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Well that’s what made me check this post in the first place :D

Well this specifically is the worst, but all of hos answers in that thread are straight crap

What an awful response from the Founder/CEO in this thread, when questioned about this decision.

I was going to say the same thing, but I guess in this case is kind of valid? I mean, Markdown is mostly used for websites, so it’s kind of a safe bet to go for JS.

Nothing will ever top MusicBee for me. It was one of, if not the only, major losses of migrating to Linux.

Definitely a lot of useful features, and they even included a Jellyfin library importer! The sad thing is that Jellyfin and Subsonic integrations don’t actually stream from the server, so the server never gets to update the play count based on Tauon.

Congratulations, awesome app, instantly enjoyed the design. Currently posting this comment from it lol Seriously, thanks so much for this.

Wait, are those two paragraphs supposed to be contradicting each other? I don’t get it :| Also

I personally don’t want to hear developers telling me about what of course is an ethical funding system.

That’s fair, but devs are completely free to express their opinions and state their reasons to reject a PR, ethical or not. That comment sounds way too similar to “I don’t want politics in my music” whenever musicians state their political opinions through their platform.

Ethics and politics have a close relationship with FOSS, whether you like it or not. I mean, you’re on Lemmy.ml, whose devs openly state is an antifa instance.

In any case, you, or anyone for that matter, can always fork the project and accept that PR.

What’s wrong about them deciding what ethical ad systems are? They addressed the issue clearly, stating that it was because yt ad system is privacy invasive, while in-video are not, which is quite logical on the tech side.

Oh thanks for clarifying that. I had the memory of it being fairly new.

How about Lychee? It’s looking good and it’s active. Of course it might be quite simple right now, but it’s a fairly new project.

I wonder how much of a crime would it be if I did this as a tester.

Wow, I have yet to face any trouble with my protonmail account. That’s just bullshit.

It’s weird to me to still find developers out there, in a professional environment, that would not understand half of what those last two paragraphs are talking about. Resource management, for example, seems like a foreign concept to them, in their minds more related to a sysadmin than to programming.

While I understand your concern with taxing the meat industry, I do not agree with treating living beings as resources. We can perfectly say that a human is also meat, because well, we are all made of meat.

That being said, is meat really a basic need here? I understand it can be replaced almost fully with the help of supplements.

Also, what would be the point of turning people into vegan? You make it seem like there’s some kind of hidden agenda in this, correct me if my impression is wrong.

The article does not call people to become vegan or to remove meat from our diet. It says that environmental change can’t be achieved if we don’t (also) address the damage caused by the meat industry in particular. This quote from the article says it all:

Bash said the report was not telling people to become vegans: “It’s just saying increase your consumption of plant protein. It’s a simple message and something that’s widely supported by health organisations around the world.”

Also as far as I understand, it’s not about omnivores and carnivores being eradicated, but about humans dealing with the historic treatment of animals as a commodity, which can also be extended to address speciesism .

One of the reasons I can’t stand the black metal scene is because of its strong ties with murder/arson/nazi. I do like black metal, but I try to stay as far away from anything too edgy. Also, I love how this is somehow relevant:

(…) and that he commented on two memes about far-right former neo-Nazi metal musician Varg Vikernes, who served 15 years in prison for killing a fellow metal musician and burning churches in Norway.


Oh I found out about this a couple of weeks ago when it was still UXBOX. I’m in desperate need for an open source prototyping software. As for now I still use Figma, since I tried Alva but it still didn’t make it for me for some reason.