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I’d like more activities on non-tech communities such as !memes@lemmy.ml or !math@lemmy.ml or !french@lemmy.ml


Based on my interaction with Italians, American pizza itself is enough a disgrace.

Duolingo does have grammar notes (depending on the course, though). If that plus practice can’t teach you how to speak, I don’t know what can.

These reasons apply for both. Social network has an extra point because it’s public.

Millions of people use it.

But if they’re not your friends, it doesn’t matter.

Low disk space

Please elaborate

Many people still use low end phones with limited storage and installing an extra app just to talk to you (see point 1) is wasting it.

Not enough or too many

I mean the individual has too many accounts (for many services), not the network. Creating yet another account just to talk to you (see point 1) is not worth the struggle.

There are several other concerns than ease of use. For example:

  • Not enough people on there
    • Also, not enough interesting content in case of social network
  • Low disk space
  • Too many accounts already
  • Don’t know which instance or client to choose (though this can be argued as a subreason of ease of use)

for example there are books that are present there but not in and I think at some point OL will start crawling data from BW, too.

I thought it only takes book from OpenLibrary, because the last time I checked the only way to add a book was to add it on OpenLibrary. Maybe I just couldn’t find where to add it directly to BW and/or it has developed much since then.

there’s vertical ones like /c/anime

Was that changed? I don’t see any vertical banner.

Didn’t try this yet, but why are there shortcuts if it’s intended for phone 🤔

BookWyrm is a secondary source, so I don’t think it’s a good idea. Personally, I’d link to:

  • The book’s website, if there is (which usually just links to amazon)
  • Wikipedia page
  • OpenLibrary

As for where to buy books, I’ve recently heard of Libreture, which have DRM-free books (see other DRM-free book source), though its database might be lacking because it’s rather new.

So can amfora and deedums, but I’m using a dedicated RSS feed reader instead and it doesn’t support gemini. Maybe I should send a patch to add this feature.

I wonder why he doesn’t put gemini posts in the RSS feed. I always miss the gemini posts.

There is also another copypasta to reply to that one: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/wiki/Interjection

The data fed to the algorithm is probably not balanced in terms of gender.

Yea it’s in the store so probably it works.

I didn’t try but I think Okular works on Windows.

First post, just realized I can put text in image post unlike on Reddit…

I stole this from somewhere