I got banned from reddit (honestly feel a lot better without it)

But I miss being able to answer stupid questions and relationship questions.

Lemmy is great, but why aren’t there that many people on here? I don’t get it.

An I using my filters wrong or something?

  • Catraism-Stalinism
    302 years ago

    All instances (mostly lemmy and lemmygrad) are experiencing a steady increase in usership.

    • TimothyMcFuck OP
      -22 years ago

      Is lemmy like or the same thing as mastodon? Like ok, I LOVED reddit. However there are so many crazy, Whitney, and totalitarian moderators who shut you down for defending your position or saying anything that goes against the echo chamber. I always had this ‘feeling’ of pressure to watch what I say. So at that point, it kills the experience. If I say you’re an ass kisser, I’m permanently banned? How can anyone last on there? The internet is the wild west, you should be able to say what you want

      • comfy
        72 years ago

        Is lemmy like or the same thing as mastodon?

        It’s a weird question. Like ‘are grapes like oranges’.

        Mastodon is a federated (‘Fediverse’ due to use of ActivityPub protocol) microblogging (think twitter) software, same with Pleroma and some others. Admins can host their own website and set their own rules, those websites can interact with other sites.

        Lemmy is also a federated (Fediverse) software, but it’s a link aggregator (think reddit). We’re on the lemmy.ml instance, which has its own topic and rules. There are some other ones that aim to be more liberal, and a few that try to be ‘free speech’, but are inevitably flooded by its own echo chamber of the kind of people other places don’t want around.

        The internet is the wild west

        Yes*. Although not each site on that net wants to be wild. If I’m having a serious discussion on a site where that’s expected (like a science topic forum), why should we tolerate someone with no idea what they’re talking about spamming unconstructive rambling about them hating us? So you inevitably do get communities and social circles that do make restrictions and enforce them in order to function, even on alleged ‘free speech’ sites. It’s all about finding the right sites, rather than expecting every site to have to listen to everything.

      • @pingveno
        52 years ago

        As one of the moderators on a subreddit with a tight, strongly enforced civility policy, it really is one of the few things keeping the sub from chaos. So much of political discourse these days is either in echo chambers or has degraded discourse. Sure you can say whatever, but the whatever slowly becomes worth less. We’ve been told by multiple users that the culture our rules foster has made it so that the users have a place to have serious political discussions with a broad range of people in a way that they haven’t in a long time. That’s important because many people have given up on political discussions with people who aren’t like-minded.

        Alternatively, I’ll put it this way: it’s possible to thoroughly discuss a political matter without touching personal insults. When there is nothing stopping personal insults, Internet discussions tend to be “won” by the trolliest trolls and the loudest yellers, not the best ideas. The people with the best ideas give up as they get drowned out.