(If you use one, obviously)

  • bruhbeans
    82 years ago

    I use Vaultwarden, which is an open-source, self-hostable, compatible re-implementation of Bitwarden.

    BW is open source and self-hostable, but requires several containers including MSSQL. You can run Vaultwarden against SQLite or postgres, and it’s a single binary or container.

    • Bilb!
      42 years ago

      Yeah, I started with Bitwarden official and have moved to bitwarden-rs, now called Vaultwarden. Much better suited to my needs, with just 3 users.

    • TmpodM
      22 years ago

      I still use manager BitWarden (the overall project is really great) but I might consider switching my server to a self-hosted vaultwarden one.