French watchdog fines Google, Amazon for breaching cookies rules

France’s data privacy watchdog has handed out its biggest ever fine of 100 million euros ($121 million) to Alphabet’s Google for breaching the country’s rules on online advertising trackers (cookies).

I doubt it’s enough though


Europe already done a lot of that as well I think. Even If I appreciate their concerns. It’s obviously not what’s gonna make them stop.


Yeah, they expect and budget for these traffic tickets.


This is why I think all fines, both for corporations and people, should be based on a percentage of their income. A lot of European countries already do this for people.


I’m pretty sure fines based on GDPR is supposed to be a percentage of profits. This is not GDPR related and that’s why the French CNIL were competent and not Ireland’s and Luxenburg’s watchdogs.


Cost of doing business perhaps. Other companies can’t afford these exploits.

Reminded me of FB threat to leave Europe (, I couldn’t find any recent updates on it.

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