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and also not to mention the weaker side of palestine, except there’s such a strong threat from coalition to force Israel away.

Maybe, other than religion doctrine nothing can make this happen

If twitter can go away after face slapping current sitting president of USA, that will be historical

to be exact : TELEGRAM FOSS

that’s true this is why there’s hashwar in the horizon, and if oilrich country smart enough they’ll make use of this ‘peak oil’ for their benefit.

but I might not disagree if you say bitcoin is like a bubble if there’s another competing technology can easily threaten it.

yes, the limit of the bitcoin is came from that. If you remove hashrate and electricity from the key issue, bitcoin will not again limited in quantity it was never the problem, it’s the feature. And no one forced anybody to mine for BTC.

for scalability, I know your concern. but that doesn’t mean you own btc farm = own world’s bitcoin. again, my approach is from economical standpoint : it’s not centralized. As for 51% attack, that **theoretically can happen ** but it’s hard to fulfill many condition needed.

or do I miss something?

maybe we have a different way to approach the problem, I’m more to economic implications and factoring it to how corrupt the banking system are, electricity that scale are just tiny expenditure an * just let free market decide in the end.* If there’s a better replacement that might be YES in the future, but for now it’s more important than ever for it to exist.

The question is when. Bitcoin is currently just a game of ride the momentum and try to get out at the right time. It’s calculated gambling. it’s true for the miner

It’s true but you should know your capability yourself, as of now I’m watching the trend it’s the government power or at least business size enterprise can sustain this kind of operation.

that’s the point : if you don’t know bitcoin and how hash computing works, you’ll use your domestic hardware and complain about that.

I can just say a little :

  1. electricity this is already debunked if you’re saying btc is electrically demanding - the same goes with . And that’s not the end of it, free market rules, if it’s cost more to mine one bitcoin then people will just not do that.
  2. Also what scalability have to do with centralization I can’t square that circle. If you follow max keiser : he always say something about ‘hash-war’ maybe you can research more about that.
  3. Finally at least BTC is the first coin ever invented, it will never go easily. This is not sh*tcoin we talk to.

Actually more and more fear porn in emerged in regards of vaccine.

and to say ‘vaccine tested on tens of thousands of people in multiple trials’ that’s true, but it doesn’t relate well w/ covid19 which is type of vacc that winning the world guinest record for the fastest produced vacc ever in the world.

You’re the test subject.

exactly, whenever I’m fixing my linux problem … microsoft has to be blacklisted from SE

the problem is it’s not ‘breaking up with fb’ that actually perceived, it’s that we ‘can’t breaking up with families’

Artix Linux - runit version on Cinnamon, because it’s fast and rebellious lol

html is the only way, the most wuwei way to achieve the greatest