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A chairdre! I’m Seanchaí (shawn-a-key), a trans lesbian currently living on Turtle Island. (she/her)

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The flatter the lawn the flatter the ass, you can’t explain that

This drawing is super sick though, like, a fucking skull-headed lightbulb spider with a web of power lines??? Metal as hell

You mean the poll of 1000 random adults in America? Yup, very credible.

I think there’s a lot to be said about the age of the participants. Like, we can’t pretend that teenagers don’t have sex. They do. But they shouldn’t be having sex with people in their twenties. Not because the teenagers are wrong, but because the people in their twenties are wrong for wanting to sleep with teenagers.

That’s why a lot of laws take a view of age of consent that also considered the age gap between the participants.

Edit 2: Never fucking mind. I had been told that this was about making age of consent the same between gay and straight sex. And on the face of it, it was.

However half the fucking signatories wanted to abolish the age of consent altogether, in defense of three guys who r*ped a twelve year old. Jesus christ, this is bleak.

Sartre, Foucault, Deleuze, Aragon, and a bunch of other signatories on the proposal are a bunch of fucking perverts who wanted to abolish age of consent altogether because they believed grown ass men could “fall in love” with children. Fuck this. Fuck them.

Note: my original comment mentioned that the proposal was to make the age of consent for gay and straight sex equal (it was 15 for straight, 18 for gay), thus cayde’s reply, but I looked into it further and it’s disgusting. there were only a handful of people that cared about equal rights and a lot of people that cared about sleeping with children.

It sounds like a descendent of the Roman festival Cerealia where they set fox tails on fire. But they managed to make it even fucking worse.

One of my favourites (to hate) is when they started sending missionaries all around Europe to give the peasants demonstrations on the one and only correct sexual position.

You’ve been called out! Becoming the liberal you never wanted to see in the world. . .

(side-note, they also ate like, living flesh, and there was such a big market for mummies that gravediggers were just digging up cemeteries to make fake mummies for sale)

Listen here! You made fun of them for not reading what Victorians ate but you didn’t read about it either? They ate like, almost all the mummies for…their power or something.

And made the rest into paint.

The cut-outs on that dress are scandalous she is working it

Wait’ll they learn what Victorian English people liked to snack on. . .

Pardon me, but marrying your cousin is a time-honoured noble British tradition

My city has over 80 bars and not one of them is gay, that’s a great sign for drag culture surely

I remember when I first saw this I was super excited to learn more about the House of Xtravaganza, and then they got to what happened to Venus and I just. . . Pretty much sat there and stared at a wall for two hours after. Devastating.

“O. M. G. I am such a fishy bottom!” - cishet woman watching Drag Race with her husband.

My girlfriends and I all love to just cuddle together in bed with our titties out.


By the end of 2021, at least 130 bills had been introduced in 33 states to restrict the rights of transgender people.

In 2022, over 230 anti-transgender bills were introduced in state legislatures in a coordinated national campaign to target transgender rights.

Yeah, so unsurprisingly more bleak than the time of publishing.

The National Center for Transgender equality is currently compiling a 2022 survey that aims to be their most comprehensive yet, so we’ll be able to see the most recentest data of all once those findings are published.

A chairdre! I mentioned this documentary in the Transgender Marxism discussion, and because I think it's rude to tell people to go find something they should read/watch but not help make sure it is actually available to access, I took a gander online and found this. This movie is about the ballroom scene in New York in the 80s. Through categories of dance, and pageantry, queer and trans people created a community of expression and acceptance. Warning though, while it is heartwarming in many ways, to see this radical embrace of identity and a community carving a place for itself, it is also depressing as shit. This is during the AIDS crisis after all.

As always, if you read through this, thank you so much for joining me! I hope that someone learned something <3

“As trans people make headway in these struggles over access to work and transforming the gendered expectations of work, this opens onto a potentially broad struggle of working-class people over rights to self-determine one’s body, to express oneself with dignity and joy, to find pleasure and love with each other”

“Trans work struggles, and what they offer to the broader gender freedom of the working class, break open the relationship between identity liberation and class struggle. Rather than identity politics being arbitrarily opposed to labour struggles, in trans-work organising they are inseparable”

Transgender Marxism - Discussion 3 (Michelle O'Brien)
A chairdre! It's time to get into the second essay in *Transgender Marxism* The PDF is here: If you missed the intro discussion: Now we're moving on to the second essay, *Trans Work: Employment Trajectories, Labour Discipline and Gender Freedom* by Michelle O'Brien *Michelle Esther O’Brien is a militant and practicing psychoanalyst living in New York City. She recently graduated from New York University, with a doctoral thesis addressing how political economy and class politics shape LGBTQ organising in post-austerity NYC. Michelle is a co-editor of Pinko magazine, and was previously a social worker in HIV and AIDS services, and the long-time coordinator of the NYC Trans Oral History Project. She is a queer, a mom, and a communist.* As always, I'll be pulling quotes and making notes. Feel free to join in the discussion, or just read along and hopefully we all can learn a little something <3

Transgender Marxism - Discussion 2 (Noah Zazanis)
A chairdre! This is a continuation of our discussion from the previous post: Firstly, the link to the essay collection in question: Today, I'll be reading the first essay in the collection, *Social Reproduction and Social Cognition: Theorizing (Trans)gender Identity Development in Community Context* - Noah Zazanis *Noah Zazanis is a Marxist feminist, epidemiological researcher, and unrepentant transsexual. He lives in Queens and writes and organizes when he can.* I'll pull some quotes and make some notes. I hope that this will spark a discussion, or at the very least someone will have a chance to learn a little something <3 Edit 1: The discussion continues here with the second essay by Michelle O'Brien here -

Transgender Marxism - Discussion 1 (Intro)
A chairdre! I'm leading a discussion group on this collection of essays, and I thought this might be of interest to some of my Internet comrades. Firstly, the essay collection in question: Alright, so I'm reading through this in order to prepare some notes for my discussion. Thought it might be fun to have a few discussion threads here. This first thread is for the lengthy editors' introduction. I will make a separate thread for each essay as I read them. I'll grab some quotes, type up some thoughts, hope I can spark a discussion! If not, that's fine, I at least hope someone will benefit from having the link to the PDF. I'll edit this post with links to the subsequent posts (though I'm only going to be doing the intro and the first essay today, I'm a busy lady). Edit 1: The discussion for the first essay by Noah Zazanis is here - Edit 2: The discussion for the second essay by Michelle O'Brien is here -

Looking for some new genderqueer artists to listen to while you wallow in dysphoric angst? Check out Shamir. I like this whole EP *Revelations* but 90s Kids is one of my favourites *We're out here struggling*

A chairdre! I drew this a potential new icon for this community, but wanted to get everyone's thoughts first. []( [](

I'm Afraid of Men - Vivek Shraya
(I don't know why the first page is sideways, but the rest is fine) This book came out the same time I did. I can still remember the feeling of being outside in makeup for the first time (not counting my emo years in high school) so I could pick it up at the book store. The lady at the counter gave me a pin to go with it, and offered to help me put it on my jacket. In *I'm Afraid of Men* Vivek Shraya explores the countless microagressions that form our conception of masculinity, and the way that her relation to her body was shaped not only by queerphobia, but by the racism that demands a white european model of beauty

I mentioned this documentary in the comments of another thread, thought I would make a post for it. It's a short one (like 20 minutes) that speaks to four trans people of different generations. There's Sister Liu, a trans woman who experienced homelessness. Mr C, a trans man who led to China's first anti-discriminatory laws. Carpo, a genderqueer transfemme, and Albus, agender nonbinary, who run a queer NGO. The documentary was made by trans director Yennefer Fang. Yennefer did the translations herself, and there are a few parts where the English is missing (and I deeply wish I knew what it said). In any case, gives a bit of a backdrop into the strides China is making in respect to queer rights, and serves as a reminder that queerness is not a Western-bourgeois invention but a reality that exists regardless of any prior exposure.

For those who are unfamiliar with the anarcho-primitivist organization Deep Green Resistance, it will be surprising to hear that they have deep ties to the rising public outcry against trans people. One of the thought leaders (and co-author of the book, *Deep Green Resistance* from which they draw their organizational direction) Lierre Kieth was writing anti-trans hit pieces as early as the late 90s in *Rain and Thunder*, a radfem journal of which she was a founding editor. These were some of the earliest published pushes to consider trans women using women's restrooms as a coordinated public assault on women's liberty, an attack that has become one of the most mainstream anti-trans talking points. It is an organizational belief (one that other environmental groups have called them out for, and which only works to reduce the number of people willing to work alongside them in the critical work of land defense) that the mere existence of trans people is a form of patriarchal oppression, and that trans womanhood is itself a form of rape. Further reading on Deep Green Resistance and why they have no place in the continued struggle to protect the land:

I don't know yet if this will be happening again this year, but I really hope so. There's some really great art here, and of course the crucial reminder that no one liberation struggle exists in a vacuum: "*Until we are all free, we are none of us free.*" (Don't @ me for quoting Emma Lazarus, it's a good line.)

Questions You Want to Ask
Hello comrades! I think it's important for our comrades to have a safe place where they can ask questions about trans identities and trans issues in good faith. The first step in garnering support is education, however asking every single trans person to constantly take on the burden of educator is, frankly, ridiculous, especially when *so often* the questions are not being asked in good faith, and there are very real consequences to the spread of misinformation. As such, I know that there are likely comrades here who have questions they have been too scared to ask, or feel like it would be inappropriate to pose to some stranger. Trans or questioning comrades are also welcome to ask questions here, of course, and are welcome to answer any questions they feel comfortable answering. The thing about the trans experience is that it is different for everyone. We all have different material conditions, we all have different interactions with ourselves and the world around us, and so, of course, there is no universal truth that governs what it means to be trans. I can't guarantee that we'll have an answer for everything, and I can't guarantee that the answers we do have will be satisfactory, but I can guarantee that as long as you are asking out of a genuine desire to inform yourself and learn more, then I will do my best to engage with you as a comrade and an ally.

Hey comrades! I'm seanchai (pronounced shawn-a-key, it's a traditional Irish storyteller). I'm a thirty year old trans lesbian currently living on Turtle Island. Hope for us to have some great discussions here, but for now here's a song by one of my favourite artists, Devi McCallion, performing here as Girls Rituals. We're all living in a transworld, you can't do fucking shit about it <3