Suggestion: Have admins commandeer this community and add a useful sidebar
Additionally, the admins should determine a policy for commandeering abandoned communities. I know some websites have a policy where if no staff log in in [x] weeks, any user is allowed to request moderation. Maybe I should make another post about that. This in particular is an excellent example. The only staff member, [](, made this community, made (and deleted) two posts, and apparently hasn't done anything else for 3 years. This is an important community to the site and deserves attention. As it stands, the sidebar is useless. It could explain the difference between Lemmygrad and the Lemmy software, link to better communities for contacting the devs for feature requests, give advice for people asking questions, link to relevant chatrooms if any, that kind of stuff. This preventative assistance helps prevent the place getting filled with useless, redundant or off-topic questions.

Why does a page for me sometimes show things like post date in a different language while it's loading?
Like a post saying 4 hours will every so often say "4 horas" before going to english. I've also seen occassions where it says hodina (czech). It's not a problem. I'm just wondering.

Technical difficulties
cross-posted from: > I'm not sure if anyone else is having an issue, but I have been unable to log in since Friday. I am on my laptop now, but I still don't think I can log in on my phone. > > Is there a community for reporting issues or maybe just to let users know when something is not working? Apologies if this is not the right place for this.

Automatically filtering out the post from my home page that I've already voted/seen. I mean it's annoying to browse through the same post again and again to see the new post in home page. So there should be an fix/Option where the post I've voted automatically gets hidden/removed from my home page. And I see new content each time I refresh the home. ![](

Apologies for lemmygrad being down some today, we're working on it.
We're currently under a DDOS attack, and are doing our best to fix it.

Logo size
Can the logo size please be changed from 96px to 128px (scaling factor of @4x) so that it will be significantly less blurry on most devices? Not sure how this affects displays with a scaling factor of @3x. Ideally, separate images should be served depending on the device. ```html <source srcset=";thumbnail=96" type="image/webp"> ``` ```html <source srcset=";thumbnail=128" type="image/webp"> ```

cross-posted from: > Thanks to @comfy for creating these!

Are there any plans to deal with gentrification (of Lemmygrad)?
I saw [this post]( and learned about [gentrification](; now I wonder if there are any plans to deal with potential gentrification of Lemmygrad.

Proposal: Red variation of default themes
Hi, I think should use variations of the default light/dark themes with red accents instead of green. - Keeping the layout similar yet colors distinct from other instances (especially makes it clear that you are on the same kind of site but a different instance, and that this one is very much red - This is an easy fix to make (changing a few color codes in the .css files)

On Applications
If you've put in a membership application, please hang tight. it can take anywhere between a few seconds and a few hours for the admins to get to your application, y'all are flooding in so fast. Your applications are read by real humans, thank you for your patience.

I think there should be extra servers (in different locations) for lemmygrad.
I have a thought that if lemmygrad goes down; then the *complete* site will be inaccessible. This could be a problem in the present, due to the Ukraine controversy.

I think someone should make a community for discussing the war in Ukraine
There's enough news/propaganda about it lately, that i feel like Lemmygrad would benefit from having a community specifically for it. But I already moderate a lot of communities, so I don't feel like I should open that one.

Please remove the ‘warning against uncritical sectarianism’ notice
As per the sidebar: > 3. Be respectful. This is a safe space where all comrades should feel welcome, this includes a warning against uncritical sectarianism. I think that we can both tell that this is outdated nonsense.

I assume it's because the spammer spam crossposted into the same community over and over, but I feel like this shouldn't be how the site works.

Meme posts outside of meme communities
I've noticed this happening more and more lately, that joke/meme posts have gotten posted in communities meant for more serious posts. Since there are a number of communities meant for meme posts and other less serious content, it would be better for these posts to be made in those communities. Is there anything that moderators can do about this? Given how I've seen these things go in the past, I'm a bit concerned that the communities for serious discussion could end up as just another place for memes, which would be a detriment to Lemmygrad as a whole.

Looks like we've got some anticommunists.
Given the downvotes on [this post about Marx's birthday](, and [this comment, which even got upvoted once](

Looks like we might have a bot?
The user Argonaut has posted nothing but seemingly random and nonsensical content into a new and otherwise empty community, the description of which strikes me as rather bot-like.

Posts mentioning China instantly downvoted?
I've noticed that anything that so much as mentions China very quickly ends up with at least one downvote, sometimes more. As far as I can tell, they're just downvoting anything related to China as a matter of principle. They're certainly not bothering to ask any questions or investigate further. Should this sort of behavior be allowed?

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