Hey there! I am a science/technology enthusiast and regular contributor to Wikipedia. Elsewhere you may find me with the @JackFromWisconsin@wikis.world handle.

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YetAnotherLemmy.Social coming online now soon?

I actually made a post about this issue earlier. Included are some aids to find new communities: https://midwest.social/post/588624

Yes they do share the same protocol, ActivityPub. This allows the interoperability between the sites.

Yes, nothing prevents them from hitting the button. But the downvote wouldn’t be federated. Beehaw would never know if everyone else was downvoting them.

You could support the developers of Lemmy, assuming you aren’t already. They have a Patreon and an Open collective. See: https://join-lemmy.org/donate for details.

If you create a new post and you mention the community, it creates a new top level post. For example putting @lemmy@lemmy.ml in a post will post it to the Lemmy community on Lemmy.ml.

Jerboa is great! Although normally I just use the web browser on my phone. It’s good enough for me.

Yeah we are still seeing continued growth. Not as crazy as beehaw, but a decent amount of people. See this website for a graph: https://the-federation.info/node/details/23530

Hello! My name is Jack, and I live near the Wisconsin Dells area. I have been a member of this instance since early December, and I have been on a few mastodon instances since October 30. I am the creator of this !wisconsin@midwest.social community.

Welcome Wisconsinites!
Hello! Feel free to introduce yourself here, say what area you're from, favorite hobbies, whatever you want!

You can only block instances / servers when you’re the admin of the website. Regular users can’t individually block like that. You might want to join an instance that blocks those toxic and low quality servers instead of lemmy.ml.

It does feel a little early to be from that situation, which could mean future investors pulling funds if there’s significant backlash.

Like a lot of others, Tears of the Kingdom. Been really enjoying being back in Hyrule.

Yeah, same here. I started to feel like I was understanding the game by using fuse and putting stones and stuff on my weapons. Then I see this clip of this person using recall on a monster that threw a rock, like oh man a whole new layer of combat.

You can use a list. I created one a few months back. Some communities might not be active anymore. Will be adding more to this soon.


On the bottom of your page, click on instances. This will show federated and blocked instances. It is at /instances on all Lemmy websites.

While we’re at it, ban SUVs and Light Trucks, by making a separate licence for them. If you need one for work? Or for personal use? Get a license that proves you know how to use one.

SUVs and Light trucks have done so much damage to our society: both by being dangerous as fuck, and in the insane amounts of pollution that emit. It’s about time the United States, and any other country that hasn’t yet, apply bandage to the wound. Slow the bleeding. Then the healing can begin.

Yes you would need to sign up for a Mastodon account if you wanted to use it. Right now most of the functionality with mastodon is one-way (they can comment on Lemmy posts, but we can’t comment on their posts, unless they post it to a Lemmy community).

I’m fully with you. It feels great to be on a platform where:

  • the site owner isn’t some billionaire CEO. they’re a regular person
  • no algorithms or weird manipulations. It’s just up and down votes here.
  • people are genuine. No one trying to “game the algorithm” or “amass karma”.

Not because of ChatGPT. But I encourage everyone to stop using Google and use one of the many other search engines. Break that Google supremacy.

One account is tied to only one instance. You can use your beehaw account to comment on almost everything, similarily with your Midwest.social account. Think of it like having a @gmail and an @yahoo email address. They both can receive and send emails, but they’re on different websites. For right now you cannot mix accounts or anything.

That being said, using only one account you can make posts and submit links to almost every community. You just have to make sure you are still on your original instance.

Right, so your account on a Lemmy website cannot be logged into from a mastodon app. You would need a Lemmy specific app for that. If you have android, use jerboa. However, personally I find the mobile website to be suitable. I believe there is an IOS app as well, but I forget it’s name at the moment.

Yeah it’s so freaking weird. Any reasonable person building a reasonable social network would promote interconnectedness and positive social behavior. Yet all the major social networks seem to promote angry behavior and angry people. I’m so glad that more and more people are choosing to “leave the matrix”. I would love to see if future where everything social media is federated and algorithms are optional at most.

It’s so much better. No advertising in your face. No algorithms to control what you see. Just plain ol’ post ranking via up and down votes.

From what I understand, all comments are hosted on their original server, but contain pointers that tell it what it’s parent comment is. These are then cashed to each viewing server. So if instance a goes down, to my knowledge someone viewing from instance b would still see it. But if instance C came along and never saw it before, it could never discover the comment. That’s at least my understanding, an actual Dev or someone more familiar with activity pub would give you a better answer.

They do, given it’s not on your instance. See the attached screenshot, the host website is in the same format you mentioned:


So yes, midwest.social would be considered your “home server”. You’d be able to comment and create posts to other Lemmy websites seamlessly, from this website.

If midwest.social shutsdown, then unfortunately your account does disappear. Lemmy doesn’t yet have native account migration, but if that feature existed, the you’d be able to move sites more easy.

Yup, what seahorse said.

From a Mastodon (or similar) account, you can:

  • comment on any post
  • follow any community
  • follow any user
  • make top level posts by mentioning the community somewhere in the post. The first line becomes the title.

It’s the same way beehaw.org does it. If you view a post on an instance that disabled on votes from an instance that hasn’t, the downvote arrow won’t do anything.

Hello! I’m obviously not from Iowa, but it’s great to have you here. Let me know if you have any questions.

In a similar way, midwest.social covers a number of American stuff. Mostly Midwest states and cities. The three of us are all friends 🙂

The point of federation (on Lemmy) was to allow the different websites to talk to each other. So your lemmy.ml account can talk to most other websites that run lemmy software. This means create posts on external communities, comments, and be able to follow such communities. For now, the choice was made to keep communities local and not locally federated.

How is everyone doing today?
I noticed many new individuals joining following the Reddit API news. Do you have any questions about this website, Lemmy, or the fediverse?

It is possible that website was blocked from federation, either on their end or on ours.

See if it’s listed on the “blocked instances” here: https://midwest.social/instances

Otherwise you may need to refresh and try again. Sometimes I’ve noticed you need to search twice for it to grab it.

Agree. In a similar vein, a humor or jokes community would be nice. Places where you go to get a laugh or have fun and not see anything serious.

Need help finding communities?
Hello everyone! I wanted to share a tool that allows you to find communities that you are interested in. Link: https://browse.feddit.de/ You can search for a community (say, "solarpunk"). Then copy the link into your Lemmy search bar and subscribe to the community! It's posts will then show up on your subscribed feed automatically. Alternatively, you can use a list of communities. I have created such a list: Link: https://midwest.social/post/382481 I hope this has helped! Comment if you have any questions or want a recommendation.

Full text: > " Here's a preview of #SpaceHost, a fully-managed Fediverse hosting service that @reiver and I are building. > As you can see, you'll be able to select your Fediverse community server based on: >* Micro Blogging >* Macro Blogging >* Forums >* Image Posting >* Video Posting >* Media Posting >* Social Coding "

cross-posted from: https://sopuli.xyz/post/463756 > Not sad to hear this. Checkout penpot as a possible replacement.