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I wonder if this is significantly different with Servo. Servo isn’t really ready for as far as I can tell, but in a couple years it might be. (If there’s some kind of significant volunteer effort, given Mozilla fired everyone working on it.)

Well root isn’t great for security, it’s true. Someone who is less aware of the potential security problems of having root access probably shouldn’t have it on their primary device. (I don’t tell people what to do with their phones, just my humble suggestion.) You can use a ROM that makes F-Droid a privileged installer, though, which is nice.

It’s in the mod log. Dessalines removed it with the stated reason “No Dave Rubin.”

Right, when I saw this line I knew the author and I look for completely different things from our desktop environments:

I’ve long considered KDE to be too standard an affair for my taste.

And that’s fine. I’m glad the flexibility to satisfy both of us is available on linux.

The way I get around this is by running a signal bridge on my matrix server and using a matrix client to talk to my signal contacts and groups. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than I expected.

I mean to each their own obviously, but I cannot stand the Sweet KDE color and icon theme which does most of the work of styling Garuda Linux. To me it’s gaudy and distracting. It appears to be pretty popular though.

It’s true- every time I want some kind of Microsoft nonfree font to use in Linux (Yeah, I love Segoe UI, wanna fight about it??) I eventually find my way to someone’s github repo.

I used it around the same time to play Starcraft online with my friends. In game is was perfect, but batle.net was mostly invisible until you moused over everything.

I did not downvote and I do like the sentiment, but reading it makes me feel so tired. I don’t think sympathetic developers like me will ever turn the tide. I would love to be wrong.

Gemini is irrelevant. Nobody will use that except an exclusive club of geeks. It’s a neat little project but stands no chance in solving our problems.

I don’t think independent software develpers are going to solve this problem. I wonder who the intended audience of this website is. Yeah, my blog with at most hundreds of visitors won’t abuse the data of end users, but who cares? The big centralized services will pay no heed. You can’t solve this with software choices, you need to get control of your government and make this shit illegal.

In this reply,

  • You imply that they believe something they never said
  • You say without evidence that it is likely corporate apologia, and
  • then accuse THEM off twisting YOUR words.

Very impressive.

Wow, Google is a factory farm for human beings? I had no idea.

This doesn’t seem plausible at all to me. If you’re making a GUI app for desktop computers and commercial success is your goal, you absolutely are not, and will not, be targeting linux first and expecting Windows users to set up HyperV and WSL2 to run your app. If you want your app to be cross platform, you will use one of many cross platform toolsets available now. Given that, it makes no sense to “extend” linux app compatibility for windows- point 3 is true already.

The point of this isn’t to unlock a massive treasures trove of Linux exclusive GUI apps for regular Windows users because, frankly, regular Windows users aren’t missing out on anything in this regard. This is mostly for cross platform developers using Windows.

I agree with @rootinit@lemmy.ml , it seems like you’re trying to shoehorn this development into your understanding of a 20 year old meme and its a stretch to put it lightly. I understand not trusting Microsoft but I don’t think this is especially sinister.

I wonder if a mobile friendly YaST UI is somewhere in the future.

Well, he does say “and elsewhere.” 😉

That’s what I do. It’s a little harder to discover accounts to follow at first, but you can kinda fill out your timeline by following relays. Plus it’s nice to not have your federation choices be made by somebody else.

No, and I don’t see any mention of it on their roadmap.

I haven’t been able to locate Microsoft’s face.

Is the difference really that stark? Maybe my hardware is powerful enough not to be bothered, but any slowness to me is imperceptible with Firefox. (This isn’t to be dismissive of the issue, of course they should try to improve performance wherever possible.)