Hi I saw a link posted to bunkerchan (bunkerchan.net) and saw bunkerchan was running off lynxchan ( i was impressed the site was functional without javascript!).

I hit the EDU link first and there was some cool marxist torrents and interesting threads on the DDR

However having visited a few times since then it has…such a weird vibe to it.

Like there’s people posting threads about polpot, a load of reactionary shit, nazbols posting… Like what is this?

Just a fed run honeypot? Bored 4 channers?

I only visited once and I saw a post that was like “leftist waifus” or some shit like that and I found it really man-centred and misogynous, and that’s not something that we leftist should be okay with.

Comrade Cat uwu

Bunkerchan is just a 4chan clone for communists. After the 8chan debacle, they had to set up their own chan to ensure they wouldn’t be shut down again. That’s been a rocky process that’s resulted in at least one crisis, but from what I hear they’re coming a long way towards stability.

To address concerns of brocialism and western leftism on /leftypol/, though yes that used to be a major issue, the people in charge of Bunkerchan are well-read Marxists and are trying to turn the community around on those things. I don’t scroll it myself, however. The information I’ve shared is entirely second hand from a close friend who’s a respected member of the community.

(also, for clarity, it might not have been specifically the 8chan shutdown that forced them to make their own chan. My memory could be wrong on that.)

They recently had a dramatic split . Both factions seem rather dead now but before it were fairly active

They are a leftwing version of the 4chan /pol/

Good features - memes. News thread.

Negatives. many covid conspiracy theorists in the covid thread. Many people who are also on the 4chan counterpart pol

Its a good place to convert chuds also. Many normies regularly enter and make threads asking about communism

Kinda true - the actual origins of /leftypol/ was 4chan’s /lit/ where there used to be Marxist literature threads. They were eventually banned, so they went to 8chan’s /pol/, but were eventually also banned there so they set up their own board on 8chan, /leftypol/. /leftypol/ was just the biggest part of bunkerchan though - it had a number of smaller leftist chans that were on the site as a confederation of leftist chans.


Bunkerchan was couped by their webmaster last month and is now lacking moderators and full of reactionaries. Most of the community moved to leftypol.org. See https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/56179.html for the story.

The tl;dr is that the site admin had long promised to give members of the tech team access into the back-end of the site (something necessary for pushing forwards technical updates) but had been long delaying it, leading to the rest of the moderation creating a plot which was to create an alternative site to use as leverage saying they would leave and take the community with them if the site admin didn’t live up to his agreements. Someone leaked this information to the site admin, and he removed all of the community-approved mods and unilaterally appointed his own mods, a number of which include naz"bols" and other reactionaries. As a response the moderation left with a big chunk of the community and founded their own site, leftypol.org, and took most of the left-most parts of the community with them. The site admin appointed a new global moderator, but over time this moderator too turned against the site admin and ended up closing down the original bunkerchan and opening his own new bunkerchan where he is the site admin. The old site admin has been so thoroughly owned that he has supposedly left the internet altogether since it happened. So now there are 2 boards - the legitimate leftypol.org with most of the left part of the community and the knockoff bunkerchan.net which has the most right-wing part of the community.

The full story is a bit longer. It goes back to one of the sub-boards of the site (/GET/, now independent of bunkerchan on its own site) and their board admin Comrade_King. He was promised server access in the same way /leftypol/ mods were but was also denied, but this was before /leftypol/ even moved into bunkerchan as part of the aftermath of the destruction of 8chan by the hands of /pol/. As such /GET/ was always the more anti-space faction (space was the site admin btw) and had been highly critical of the overall administration of the site for a long time before. A mix of irl health problems and community drama had Comrade_King step down and appoint a council of moderators to take his place. Around this same period of time, a personal friend of space was revealed to have a secret moderation account, and he was using the account to ban left-wing posters and remove bans from people who were right wing. This secret moderator was named “Pyongyang” and was heavily involved in naz"bol" ideology and was basically trying to undermine the left-wing moderation and lead a reactionary takeover of the site. He was first found out by the moderator council of /GET/ and subsequently reported to the /leftypol/ moderation, and from there the mods and most of the posters on the site formed a stand-off against Pyongyang and demanded space to remove him. Space refused, and for about 3 days it seemed like the site might’ve imploded then and there. At the last of those 3 days, Pyongyang was given the ability by space to make his own board, and he of course named it an anti-trans slur and posited the board as a safe haven for naz"bol" politics and otherwise reactionary ideas masquerading as leftist politics. This was basically the breaking point, /GET/ was preparing to leave the site and had already drafted an entire manifesto, /leftypol/ mods were raiding into Pyongyang’s board and mass-banning everyone who posted there as Pyongyang also tried to mass-unban them all, it was quite wild. At the end of the day however, pyongyang basically threw in the towel, made a post about how we were all radlibs and threw around a bunch of slurs, and then deleted his board and his account. Complete disaster was avoided, but the overall integrity of the site was damaged to the point that /leftypol/ generally had become very anti-space and an entire subsection of /GET/ founded a seperatist group and broke off from bunkerchan and inhabited their old website on GETchan.net.

There was a period of relative stability for about a year after that, barring stuff like a DDOS attack against the site by the Thai monarchy, a brief struggle about whether or not to incorporate IDs onto all posts, the usual kind of petty peacetime politics you tend to expect from these kinds of sites. However during this same period of time a lot of people brought on by Pyongyang’s antics began to be much more vocal and anti-moderation, trying to create false narratives about how the moderation was preventing real leftism from flourishing by excluding “conservative socialism” or what have you. Post quality started to fall as more authentic leftists either withdrew from the site because of the influx of reactionaries or ended up going to /GET/, which had become the bastion of the most left-wing positions of the site while the reactionary tide was washing over /leftypol/, and even a few moderators resigned from /leftypol/ because of the influx of reactionaries. The moderation team dwindled down to only 20 members moderating a community of nearly 600-800 people (not counting the reactionaries coming to spam). To top it off, space had become so inactive that the site was beginning to just fail to work, and he continued to refuse to give anyone site access. This was the leadup to the general outline that makes up my first paragraph, so I’ll assume you read over that and I’ll just go over some other things that happened around that time.

The first community to leave bunkerchan during those happenings was /GET/ - they had not participated in the mod conspiracy (only because nobody had invited them tbh, they were ready to go to war with space) but all of their moderation team which was democratically confirmed was systematically removed by space_ and replaced by his own team of people. One of those people, charmingly, was Pyongyang, who wanted to get revenge on /GET/ and thus started being a tyrant towards the board posters. An emergency vote was held and /GET/ officially moved from bunkerchan.xyz to GETchan.net, where they are operating independently with an alliance to leftypol.org as we speak. As they went they managed to take out both the /GET/ and /ref/ boards, which somehow managed to majorly destabilize bunkerchan and struck a blow against the legitimacy of bunkerchan (/GET/ was the first signatory to the bunker constitution). Around this time, a number of moderators appointed by space had became disillusioned by his regime and defected to leftypol.org, staging their own operation which has now been dubbed as “the nuking”. They launched a campaign where one of them would delete all of the threads and posts in all boards across the site, while another deleted and permabanned anyone who noticed and dismissed all reports to the moderation as to what was happening. After they deleted all of the posts across all of the boards, they locked all of the boards leaving only one post on all of them - their manifesto as to their defection and an entire rant against the tyranny of space. Space eventually came back to see his site was basically destroyed, and the only solution he had to the problem was to restore a backup of the site he had. This backup was nearly from an entire month ago, and it was before the split of /leftypol/ and /GET/ from the site, meaning it restored all of the posts from before the split and also the boards of /GET/ and /ref/. GETchan caught wind of this and deleted both /GET/ and /ref/ again, destabilizing the site even more, and the backup had many failures which caused the site to have constant outages and failures to display posts and images. Around this time the head admin of space’s regime announced that bunkerchan was failing, and that he would take donations (lol) to set up their own site not administered by space. The first 3 attempts to set up the site completely failed, but the 4th time finally succeeded and made the site bunkerchan.net, where most of the most reactionary members of the community now reside.

For their part, leftypol.org basically considers the split finished with the death of the original bunkerchan, and basically have said they don’t want to reconcile the split with bunkerchan.net because they don’t want those posters back. They are content to rebuild with their generally better posters and trying to build itself back up from scratch.

Oh, and if you want a more general history of /leftypol/, /GET/, or what have you I’d be happy to answer any questions. There is also a wiki continually updated by /leftypol/ and /GET/ here which has decent articles on a lot of these events. https://unitedchans.fandom.com/wiki/Internal_conflict_on_Bunkerchan https://unitedchans.fandom.com/wiki/The_Second_Exodus_of_Leftypol


Oh wow thank you for an indepth look

Comrade Cat uwu

The tl;dr is

<provides a wall of text

fuckin love this shit.

Good site with many interesting threads and international posters. Glad it survived the 8chan nonsense, though leftypol.org is where it’s at now. It is an imageboard so has some of that culture with all its positives and negatives so make of that what you will.

Its basically /leftpol on its own server as a safeguard, so sure bored 4channers dabbling and exploring leftist thought sounds about right for coherent explanations. Some stay chuds, others start to slowly get out of reactionary mindset.

Right it is weird but so was 8 and 4chan, I figure it’s an extension of that with all the issues and types of posters shared with their former home.

is this related to that the Element group that runs the peer streaming service? Also one of the weirdest experiences I’ve had online. /leftypol or something

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