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But… That’s almost exactly what happened in anarchist Spain. And if you have read Marx, you’ll know he makes a similar argument. Touch grass once in a while maybe.

Anarchists have been making that argument for a very long time, what do you mean they’re starting to figure it out? Have you read any anarchist theory? Do you know any anarchists IRL? Have you seen grass IRL?

Most of the police force is Latino too from what I know. I’m guessing the first two, but mostly the first one.

I’d choose the Weimar Republic so I could warn the revolutionaries, mainly Rosa.

How do you propose to do this? The left isn’t organized in any significant way.

There are no good sides in this war. One side is NATO, other side is a capitalist dictator. Both sides are full of Nazis. No matter who wins, the proletariat loses. NO WAR BUT THE CLASS WAR YOU DAMN REVISIONISTS!

What gives you the right to barge into their home and steal their eggs?

“Look at what they took from you white man”, lmao, he can get wrecked

Brave is garbage, use librewolf, or Firefox with Ublock origin.

Are you a baby leftist? It’s quite obvious, I already said it in my original comment. It’s poor quality of life. What determines quality of life? Your material conditions. It’s not rocket science.

Guns don’t cause gun violence, fascism does. And to dismantle fascism, we need to increase the quality of life and fast. However, that’s just a bandaid, a temporary fix. The lasting fix is revolution.

No shit, a Marxist revolution wouldn’t do any better.

To be fair, it’s the ancap ball and we all know ancaps aren’t anarchists.

You realize Marx already wrote thousands of pages to solve this problem right?