First of all sorry for saying that cursed name, but a school teacher asked me to install it on her laptop, i had no idea how to but after following some tutorials online, it displays this error:

Windows couldn’t open C:\Source\install.wim

I would be very grateful for your help

  • @TheAnonymouseJoker
    32 years ago

    Before I used to assume the DB in your name meant Dragon Ball.

    Discord indeed has issues, and it is simply running well because the lowest common denominator userbase just accepts whatever is thrown at them. I use Discord, and it is not the best, but simply has custom emojis and granular moderation for free as selling point.

    I hope you can get back, and atleast have a backup plan setup now for your posts and forum/server comms.

    You have a server, and you build these Minecraft style maps and stuff. I feel legitimately dumber and weaker, with my perfect sight and senses, and I must say you motivate me to do better in life. o7

    • @DBGamer
      22 years ago

      Aww thank you very much, you been a wonderful person to talk to seeing as you really do appreciate all I been doing and for who I am inside. :) Really hope indeed that the Minetest kicks up some steam so I may be able to make something of it. :)