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I dunno…why not socks? It’s no different than using a towel, really? What’s your cum-receptacle of choice, and why? :)

The idea behind the meme is making fun of people who masturbate. Whether it was your personal intent or not, that’s the message of the meme and so that’s what I was addressing.

You can’t possibly think that that’s what I was saying. Read my full statement again, silly person. :)

Masturbation is normal, healthy and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it according to the vast majority of doctors, scientists and psychiatrists. I would be far more concerned about anyone who claims they’ve never masturbated. If you are in a relationship and you don’t feel the need - good for you. Not everyone is in that same boat.

Heck yeah, dude. I just discovered them about a year ago and I’ve been finding so many new artists that I absolutely love. I have nowhere near the amount you do, but I’m definitely happy with what I have and the service itself. :)

Every online music store I’ve ever used has allowed me to listen to at least a 30 second clip of the song I’m interested in before I buy it. There’s no risk there. I dunno, I’m still not convinced. But anyway, don’t mean to hijack the thread or anything. Carry on, citizens! :)

Not to rain on anyone’s parade here, but doesn’t it make more sense to just purchase the music from the artist at the get-go? Just buy the song or the album and listen to it as much as you like. Maybe I’m just ‘the old guy in the room’ but I’ve honestly never understood the logic behind streaming music services. It’s like radio, only you pay per listen. I’d rather just own my music outright (while making sure the artists are compensated fairly for their art).

But there actually ARE left-wing ‘extremists’. I guarantee you’ve met at least one. They’re the ones who always seem to bring everything back around to some sort of armed conflict. They support all of the regular things that leftists support (at least verbally), but have a tendency to fetishize violence and are alllllll about the guns, man. They often express things like ‘acceptable losses’ and ‘wiping the slate clean’. These people DO exist, and they ARE dangerous to the general health and wellbeing of the public. These are the extremists that I think the APA is talking about.

Obviously, this does not mean that EVERY leftist is an extremist or dangerous to people, and I think the APA’s statement is very poorly worded.

Totally agree with Star Trek. Next runner up would be Middle Earth.

I cannot ask any mail service to break the law (and jeopardize their own families, businesses, etc) just to protect my data. If Posteo is legally served a warrant, I expect them to comply with the legally authorized authorities. HOWEVER, all they can turn over is my encrypted data, because my account is set to automatically encrypt all saved data. Period. If the authorities want to waste their time and energy trying to decrypt that data (of which, only I posses the encryption keys), then have at it - they’ll be super disappointed (and really bored) by whatever they find, but whatever.

As an alternative to Protonmail, I can enthusiastically recommend Posteo as a privacy-centric and ethical email service. Well worth checking out!

Aside from Lemmy, how about any good Linux distro? Honestly, a tremendous amount of work goes into those and they serve as a springboard to everything else FOSS. Donate to them!

It’s hilarious to me that people worry about the “threat” to their privacy from being asked to provide proof of their vaccination - but have no qualms about using credit cards, cars with computers in them, cellphones, closed-source software, etc.

You’re already on the train, and it’s already left the station, friend. :)

Honestly, I signed up immediately when I took a look at the rules of the site/Code of Conduct. And I feel like they will actually be enforced here.

How is my post factually incorrect?

In my humble opinion, I believe that anyone who has multi-trillion dollar government apparatuses at their disposal or multi-billion dollar corporations are going to get your data if they want it badly enough. Chances are, they’ve already got it. Privacy laws only come into play if (and that’s a really big IF) someone gets caught. So, all the pearl-clutching about someone viewing the porn on your hard drive is an absolute waste of time. That being said, there is some value to keeping your data safe from lesser entities (ie, small-time crooks and hackers). But by and large, the fight for internet privacy was lost quite a while ago.

Revolt Chat looks promising. I’ve signed up for the beta. We’ll see how things go.

By rolling all of their work over onto other employees who are already overworked and underpaid. Bro, do you even Capitalism? ;)