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Or you could just whitelist these sites manually in NoScript.

Not perfect, hogs a little too much memory for comfort, sometimes doesn’t even work on the FSF members forum, but LibreJS is what you are looking for.

“Due to our employees lacking database skills and doesn’t know how to delete a record without messing up the whole system, we cannot delete your account.”

No, we won’t fix it even if you do it for us free of charge. We like our site the way it is.

Yes, you can close the account. Nothing will change, you can log in and use it like it was never closed, but it is closed.

No, it’s not a bug, it’s a “security” “feature”

gnuzilla only that it isn’t usually up to date… but I never had problems for my use.

I switched to Firefox for ethical reasons 10 years ago. Now I use it because there really isn’t a good alternative for it. It’s developer friendly, customizable, doesn’t use chromium, and I like the look and feel of it. There isn’t anything you need to trade it for.

And as @ster@lemmy.ml mentioned,

The fact is that if you care about free software then Apple is one of the worst options for compatibility.

While it is not possible to get F-Droid into iOS, it is possible to make an App Store for iOS which will take FOSS to the heart. It is technically possible ( never tried as I never had an iOS device ) to side load apps to iOS now (look at https://github.com/rileytestut/AltStore)

So there should be a way to create a repository like F-Droid did for the free minded people who got stuck with iOS for whatever reason.