chatGPT recently started making it loud, that way Microsoft rushed to pour $10 billion into it, so with this new model, are we going to witness the end of Google control over the way we search?

  • Helix 🧬
    131 year ago

    Google can easily replicate ChatGPT with enough engineers, computing power and outsourced labor. There’s nothing secret in the inner workings.

    That said, maybe we’ll be able to use search engines again without wading through pages of mud when there’s more competition…

    • @jay91OP
      21 year ago

      Facebook had enough engineers and computing power did Facebook kill Snapchat or TikTok? I believe the original idea can win at the end whenever you have in hand to compete.

      Did google kill Facebook with google+? Did microsoft kill android with windows phone?

      I don’t know, i might be wrong!

        • @blkpws
          4 months ago

          deleted by creator

          • @Tatar_Nobility
            1 year ago

            I’m not very knowledgeable in this field, does chatGPT always give accurate answers?

            Edit: also, sometimes people seek cited research from scholars and professionals regarding topics with no straightforward answers. I’m not sure how credible AI is in such cases.