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So can amfora and deedums, but I’m using a dedicated RSS feed reader instead and it doesn’t support gemini. Maybe I should send a patch to add this feature.

I wonder why he doesn’t put gemini posts in the RSS feed. I always miss the gemini posts.

There is also another copypasta to reply to that one: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/wiki/Interjection

The data fed to the algorithm is probably not balanced in terms of gender.

Yea it’s in the store so probably it works.

I didn’t try but I think Okular works on Windows.

It’s not open source at all iirc

I just want to say that learning all languages is kinda pointless and boring, since you can pretty much learn to make things with only one or two of them and learning without clear results can be discouraging.

javascript? not yet

Don’t worry about it then. It’s not really essential; you can build web apps without JS.

All the mentioned languages? I think it’d take some months for you to learn to write some functional program in each, so it would probably take several years.

I read that you want to learn web programming

Did you know HTML/CSS/JavaScript? It’s a quite basic requirement for web development. After learning those languages you can start to learn about a backend language. Popular languages are Python, PHP, Rust, Go, Java, Ruby, and NodeJS. You can also learn about SQL along the way. I learnt HTML/CSS/JS from W3 school - they have interactive tutorials. I haven’t used any other than Python (using Flask) and PHP, and I find Python much more intuitive. I just followed Flask tutorial and now I’m very familiar with it now. I also found this guys who gives Go tutorials (both posts and videos).

Viewing stuff is a bit slow too.

Hi I’m from Asia ™️ and that’s a misconception. We’re not all from China btw.

First post, just realized I can put text in image post unlike on Reddit…

I stole this from somewhere