I want to upload my videos on another site as backup

I’ve looked into Odysee but the owner has expressed joy on Twitter about Alex Jones and BabylonBee joining the platform. I don’t know enough about StoryFire but a lot of questionable YouTubers like Keemstar are on there, but I will be open to this site if the owners are cool. Dailymotion’s UX sucks so I won’t use them again. If there’s any other sites, let me know


I use YouTube through FreeTube…I really try to like peer tube, but I’m kinda old and it’s not super user friendly for me. Don’t judge! I’m just being honest.


No judgment here. I keep defaulting to FreeTube too. PeerTube is nice and all, but it doesn’t have nearly as many videos as YouTube has. That said, if I see a content creator I like has a PeerTube mirror for their videos, I try and use that instead of YT.

Seconded. I much prefer FreeTube, as well.

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