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To accomplish what? As others have said there are many games with self-hostable server software. I’m not aware of any that have any sort of federation going on between them though or what the use-case for that would be.

Hey man, if you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying.

Discovery, like with all fediverse software, probably isn’t going to be very robust if present at all.

A nitpick perhaps, but they were never married.

I completely understand the urge to do so, but you shouldn’t assume that all of your detractors are dupes who have “been told” to hate whatever and simply accept that uncritically if what you’re after is a good faith discussion. That may be true for some people, but it’s not likely to be the whole story.

It’s only going to grow in the future, probably to the point where eventually Linux will become the main platform.

I would argue that the only reason we’re even having this conversation is that it seems like a possibility that Linux could become a mainstream gaming platform. Maybe not even likely, but possible- and that’s largely thanks to Valve pushing for platform independence and flexibility.

But yes, obviously there will be problems trying to play an enormous library of games made for Windows on Linux. I still wouldn’t recommend it to a friend building a gaming PC and I bet a large number of people who get a Deck will install Windows the moment they can’t play the new trendy thing. I wouldn’t blame them, I think people should use the software that enables them to accomplish what they want to do.

I don’t have problems with it, but it may be attempting to do too much. I’m curious, which distro were you using when you encountered those problems? The point of asking is not to deflect blame, I’m just wondering what sort of configuration could lead to Dolphin to crash that spectacularly.

Is that really what they said? A little while ago I read that it was because many of the options in there didn’t work on Firefox Mobile to begin with.

I’ve been a $5/month supporter of the Godot patreon for a long while.

I’m right there with you. I feel like I’ve been drifting utterly rudderless and without motivation to do even basic things these past few weeks. At least I recognize that feeling for what it is and can believe that its highly unlikely to persist for much longer, but man it has been brutal.

It’s from a Tim and Eric sketch.

I knew I’ve seen variants of that avatar around!

Yeah, I don’t ever recall Trump being hesitant or discouraging about vaccines. I think Trump is a piece of shit, but not in this specific way. It was politically expedient to hype the vaccine when he was president, but now that he’s not he hasn’t become a vaccine nay-sayer.

She writes very successful books, at least. I’ve never read 'em, but clearly they work for a large number of people.

At least as much as Sonic the Hedgehog exists?

Are any of them doing anything to make new and interesting experiences or are they just in-game stores and assets you can sell to each other… plus blockchain?

Yes, every time I see this I think “stop trying to make web3 a thing. It’s not a thing.”

I think you want two separate user profiles which would each have their own set of history and configuration.

I haven’t tried doing this myself, but maybe this could get you there: (I don’t think the “on linux” part matters too much)

The JIngPad A1 seems to be coming close to release and several prototypes have been sent out. I have to say, it’s looking pretty good! I have ordered one myself and I’d be happy to discuss it further when I get it. …