The JingPad A1 aims to be the ultimiate productivity tablet, with a custom Linux OS and support for Android apps.

The JIngPad A1 seems to be coming close to release and several prototypes have been sent out. I have to say, it’s looking pretty good! I have ordered one myself and I’d be happy to discuss it further when I get it.

Contrary to the pinephone/pinetab, this device is targeting a wide audience of end users and not just enthusiasts and developers. It uses relatively high end components, but likely as a result it does not have mainline Linux kernel support. (yet?)

Here’s another look from TuxPhones:

I seem to recall that some “le reddit sleuth” decided that this was a complete scam and that they had nothing but photoshopped iPads and many people decided that they were right. (“We did it, reddit!”)

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