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from my understanding it can also be federated like Peertube you can just create a instance like Odysee this is holding the videos and is reading and writing to the Blockchain. Its very sad to see that not more lbry hubs exists

Telegram, Matrix and Mumble

The Edge Browser is nice you want hate it but you just can’t i like that you can crate WebApps and your extension are still working :)

additional to matrix i created a Telegram Group with Voice Chat if you want you can join https://t.me/joinchat/J1WrFkJyeKhjY2Rk

But the Telegram Calls are p2p ant the clients are open source but i can understand why you prefer element

the Telegram Desktop App is also working nice on small Screens is this not better ?

Davinci Resolve ?

i waiting for keyboard noise canceling in voice chats and video supports in voice chats ^^ because than i can bring my peoples from teamspeak and discord to telegram :D

but i can’t find on other lemmy instanes lemmy.ml communities ;(

Where are the other Lemmy Instances ?

Exist a list with other Lemmy instances ? …