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My grandmother was completely happy with elementary because more user friendly and she just need a browser and office apps

yes vital + reaper + wayland isn’t possible but of some reason bitwig can handle it kind of well not perfect but good enough to work with it

All right good hint why I don’t have this idea by my self

Vital Synth on Wayland ?

Is some one using the Vital Synth on a Wayland Session ? And have the same problem like me that sometimes few clicks are not detected ?..

Fedora Gnome Software Center problem after standby

Hello Guys, i’m on Fedora and the only problem what i have is with my Software Center from Gnome. After my System was in standby i’m not anymore able to search via software. Have some one the same experience or have some one a clue what the reason could be ? …

Little Tip Vitalium works with Bitwig Flatpak Version

The Vitalium Flatpak Version isn’t working but you can use the normal VST Version with Vitalium with the Bitwig Flatpak Version :) …

Telegram is a reproducible build, just on Android or also in iOS

ohh nice to see there have something like this. thx for the info :)

How to prove if Signal Messenger Open Source Code the same like in the App Store ?

I heard about that you can check via a hash code if the Signal Open Source Code the same code like the App Store Code is this true, have some one more informatons about this ? …

Linux Support

Some one is knows is Linux support comming ? …

@v162toBrowsersWhat browser do you use?

Firefox on Android and Vivaldi on Desktop

My motivation is if you give some one data this means knowledge and knowledge = power. If you than have a Stalin or a Hitler than you know what is happening, so we shouldn’t do the same mistakes like in the past

Yes we should start to provide servers for federation :)

I think also the main focus in to avoid censorship and fair creator paying. Lybr is also kind of federated because you can just create you own client or webside and talk to the blockchain :)

Just use Matrix/Element its one of the best Messengers :D

from my understanding it can also be federated like Peertube you can just create a instance like Odysee this is holding the videos and is reading and writing to the Blockchain. Its very sad to see that not more lbry hubs exists

Telegram, Matrix and Mumble

The Edge Browser is nice you want hate it but you just can’t i like that you can crate WebApps and your extension are still working :)

@v162toValheimJoin Us

additional to matrix i created a Telegram Group with Voice Chat if you want you can join https://t.me/joinchat/J1WrFkJyeKhjY2Rk

But the Telegram Calls are p2p ant the clients are open source but i can understand why you prefer element

the Telegram Desktop App is also working nice on small Screens is this not better ?

Davinci Resolve ?

Where are the other Lemmy Instances ?

Exist a list with other Lemmy instances ? …