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From the store, and there is where this chain of thought ends. Romanticism of having food on the table, ffs.

Its basically /leftpol on its own server as a safeguard, so sure bored 4channers dabbling and exploring leftist thought sounds about right for coherent explanations. Some stay chuds, others start to slowly get out of reactionary mindset.

Right it is weird but so was 8 and 4chan, I figure it’s an extension of that with all the issues and types of posters shared with their former home.

Mostly thirding this, I’ll admit I don’t see anything on say the Youtube front page, but I suspect that’s because they’re blanket censoring everything covid19 related. Its not as easy to find Dr. Campbell’s stuff as it used to be last year, at least for me.

Wouldn’t surprise me if record labels are following suit and have a blanket ban or heavy limitation on the word.

Lastly, people don’t like to focus on the negatives and if they’re gaming its usually for lighthearted enjoyment.

Most of the critiques I had are mentioned looks like, even the obsession with newspapers when they should move to a more widely accessible media that’s probably today’s version of the paper.

Anyway, for all his flaws his work on fascism was for the time pretty decent imo since it goes through the class interactions and manipulation leading the lumpen into the arms of the fascists.

Possible to give some of the said elements that are more open a push toward being more realistic rather than idealist though, I think it’s worthwhile to agitate and inform users there. People don’t become principled communists overnight.

I suspect there’s going to be more trolling in the future, especially when reddit finally decides to banhammer more subs and this whole’ crisis of faith’ some terminally online reactionaries are having leads them to lash out at any easy target. Mods may have to consider, unfortunately, some barrier to entry similar to most leftist discords I’ve seen.

For writing Random House Handbook, its more oriented toward academic writing grammar, punctuation etc, it cost like a dollar when I got it long ago for a class, so the price was right. It’s a good reference book to have on hand.

Good points if incomplete at places ignoring the big ‘ideas revolve around humans because we sense and interact with the world as humans (mostly) not other beings’. I agree we can’t 1-1 compare ourselves to other creatures, or them among themselves, we’re all different obviously. The whole argument felt more Nietzschean at the start than Marxist however and shows itself again in the ‘natures’ AI’ line (makes me think not only of some reddit/4chan communities but of gaia theory).

I think there’s a fitting line from Dr. Doolittle about most non-human animals lacking the higher brain structures associated with language and such, so they are out on class consciousness for the time being. If you really, really wanted to stretch things to the point of silliness they’re still in the trappings of pre-ancient societies with any fledgling ‘hierarchy’ depending on being based on merit, age or family line, like we possibly were as protohuman. We weren’t always human, with luck and another few million years likely won’t always be. Nor will life on this planet look the same as time goes on, maybe other creatures could develop into something like us. Pure barstool hypotheticals since we can only go off generalities, but this is the internet.

Nature itself isn’t too friendly to animals neither is a point many vegans overlook. Birds of prey hunt squirrels, winter may be overly harsh on said birds. Humans experienced this too in our development, and some of it eventually became more cultural like for example eggs as the food and the symbolism. Something that becomes so entrenched like that, even if we abandoned animal products as a whole its competition would be in the far future. We may even have egg-shaped delightfully artificial food that tastes vaguely of chocolate, or plant-based mixes formed into the shape of cuts of meat that are somehow tasty.

Neurosci does show animals sensing pain, the neural/glial stuff they have to sense this is different than humans and exists to a degree even in the humble fruit fly (was involved in a study using them as a pain model, now that’s one that makes you think). We can’t gauge ‘intelligence’ too well in other humans (broad definition and then whole bias etc), we’re definitely not going to have luck with other animals. Cetaceans, great apes, big parrots, some octopi make a good case for protections, direct comparison no they have different needs due to their nature and evo.

By taking up ‘OG’ Darwinism they take up the errors by Malthus in failing to consider the environment of a thing and how that affects development and sci has worked hard to address the whole environmental Achilles heel. Mastery of the planet, not yet, compared to other animals absolutely. We are still at the mercy of our environment with crop failures, new diseases(they’re all zoonotic in origin if you go far back enough), far flung cosmetic events and so on. Obviously not as fragile as other animals but enough that I hesitate to say we have mastery yet, but we are moving toward it.

We can try to be conscientious about other animals when able but realize we’re fighting our development and our ignorance. Our actions are still made as human seeing as human (ex bug trapped in a house or the McRib cult), our technology and social development doesn’t yet allow us to avoid this.

We’re at the point I’d say there’s no choosing, even the strictest vegan or Jain will bring harm upon a creature at some time unwittingly no matter how blameless and simply they try to live. We’re still very much like any other animal on that one imo.