, layout, etc.

Hello. First of all, I want to express my admiration for the work you have done. This is great software!..

Two sentences ...
  1. Maybe you should add noopener nofollow to outbound links? …

CSS change - suggestion

Css change - suggestion

  1. Add an indent to the left of the avatar (evenly)…

All posts from all groups are displayed on the main page of the site?

I didn’t expect that my two posts would end up on the main page, so I had to set NSFW for the community. Returned back to be seen…

Проверка, иконка от Яндекса…

Тестирование первого поста. Достаточно интересно…