Doesn’t seem like there’s much of a pattern to the downvoting, and they’re not leaving any comments about why they’re downvoting, so it makes it hard to tell if someone has a legitimate problem with a post, or if it’s just that one (presumably) person again. Is there a way to block them somehow, or is that impossible?


I figured out who it was and banned them. They downvoted nearly every post on lemmygrad lol, what a waste of time.

In the future though I wouldn’t let it bother you tho, karma is meaningless.

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I don’t care about karma or whatever, it’s more of, you’d hope that if something got downvoted, it would be because there was some issue that needed to be addressed with it, and then said downvoter would hopefully post about what that was. Which was definitely not the case here. Though maybe I have my expectations too high in general? I never really used reddit, just glanced at some stuff on occasion.


Ya you get some ppl that waste their time downvoting everything, but it would only affect sorting if they downvoted some things and not others. But since they downvote everything equally, it achieves nothing but wasting their time.

Yea it looks like just another troll, I believe it has happened before for a bit until the miserable fuck gets bored or found and banned. Definitely more noticeable here because of the small userbase and lower post activity (compared to or the old reddit forums).

I’m also less than thrilled over the recent federation with and the obnoxious liberal and blatant trolling/reactionary shit some of those users have spewed into lemmygrad crossposts. I’d think the recent streak of downvoting here to be from one of them considering the variety of insufferable centrist, anti-communist, and radlib sentiments I’ve seen expressed there.

Possible to give some of the said elements that are more open a push toward being more realistic rather than idealist though, I think it’s worthwhile to agitate and inform users there. People don’t become principled communists overnight.

I suspect there’s going to be more trolling in the future, especially when reddit finally decides to banhammer more subs and this whole’ crisis of faith’ some terminally online reactionaries are having leads them to lash out at any easy target. Mods may have to consider, unfortunately, some barrier to entry similar to most leftist discords I’ve seen.

Chapo chat purged a ton of people downvoting posts. I think its possible as both sites use (similar) software.

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