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Yes, and i see a big opportunity for the next 5 years at least in my opinion. the freedom of speech must be guaranteed always, and this is what people need especially the traditional social media services like Facebook and twitter are going offensive on freedom of speech and filtering the content for political and commercial purposes.

Stealing from the federal reserve, that way you are not allowing US government to use taxpayers money to fund wars.

At least going into some protests. this is some fine form of corruption.

Ghislaine Maxwell to challenge claims she groomed girls for Epstein to abuse

Ghislaine Maxwell plans at her criminal trial to challenge prosecution claims that she “groomed” underage girls for the late financier Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse, and to offer testimony that her accusers might have faulty memories. …

Ok, and the people should be fine with this?

I just want to know, what makes cloudflare that bad? i hear a lot voices telling that cloudflare is evil, but i heard no facts!. So what make people hates it this much?

Sorry for bothering you, i didn`t mean that you specifically should do that, or repeat same question i was asking you guys as lemmy team if you have any timeline. 22 days ago you have indicated that you have no experience with this.

@dessalines@lemmy.ml Can you please tell us if there is a timeline for implementing this, i truly understand that your team is not free only for this issue, but i can`t wait to start my instance and without RTL this sounds and issue for me.

Yes, its like sending an old lady to beauty center, she looks good, but till full of health issues. only they people who don`t understand how bad is facbook as corporate will see this is a good thing.

This should be encrypted till they give your data to the authorities exactly as proton did.

They show ads from Microsoft, the question is how far the algorithms are involved with these types of ads?

Imagine rocking a near to trillion dollars company with few lines of code. This is some win story against mark Z.

I checked, google`s blog to see how they operate, sounds like they are fully green as they claim. went through their data centers page and a lot of things about buying green energy from wind to solar. But this is google, i believe they are not doing it for a good cause or the responsibility, something came up and pushed them.

Your comment is helpful and clear. Thanks mate.

These companies work for money, they are not organizations that sacrifice for ethics. So, yes, everything is possible, especially i’m from a country that makes me unable to defend my rights against any hoster in case if decided to take my data aggressively. I’m doing a study before i can start.

I truly appreciate your view, but this not how you think mate. I’m not into hate speech of course, I’m not trying to create something that makes people fight over silly stuff, just want to establish a civilized speech but in deep, something we usually don`t see in the mainstream. lets assume that we are talking politics, for example, we criticize foreign and internal policy of the countries, defense contractors and arm dealers, shadow economics and human rights violations.
Also, we put leaks and we talk deeply about Pandora and panama papers. all these as examples.

Is digitalocean good to host a lemmy instance that allows freedom of speech?

I have a good experience with digitalocean when it comes to technical stuff, or computing stability, most of my apps hosted there are business related apps, has nothing to do with public opinion. but recently i decided to launch a lemmy instance that allows freedom of speech with very less restricti…

What now? are they going to bomb 600 report who coordinated this leak? this should be the best revenge for Daphne.

Yes please, the arabic language implementation solved, and thanks for your efforts. now, we need the RTL, and i believe all major issues will be solved at that point.

Any time frame to implement RTL in lemmy?

I have postponed my lemmy project till the RTL is implemented, i have changed my language for test to an RTL one here in lemmy to see how it looks, but i can say does not look good. i appreciate if you can tell if there is any plans to allow RTL in lemmy soon…

Any update on the RTL?

I will remind him if he is not good for his family, will not be good for anything even if he became a an angle sent from god. Regarding cheating his wife.

LEMMY under AGPLv3.0: Can a i modify a fork to allow ADS?

Forking and modifying lemmy to allow ads will revoke the license? according to AGBLv3.0, you still can use the code for commercial purposes…

Is it Arabic language implemented in lemmy?

I was checking my profile settings, looking for arabic language but found that its not implemented yet. if i install lemmy in future, do i need to install arabic to my instance separately or it will come our of the box?..

Best resources to install lemmy on digitalocean

I’m not into these cloud and docker stuff. i have limited knowledge of installing software on VPS…

How to monetization Lemmy?

Hello Friends, …