As we work on these issues, let’s not forget the purpose of our movement, or the great work of our staff and all the good people of the free software community who are dedicated to users’ freedom.

  • SubversivoB
    43 years ago

    too litte, to late and they revealing that RMS acted on his own announcing the return proves that they are wrong about his change.

    • @oeutiroe
      2 years ago

      deleted by creator

      • SubversivoB
        113 years ago

        of course. the point is: FSF says he changed. This carelessness says “not much”. When Linus pledged to change he changed. Develop strategies and used tools to reduce problematic behaviour. RMS didn’t.

        • @marmulak
          -33 years ago

          Once a Linus, always a Linus. That’s what I say!

          • SubversivoB
            93 years ago

            nobody cares what Linus think or says at home.

            hi isn’t insulting people on mailing lists or code reviews.

            RMS can be as freak as he want, if he stop hurting other people. This is not thought police, is enforcing limits on acceptable behaviour.

    • Ninmi
      13 years ago

      “too little, too late” seems to be a staple phrase for people who’d love to just keep a good lynch mob going.