Greetings, I always had a problem with a site called reddit,yes lemmy is not reddit,and yesterday I have been permanently banned from it.Mostly there are two reasons: anti-migrant statements, and speaking against LGBTQ .I don’t want to do self-censorship.So is this site for me or should I find another one ?


If you have an idea and will respectfully present it rather than yelling “racist”, “sexist”, “bigot”, some sort of phobe etc. then I respect your right to having an opinion and your right to voice it. I want people to have good, honest debates on politics or simply not bother and try getting along on things they do like.I am not a Nazi or racist you are delusional!

Other people’s lives are not a debate topic for some bigot on the Internet. No one owes you a listening ear for your trash views.

Never called you a Nazi, but the fact you defended yourself from it tells me you likely have a lot of practice being called it. If you’re not one, you might wonder why your “different opinions” sound so much like their that people call you one.


Whats with the projection all the time? No one is debating about anyones live, or suggesting that people should be killed. It seems you are unable to have a normal discussion, and try to use these shocking presumptions in place of arguments.

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