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Not early stage capitalism because capitalism wasn’t really a thing until about 4-500 years ago. If you read your Marx, you’d know feudal society from capitalist society.

Won’t change for now. They’ll do it later when no one is watching. They’ve lost my trust. I’ve already begun the move to Pathfinder 2e.

Only pets I’d consider are rescues, adoptions, or animals that for some reason or another can’t live/survive in the wild. And then, do my best to feed it vegan pet food.

I believe there’s been several papers detailing such. But yes, a smoothie is processed, what they mean here is “ultra-processed”.

Then get off the internet, none if it is secure.

Exactly. WOTC already fucked itself IMO. Lost my support.

How do the young Hegelians make videos? They lived in Marx’s time, last I checked they didn’t have video cameras.

You’re missing out in the vast majority of fiber though and don’t overlook that very important part.

Interesting, because as an American vegan the vast majority of the food I make is Indian and second most is Chinese, lol.

takes away iron rice bowl and allows capitalism to infect their society

“Ah, yes, this is socialism”

Deng was a reformist that ruined the revolution.

I follow the YouTube channel “Breathe and Flow” and am going through their “ignite” series.

Been doing yoga this year and loving it! Really testing my flexibility and balance, but mostly my strength! Didn’t realize yoga could be so tough!

That’s understandable, I’m not against changes in the game, but they’re threatening to bring down the entire industry so they can have an effective monopoly. This isn’t the same as changing editions or some rules.

Why are you still on twitter? Being on there at this point is just supporting Nazis.

I’m holding out with D&D, but I have canceled my subscription. The main reason I’m holding out is because I want to know what’s going to happen. If Paizo gets screwed hard, I’ll go to GURPS. Otherwise, all the rules and content is available online for free, so. Might just use pf2e anyway? Tempted to keep using D&D and just pirate new content so they don’t get any money, but idk.

If PF2e gets screwed over, I’ll be switching to GURPS.

Fuck, so we can’t use PF either. But like I said, is 2e falling under the OGL 1.1?

Would this stop PF2e? I could see 1e, but 2e is quite a bit different and I don’t think they could claim it here.

What’s OGL? Never heard of this before.

What’s happening in D&D that’s attacking PF?

Wish they would’ve put the US in here for easier comparison.

I think you completely missed the point of the meme. It’s just femboy porn.

Maybe that wouldn’t be much of an issue if we had any semblance of public transit.

Hey, Nazis are NOT skinheads! Get your shit right! Skinheads, like punk, is a working class movement that’s against racism. Again, Nazis can’t be skinheads because that’s a contradiction. Stop lumping Nazis in with good people.

Just finished it and I highly recommend! Really makes you think about language and the words you use. I’m now reading “The Rinzai Zen Way” by Meido Moore.

This is garbage. Want to bring down google? Just stop using google products.

But… That’s almost exactly what happened in anarchist Spain. And if you have read Marx, you’ll know he makes a similar argument. Touch grass once in a while maybe.

Anarchists have been making that argument for a very long time, what do you mean they’re starting to figure it out? Have you read any anarchist theory? Do you know any anarchists IRL? Have you seen grass IRL?

Most of the police force is Latino too from what I know. I’m guessing the first two, but mostly the first one.

I’d choose the Weimar Republic so I could warn the revolutionaries, mainly Rosa.

How do you propose to do this? The left isn’t organized in any significant way.