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or it will look like the int has many “gotchas” or conditions hidden under unreadable small prints thanks to marketing.

I haven’t bought the OST from Bandcamp yet but I think it is actually part of the official OST.

Undertale OST, for instance, is not only available on Steam as DLC. It’s on pretty much on all the mainstream streaming platforms, including Bandcamp, which gives you the option to download them AND store them as .mp3/FLAC files upon purchase. Replayable and transferable to any device, no platform lock-in.

That being said, the platforms, other than Bandcamp, that its on would prolly constitute as “DRM” despite it being free, e.g. YouTube.

I don’t personally see anything wrong with discussing stocks or trading in lemmy.

Me neither, but stock trading discussed in the way that community does in this lemmy instance is very sus, imo.

Forged upvotes, generic trading bs, newly created accounts posing as real people
Hello, I noticed this [trading community](https://lemmy.ml/c/forex) popped out of nowhere. It comes off as very, very fake to me (the first sign is the theme of discussing trading stocks at ALL in lemmy.ml). All of the accounts below posing as people seemingly interested in trading have been created on the same day (Jan 03): ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/6a4bf2df-b63d-44df-a783-b47ddecf798f.png) Using reverse image search on one of their pfps results in multiple images (not showing it here since it shows other people that look similar but are not tied to the same persona). The upvotes are obviously forged because the number of Jan 3rd accounts match the number of upvotes. Lastly, there's a link to their telegram. I haven't gotten into it yet but that is for SURE a red flag, it's a common tactic to create separate communities in different platforms only to lure unsuspecting people into a telegam/etc.. community. Do I really need to say any more?

Oh shit that winetricks --gui idea actually worked. Tysm! The files for PaintTool Sai came preinstalled so all I had to do was Run Explorer through winetricks --gui, paste the files onto the virtual C: Drive and run the crack through the explorer.

Something tells me this was already done but, did you try a clean install? Clean as in uninstalling Office but also clearing any remains that comes with it. Try it with this tool from Micro$oft or BCUninstaller/Bulk Crap Uninstaller (FOSS).

If you use BCUninstaller, you wanna use the “Leftover removal” (it appears after uninstalling an app through BCUninstaller) but you also want to be careful with some of the registries, thankfully it asks if you want to do a system recovery backup.

Afterwards, install like how you would and proceed to do the usual

Also, try not to have a Microsoft account linked to your PC (I assume you’re using Windows 10) as that likely triggers the issue

If all else fails, then im not sure what to say as this is the first I’ve heard of this issue

I was afraid it would come to this, but ty for the suggestion I’ll look into vms

How do I apply Windows cracks through Wine?
Here's the scene: I can only run PaintToolSai2 in preview mode and I've tried to run a crack (simply an exe file called "saicrack.exe" that patches the directory files) to have full access to the app itself. I'm straight up running the thing using ` wine "/home/.../sai2.exe" ` I tried to use the same command but for the crack exe, yet it's hitting me with the "sai2.exe doesn't exist. crack failed!" despite it being in the same install directory. I could just use Krita instead but I'm doing this for some1 else.

truth be told I never played JRPGs so I can’t list them. Indies include games like Divekick, shovel knight, FEZ, Undertale, papers please. Granted most of the games are just ports but I personally never minded, just meant that I could play on the go.

high-budget games? no but indie and JRPG it had. Blame Sony for mishandling the timing and marketing.

loved how the beat slightly alters throughout, the part between 1:15-1:45 is quite freakin cool

FOSS RTX Voice, one that doesn't require expensive hardware + libre licensed dataset
I know that the standalone RTX Voice application allows GTX cards to be used, but bear in mind it's only for GTX and RTX graphics cards. What about AMD graphics users? What of those that don't have RTX 5 Billion or AMD RX 8 Billion? The second thing that would be addressed in a hypothetical FOSS alternative would be the dataset the AI relies on. While it may not be useful for end-users, for developers this could be used for their respective projects, or maybe even a fork? Or maybe users could contribute to the dataset by recording random potentially unwanted noise? Idk, the possibilities may be considerable. [There is this project ](https://github.com/werman/noise-suppression-for-voice) though to be honest it's too much to take in at once for the uninitiated and time-constrained like me. What RTX Voice does right is it is simply one software and one separate virtual driver. Set the microphone you'd like to be suppressed and set RTX Voice as default. It's almost Plug n Play in a way.

Use old.reddit.com, a libreddit instance or a teddit instance to get around this bs

Although not FOSS, I think you might be interested to know that there is also a serious up-and-coming platform fighter, Fraymakers, starring indie characters from the likes of Octodad and Bit.Trip Runner. Same-ish team behind Super Smash Flash 2.

It’d be interesting to see something that would be similar to it, but with FOSS mascots and especially with regards to “FrayTools”, which is a way to customize the game’s everything. Think like MUGEN ig? The main attraction would obv be that the theoretical FOSS platform fighter would be FOSS, so it would have a longer lifespan, customization that could spawn “tournament-friendly” or “story-mode” builds and not have to suffer a similar fate to PSASBR or Nick All Star.

Also with great customizability and freedom comes with great meme potential :).

Streamlabs scummingly copies Lightstream webpage & concept, will be dropping "OBS" from its name after years of deliberate confusion between it and the real OBS.
OBS project on Streamlabs' use of their name: https://nitter.snopyta.org/OBSProject/status/1460782968633499651 Half-assed statement issued by Streamlabs: https://nitter.snopyta.org/streamlabs/status/1461044715634135046 The Streamlabs company tries to resolve its damaged public image by claiming that they've used Lightstream's webpage UI and text as "placeholder": https://nitter.snopyta.org/streamlabs/status/1460742180352450568

What’s up with all the cross-posting?

This resource is not free/libre/copyleft/etc… (see “Copyright © 2018-2021 Sean McPherson (SDG)”). Please post in another community.

That’s all fine and dandy until you gleefully enter your email on websites or services, only to get a “Sorry! We don’t recognize that domain. Please use a Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook, Yahoo or iCloud address or fuck off!”

And the trend to whitelist only a small number of email services and block everything else is becoming the norm, all in the name of “fighting spam”.

I really love the minimalist and sleek design of this file manager, despite it being kinda barebones. It supports all three major platforms, which is a big plus. Could be useful for users of low-end PCs that need dual-pane file management.

SimplyTranslate does adjust the list of available languages (to and from) depending on which translation engine you selected, the one with the most available languages is obv Google.

Edit: turns out it’s cuz I left it on “Autodetect”

SimplyTranslate, a frontend to Google Translate and LibreTranslate, adds DeepL (testing phase) as a translation engine choice
Dunno if anyone noticed, but SimplyTranslate added DeepL as an option for translation through their frontend. Doesn't seem to work for me, seems to give me "error: Invalid Request" (it's in testing phase, that's probably why). **EDIT:** woops, turns out "Autodetect" was the culprit. Try choosing a language instead of leaving it default to "Autodetect".

this is where an asterisk would come in handy, I guess… An “our web client is open source but our backend is not” probably wouldn’t work either, since it’s lengthy

These email services (tutanota, ctemplar and protonmail) are all fundamentally unsecure even with encryption or “Strong GDPR laws!!” since they rely on users trusting their word for it. They leak a lot of metadata (like pretty much any other email provider does). Their selling point for me imo is that they are not GAFAM and none of them use cloudflare, afaik.

For those of us that have a Tutanota account

Tutanota (was) experiencing DDOS for those of you who were trying to login
oh yeah and i created this community so as to post tutanota ddos updates and such..

PeerLibrary - Libre academic knowledge community
PeerLibrary is an open source project for researchers and academic knowledge-seekers to read and discuss scholarly literature. Source code: https://github.com/peerlibrary/peerlibrary License(s): [CC0 (Public Domain) ](https://peerlibrary.org/terms) Anti-features: - [Does not encrypt contributed private data](https://peerlibrary.org/privacy) (private publications, private metadata, private annotations, private comments, etc..) - Data collection and statistics used to "improve user experience".

CLP Calculus Textbooks - Free PDF and web-based calculus textbooks
A collection of online calculus textbooks written for and by UBC students, includes differential integral, multivariable and vector calculus (or in standard terms, Calculus 1 to 4). Very useful even for non-UBC students. [The resource was originally posted in the Math Humor community](https://lemmy.ml/post/52469) by [@AgreeableLandscape@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/u/AgreeableLandscape) . Ty for the post! License(s): [CC BY-NC-SA 4.0](https://personal.math.ubc.ca/~CLP/src/) Anti-features: - [Google Analytics](https://lithi.io/file/LMr3.png) - [Google Fonts](https://lithi.io/file/RKip.png)

FOSS Alternatives to Patreon/Ko-Fi/etc.. for content creators?
Hello, I'm looking to setup a page where people can donate to me as a content creator, but Patreon and the likes aren't cutting it since they're proprietary. Preferably something secure as well so as to avoid leaks to my personal data, as well as the most minimal uses of proprietary libraries (e.g. Google Analytics). Doesn't have to mirror Patreon features.

good points made by chris, the album is pretty unfinished and filler'd but (imo) it has its moments e.g. Moon

Available on the following platforms: - [Tidal](https://tidal.com/browse/album/195728118) - [Deezer](https://www.deezer.com/album/255066162) - [Spotify](https://open.spotify.com/album/340MjPcVdiQRnMigrPybZA) - [SoundCloud](https://soundcloud.com/kanyewest/sets/donda-6) - [YouTube (proxied with incognet.io)](https://tube.incognet.io/watch?v=MnG04l_RLkQ)

From their [GitHub repo page](https://github.com/fontforge/fontforge): > FontForge is a free (libre) font editor for Windows, Mac OS X and GNU+Linux. Use it to create, edit and convert fonts in OpenType, TrueType, UFO, CID-keyed, Multiple Master, and many other formats. [FontForge also has a book](http://designwithfontforge.com/en-US/index.html) about how to design typefaces through its software (hosted on GitHub Pages, no HTTPS connection).

A non-profit, open-source, wiki-style educational platform that incorporates student notes into the currently offered subjects of Computer Science, Math, Physics and Business. License(s): [CC BY-SA 3.0 and GNU FDL 1.2](https://en.wikitolearn.org/Project:Copyright) Anti-features: - Google Fonts - [Google Analytics](https://www.wikitolearn.org/privacy.html) - [Internal analytics, Matomo](https://www.wikitolearn.org/privacy.html) - [Google reCAPTCHA](https://www.wikitolearn.org/privacy.html) - Links YouTube videos (use a Piped or Invidious instance) - Can and will retain Personal Data for an extended period upon order of authority/legal obligation to do so. - Slightly vandalized with random articles.

A language-learning platform that includes themed, bite-sized and unlockable lessons, quizzes and a dictionary. Currently offers Bengali, Croatian, Dutch, French, Hawaiian, Japanese, Pandunia and Thai. License: [CC BY-NC-SA 4.0](https://lingopolo.org/copyright-information) Anti-features: - [Google Analytics](https://lingopolo.org/privacy-policy) - Requires signing-up with an email address (Any throwaway email services will work thankfully).

The c/open_e_resources manifesto
Welcome to c/open_e_resources, This community, [which is not affiliated with UNESCO's OER btw](https://en.unesco.org/themes/building-knowledge-societies/oer), was created so that anyone may share educational resources that are open, libre and free by nature. Quality education shouldn't need to be expensive, locked behind paywalls and proprietary licenses, so let's unlock those gates together. The 5R principles below are used as our metric for the resources we search for: - Retain - make, own, and control a copy of the resource (e.g., download and keep your own copy) - Revise - edit, adapt, and modify your copy of the resource (e.g., translate into another language) - Remix - combine your original or revised copy of the resource with other existing material to create something new (e.g., make a mashup) - Reuse - use your original, revised, or remixed copy of the resource publicly (e.g., on a website, in a presentation, in a class) - Redistribute - share copies of your original, revised, or remixed copy of the resource with others (e.g., post a copy online or give one to a friend) ([excerpt taken from opencontent.org](http://opencontent.org/definition/)) When finding a resource, make sure to list the license/nature of the resource [and anti-features, similar to how F-Droid does it](https://f-droid.org/en/docs/Anti-Features/). If there's any question or anything you'd like to see improved/changed, let me know. I'm also looking for mods (no criteria).

Hello, I just made a new community for those who are looking for free/libre and useful resources for furthering their education.