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Wouldn’t have been a problem if they just used TOTP (RFC 6238) instead of fancy shiny push 2FA. I don’t understand how large companies keep getting this wrong. Google is a pretty bad offender at this as well.

I looked into your claims a little bit because I’m one of those people who doesn’t believe everything anybody says in the internet.

So the claim here is that Emmanuel TV (some christian television network), that broadcasts on DSTV, is homophobic or whatever. While I can’t find any other evidence of this, I’ll just assume this is true.

The link between Emmanual TV and Irdeto appears to be that Irdeto is owned by MultiChoice (although other sources claim it’s owned by Naspers), and that MultiChoice also ownes DSTV, which broadcasts Emmanual TV.

So they’re not directly linked and it seems that Irdeto has basically nothing to do with Emmanual TV other than that some grandparent company owns both.

All this sounds like conspiricy thinking to me. I’m not even going to further investigate any of the other claims, as I value my time too much.

I’ve carried a passionate hatred for systemd (and pulseaudio, and anything else that Lennard Poetering has worked in basically) since the beginning. But I do have to say that it’s kinda growing on me. The journaling system is still aweful, but the unit system is pretty useful. It fixes a lot of problems inherent in all the other init systems such as creating dependencies on network mounts.

I think, as they did with pulseaudio, they introduced it too soon when it was still unstable and buggy. And they really should have made the logging system plaintext. Like… really. Journaling is a huge mess.

You should probably never upgrade your system version of python, as the OS might be dependant on it. If I need a newer python version than my OS supports out of the box, I’ll first check the official repos to see if a newer version is available, and otherwise I’ll compile from source, which really isn’t that difficult.

Use uMatrix. Disable all javascript by default. Enable some javascript for domains you trust.

Sometimes I think what our world would look like without technology in it. Seriously, just try to imagine what it would be: a paradise where people would leave their real lives, not virtual ones, or a hell because of complexity of such world?

I’m old and grew up in a world without internet, mobile phones and PCs. There were computers of course, but they were limited in their functionality. We basically used them as glorified typewriters and calculators.

Some things were better, some things were worse. The internet has given us access to unlimited amounts of information. Simple things used to take much more time. For every school assignment you had to spend hours going to the library, finding the right information you needed. Interacting with government institutions (taxes, housing, etc) was a huge hassle. These things have much improved, at least in the country I live in.

Personally, I’ve gone full circle. I grew up without any of these modern technologies. In my late teens computers and the Internet became a big thing. I fully embraced it. I was an early adopter on it all. Building websites, instant messaging, you name it. This stuff was my work and my hobby. It was literally my life. I was considered one of those “sad people that met their wives on the Internet”. Yeah, that was considered sad back then.

Then came the Web 2.0 era and with it the likes of Facebook and twitter. Next, smartphones, IoT and the rise of the Data Brokering industry. For companies, your personal information is a now a resource to be mined, analysed, bought and sold. The goal is to get as much of your attention as possible, using whatever methods needed, so they can either sell more stuff to you or sell every scrap of information they have on you.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve been steadily reducing my tech addiction. I deleted my facebook, my twitter and every other social media account. I’ve removed every app and notification from my smartphone other than navigation and calendar notifications.

I installed uMatrix in my browser to prevent any cookie from being set, and any javascript from running. No more pop-ups, auto-playing audio and video, no more tracking, no web notifications. Lots of sites don’t work anymore. That’s okay. I just won’t use those sites.

I’ve also become a minimalist in real life. I’ve stopped buying things I don’t need; cruft I can do without. I no longer browse web shops just for the fun of it. I don’t need a big smart TV, I don’t need the latest fashion and kitchen appliances or fitbits. During the corona lockdown in my country, all shops except grocery stores were closed. Nothing changed for me. It was just business (or should I say, “no business”) as usual, except for working from home.

I do, however, miss the sense of community that the early internet had. Which is why I’m on Lemmy now. This kind of goes against my “no social networks” rule, but I guess rules are meant to be broken.

So yeah, sorry about the long rant :-) I hope to read more of the interesting discussions here on digitalminimalism!

I’ve only just found out about lemmy and just created an account. There seem to be a fair amount of performance problems. Creating the account took about minute of waiting while the HTTP request went through. Saving my preferences takes a long time too, as did posting my first comment.

It’s probably not always like this I’m guessing. I’m kinda glad to see lemmy go through growing pains, as at least it signifies that there’s growth :-) Seems like a nice community so far!

I’ve had a few successful open source project. Bug reports and improving docs are great. But what’s really great is someone who responds to basic questions (in the form of bug reports) for me! Basically a small group of users who are willing to provide support to other users. Those people are a absolute blessing.