Alternative Front-Ends for Facebook?

Many businesses, non-profits, and local government offices where I live use Facebook as their primary, or exclusive, online presence. I don’t want to make a Facebook account, but I would like to be able to see some of the content that is posted there; are there any alternative front-ends that won’t abuse me with trackers? So far I’ve only been able to find dead-links that are years old.

e.g. For Reddit there is teddit and libreddit, For youtube there is invidious, twitter has nitter, etc.

Not sure for the browser, but for Android, there is Frost. I use it instead of the FB app and like it. No ads either, although that may be my pihole blocking them.


Better than nothing I guess 🤷🏽‍♂️


This project scraps mbasic into an RSS feed. It is more for personal use, and some features require an account.


Sadly there doesn’t seem to be one for FaceBook.

That’s too bad…


For browser I’d just use Firefox with the Facebook Container extension


I heartily recommend Frost too. one downside: if you want to chat with people in EU and UK, FB limits some features (not sure what) for privacy compliance and such chats don’t show up in Frost


Please excuse my ignorance, but what do front ends do?


Basically, a frontend is just what’s the user of a website will see. The subject here is a website that shows contents from Facebook without sending your informations to it because it doesn’t have trackers.


So I take it that frontends just help keep your info from sites you don’t want to have it?


Yeah basically. :)


But be careful! If you login via a front-end, the site/app is still getting your data. Even if you’re not logged in, they can probably see your IP (the front-end is still requesting data) and associate that with your account. So use a VPN alongside a front-end, such as Infinity or Frost. I also recall reading privacy policies that handle data not officially connected to an account (logged in?) with more opacity and exploitation…

I don’t understand the workings of this all, and this is simply my impression without thorough research. I’m fairly sure my points are true, but please feel free to correct me.


*oopsie, listing examples of front-ends after suggesting a VPN is confusing. I recommend ProtonVPN - open-source and audited (a few years ago).

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