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this is where an asterisk would come in handy, I guess… An “our web client is open source but our backend is not” probably wouldn’t work either, since it’s lengthy

These email services (tutanota, ctemplar and protonmail) are all fundamentally unsecure even with encryption or “Strong GDPR laws!!” since they rely on users trusting their word for it. They leak a lot of metadata (like pretty much any other email provider does). Their selling point for me imo is that they are not GAFAM and none of them use cloudflare, afaik.

All true and very misleading, they could’ve just stated “open source mail client”… Forgot to adjust the description accordingly

For those of us that have a Tutanota account…

New community: /c/tutanota

PeerLibrary - Libre academic knowledge community

PeerLibrary is an open source project for researchers and academic knowledge-seekers to read and discuss scholarly literature. …

A downgrade tbh, and this isn’t coming from a pair of nostalgia lenses. It’s literally just a flat textbox with the company’s name. From afar it looks like Kraft’s logo (tbh the previous one looks like the old Lays logo from afar as well, but i’d argue that its rounder shapes made it slightly distinguishable).

CLP Calculus Textbooks - Free PDF and web-based calculus textbooks

A collection of online calculus textbooks written for and by UBC students, includes differential integral, multivariable and vector calculus (or in standard terms, Calculus 1 to 4). Very useful even for non-UBC students. …

this post is a certified multilingual classic. Sincerely, a multilingual

…they were made specifically for content creators?? xd

So if I understand crypto in the context of content creation right, you just install a software wallet for a specific cryptocurrency and start providing the wallet address? Or is there something I’m missing?

This is really nice, but I don’t have the essential resources required to self host sadly.

Great alternative, but is there something that doesn’t lock you in either Stripe or PayPal (most optimal would be something outside the US)? If not, then I’ll settle with Liberapay

FOSS Alternatives to Patreon/Ko-Fi/etc.. for content creators?

Hello, I’m looking to setup a page where people can donate to me as a content creator, but Patreon and the likes aren’t cutting it since they’re proprietary. Preferably something secure as well so as to avoid leaks to my personal data, as well as the most minimal uses of proprietary libraries (e.g. …

Unlauncher. At first it seemed a little… too empty for my tastes, but then I noticed how much time it saved me from my phone.


Not a separate email provider, but a very nifty tool for compartmentalization. The free plan gives a lot of leeway compared to AnonAddy (no shade) but if you love it, give the paid plans a try! AFAIK they also have a student plan.


Recently implementing Autocrypt, CTemplar is pretty good too. Though it has yet to implement IMAP/POP3 servers so like Tutanota and ProtonMail, you can only use it through their web app/website. Not too long ago it also had issues with data loss, but since then they’ve taken precautions to ensure it never happens again.

well, this is awkward… I’d have assumed that the word “wiki” would mean anyone could edit the pages and edit out the vandalism.

I dream of a curriculum where we are free. Free to and easy to clone, redistribute, and to modify. Where there is democratic government, so a hostile takeover is near impossible. Where changes are made in the open so that we hold those that make them more accountable. A curriculum that is modern and interactive, with a smaller focus on lectures.

This is part of the reason why I opened this community, while it isn’t a dedicated “platform” like Khan, OpenStax, etc… it’s a place we can collect great resources that are truly “open” into one community (“open” as in having the right to do pretty much anything to your heart’s content under the CC/PD/etc license). It’s a good start and I envision myself going further and opening a truly free and open-source platform (“free and open-source” as in anyone can do the former + contribute to changes in the knowledge base) specifically to address the problems with modern-day public (and private, mind you) education. When will it come to fruition is an on-going mystery I have to solve myself.

Accountability is the one that I am most concerned about in the current landscape of today’s education systems, including online ones like Khan. A little bit of projection here but it seems to me that anyone at the top (say, the principal(s) or board of education, administration) is able to absolve liability if they fuck up in any way. The fact that they can make changes without unanimous approval from students and teachers is appalling and leaves a huge burden to deal with. You could voice your concerns but the chances that your concerns are taken seriously are slim.

Sorry for the tangent here, I am just furious about how little progress in the grand scheme has been made for the past decade despite technological improvements.

good points made by chris, the album is pretty unfinished and filler’d but (imo) it has its moments e.g. Moon…

The person commenting an old thread should be aware of that, so I don’t see what forbidding them to comment helps with.

See, the thing is, not everyone keeps that in mind before posting in an old thread. I’ve also made the assumption that the user expects a response from the og posters and/or OP, which might not necessarily be true.

Not a lot of people are fans of “necroposting” (if memory serves right, it means to post on a thread after being inactive for a long while). Worst yet, it’s probably less likely you’ll gain any responses from the same people that have posted in a thread long ago or from anyone really. I think if the time limit is not too long and not too short (so as to cover both bases) like say… 3 to 7 months till the post becomes archived, then it’d be acceptable. However, it’d be cool if instance maintainers get to control that feature since I’m sure they won’t be all agreeing on the same limit.

Is there a time limit the lemmy devs/admins have agreed on so far?

real one right here ^^ Kanye East never misses

Available on the following platforms: …

Donda by Kanye West is really out

Glad to see someone finding this useful as much as I did!

Make sure to specify the license of the content (looks like it’s CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) and list any possible anti-features you may find :)

A non-profit, open-source, wiki-style educational platform that incorporates student notes into the currently offered subjects of Computer Science, Math, Physics and Business. …

A language-learning platform that includes themed, bite-sized and unlockable lessons, quizzes and a dictionary. Currently offers Bengali, Croatian, Dutch, French, Hawaiian, Japanese, Pandunia and Thai. …

The c/open_e_resources manifesto

Welcome to c/open_e_resources, …

Hello, I just made a new community for those who are looking for free/libre and useful resources for furthering their education…

Alternatives to Reactive Resume, Resumake and FlowCV?

^ title, the reason why is because Reactive Resume is a bit too janky for my taste, same thing with Resumake and FlowCV is proprietary. …

Are video games a separate art form?

This may be an instant “yes” for some of you, but there are actual proponents to this idea of video games being an art form, separate no less. …