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Nope Matrix protocol supports now vidow calls

I recognize it because the most free PvP games are working now Linux also the new upcoming ones

Actually why you think the Ukrainians are Nazis ?

Proberly the most military regiment have problems with Nazis in there groups. Is doesn’t matter if we speaking about Russia, German or Ukraine military.

With Fedora 36 isn’t anymore true you can just turn on the switch for third party libraries and than you have RPM Fusion also enabled. And now is Nividia open source and will part of the linux kernel and budgie is coming officially to Fedora. I think Ultramarine miss there time.

I use Fedora also for gaming and its nice because you always fresh kernel updates

Searching for a Apartment !!!
Some one knows for me in Berlin a Apartment or have a tipp how to get a Apartment ?

No, this is than a misunderstanding im just for do something and don’t looking away like we did this the last years. But to be a democratic regime this decision was coming from the Ukraine folk otherwise there would like it to be a part of Russia again. Of course the NATO did mistakes the last years but this is still not acceptable what Russia/Putin is doing.

But Putin isn’t interested to find a diplomatic solution, he have his own plans. He will maybe interested in a diplomatic solution if he got more under pressure .But from the past he learned he can do what he want no buddy try stop him. So someone have show his limits like a little child have to learn it. How you can make politic with a guy you can’t trust ? You need some security. Everybody want to find diplomatic solution but you say now to the Ukraines hey common what is wrong with you just find a diplomatic solution with super power there not interested in diplomatic solution and there just reaped and killed you wife and children. Now is time to show unity and strength and i hope Russia is than interested in a diplomatic solution. My way was i tried to inform people on Russia Social Networks that the west are not Nazi peoples. But was also very scary to see if you now playing video games like Insurgency what also a lot of Russia people, there using now west people as a insult.

Lol but the solution isn’t to accept everything what the Russia is doing sometimes you have to play the psycho game

Of course you can find slim nice stuff for man but there also rare and expensive

Half of my cloth are woman cloths. Because I’m tall and slim and for me its very difficult to find cloth there fitting well, also is more fun because you have more choices. And for me its fine to a have feminine touch. But I’m not this kind of person this is dressing everything because this would look stupid, but some cloths fits very well for me and my figure so its looks normal and not stupid. LTP Jeans are nice and the pocket are big enough ^^

Yes and my steam library is because of corona not small xD

The Tiime Zone is CTE Berlin. I would create a Matrix Space :D

Linux Gamer sucht Buddy for Co-Op Gaming
Hey guys, i searching for few buddies to play in the evening after the work a little bit together :D

I fought Bespoke is a modular Synth I have to test it again the last time I tried in on my Fedora it wasn’t working. Stargate looks very interesting :D thx for the tip

Music Producer + Flatpak = Fun
A list with Software for Music Producer aviable as Flatpak

Best Linux DAWs
Here i a list with the best Linux DAWs

How to make a Group discoverable ?
Hello Guys, i create a Group for Linux Musicians #linuxmusicians:tchncs.de how i can make this Group discoverable ?

Who want to see Reaper as Flatpak !!!
we should push this post to bring Reaper as Flatpak !!! https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=246030

Polygone have now also EAC Support :)
https://store.steampowered.com/app/1241100/POLYGON/ is a nice game fro free

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I need a good client this is combining Mastodon, Matrix and Jitsi more I don’t need, OK maybe Lemmy :) I like Telegram because this is combining all this things. Also its can be kind of a Lemmy because you have Side Threads in Groups wehre you can talk about a other Topic

Vital Synth on Wayland ?
Is some one using the Vital Synth on a Wayland Session ? And have the same problem like me that sometimes few clicks are not detected ?

Fedora Gnome Software Center problem after standby
Hello Guys, i'm on Fedora and the only problem what i have is with my Software Center from Gnome. After my System was in standby i'm not anymore able to search via software. Have some one the same experience or have some one a clue what the reason could be ?

Little Tip Vitalium works with Bitwig Flatpak Version
The Vitalium Flatpak Version isn't working but you can use the normal VST Version with Vitalium with the Bitwig Flatpak Version :)

How to prove if Signal Messenger Open Source Code the same like in the App Store ?
I heard about that you can check via a hash code if the Signal Open Source Code the same code like the App Store Code is this true, have some one more informatons about this ?

Linux Support
Some one is knows is Linux support comming ?

Where are the other Lemmy Instances ?
Exist a list with other Lemmy instances ?