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To be fair, it’s the ancap ball and we all know ancaps aren’t anarchists.

You realize Marx already wrote thousands of pages to solve this problem right?

I wish I could say I was surprised.

Is he asking to be crucified? Because I’m ok with doing that.

Lol, elon bought Tesla, not founded it. Whoever made that is an idiot.

Everyday I have to put up with their shit, the more I believe that the only thing we can do is physically fight these people into submission.

Anarchists are quick to side with fascists when it comes to Marx. I never said anything about Stalin being good, only that the Holodomor is nazi propaganda.

So I take it that frontends just help keep your info from sites you don’t want to have it?

Please excuse my ignorance, but what do front ends do?

My idea, controversial, but by far best for all. Almost all. Abolish currency. If currency is abolished, then class no longer exists. If class no longer exists, there is no need for a state because it simply exists as a tool of class oppression. Therefore, no state could possibly have good immigration laws, becuase without the state, people can move far more freely and there is no immigration.

Stoned trying to add a partition to my secondary hard drive on my Linux machine.

Dude, the Holodomor is literally Nazi propaganda. Go somewhere else with that bullshit.

We need far more than right to repair. It’s a systemic issue. We need to abolish capitalism.