Twitter is not a public utility

Isn’t it a bit strange that the entire world has to wait on the CEO of Twitter to come around on what constitutes healthy discourse? I am not talking about it being too little, too late. Rather, my issue is with “instant, public, global messaging and conversation” being entirely dependent on one single privately held company’s whims. Perhaps they want to go in the right direction right now for once, but who’s to say how their opinion changes in the future?

Seen today on the alien site. Figured I’d share it here too.


Twitter is a public forum and will be adjudicated as such in the next few years.

Travis Skaalgard

If this results in Twitter being open-sourced, community owned/run, and federated, then I might use it again.

Twitter is a crappy utility

If twitter can go away after face slapping current sitting president of USA, that will be historical


Twitter is a useless entity.


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Ethical and open replacement to Twitter

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