• @ksynwa
    263 years ago

    For me it’s how explicitly for-profit it has become. This manifests in a lot of things like:

    • rampant advertisements
    • dark patterns to get the users hooked
    • you literally cannot use the mobile site because it nudges you to install the app at all times
    • new UI is garbage
    • misinformation is freely allowed to fester to not drive down revenue

    It has pretty much become like Facebook and it really sucks.

    • DessalinesA
      123 years ago

      This lays everything out really well. The dark pattern / psychologically addictive stuff is something I’d love compile a megathread of articles on, not to necessarily create anything official, but just as a series of design principles to refer to.

      • @ksynwa
        53 years ago

        I don’t even know where to find scientific information on the dark patterns. The thing you shared about infinite scrolling is relevant. But a lot of what I read are unproved observations. Psychologists should be all over this shit since they publish literally anything these days. Maybe it will be easier to find if I dig deeper on Google Scholar. For example I know their nanotransaction bullshit where you can distribute awards worth less than a dollar is a result of their experimentation with psychological engineering too. Worst thing is shit like this becoming more and more normal by the day and people in general have zero objections to these. Considering how long it took the capitalist world to reign in big tobacco I don’t see this being addressed in the near future. Plus get ready to hear fuckwits screeching about totalitarianism when China does literally anything about it.