UK health professions call for climate tax on meat
Food with heavy environmental impact should be taxed by 2025 unless food industry acts voluntarily, says alliance

Something that is necessary for basic human survival and yet they won’t tax companies that do far more damage to the environment that has nothing to do with basic human survival. What a scam.

Vegans, get over yourselves. Your stance isn’t ethical or eco-friendly, it’s anti-human and anti-nature. The food chain exists, omnivores require meat, and nothing you do or cry about because you saw a cute little cow one time and are now traumatized to learn that meat comes from that animal can change that. We do eat way too much meat but the solution is NOT to remove meat from our diet, it’s to reduce it.

Your point of view is basically “we hate the idea of nature itself and omnivores and carnivores should not exist”. Stop being dumb.


Bruh. Did you even research veganism before making this comment?


The article does not call people to become vegan or to remove meat from our diet. It says that environmental change can’t be achieved if we don’t (also) address the damage caused by the meat industry in particular. This quote from the article says it all:

Bash said the report was not telling people to become vegans: “It’s just saying increase your consumption of plant protein. It’s a simple message and something that’s widely supported by health organisations around the world.”

Also as far as I understand, it’s not about omnivores and carnivores being eradicated, but about humans dealing with the historic treatment of animals as a commodity, which can also be extended to address speciesism .

But they’re taxing meat. Do you want them to tax air next? You don’t tax basic needs. No matter what they say or what excuses they make, they’re basically trying to be prissy pseudo-ethical vegetarians/vegans. All of these people going after meat are trying to turn us all vegan, and that will mean a decrease in the ability of human beings to adapt and survive.

We treat animals like meat because they are meat. Like I said, we eat too much meat and trying to decrease it can help solve the issues here, but placing a sin tax on meat as if it was the equivalent of cigarettes is beyond stupid.


Whether you like it or not, meat is environmentally unfriendly and contributes to climate change. Reducing it either by going vegan or just eating less of it will make a difference, and since everyone only gives a shit about money these days, a tax is the best way to achieve that goal.


While I understand your concern with taxing the meat industry, I do not agree with treating living beings as resources. We can perfectly say that a human is also meat, because well, we are all made of meat.

That being said, is meat really a basic need here? I understand it can be replaced almost fully with the help of supplements.

Also, what would be the point of turning people into vegan? You make it seem like there’s some kind of hidden agenda in this, correct me if my impression is wrong.

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