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“The virtual money we created is worth a lot because we wanted it to be worth a lot!”

Why is this garbage not illegal?

Love all the messing around with artificial garbage and thrown together trash which will likely in the future be found to really screw up our bodies just because you hate the very idea of being human given that we’re built from the ground up to be omnivores and need meat to survive. Yes, humans eat too much meat. But eating zero meat and using these crappy, potentially dangerous alternatives isn’t the answer.

While I agree with some of the points, some of it is just pointless early Mac nostalgia, and some of it is just outright dangerous, as with the “one user, unlimited access” point – there is a reason we have limited users and passworded accounts and a superuser/root account to handle things; the security of our system is at stake.

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Oh no, not only will I no longer be able to argue with racists and idiots, I won’t be able to use the biggest, dumbest, priciest, most worthless gimmick ever! How terrible!

Xorg still just works and Wayland is still a buggy, unstable, unreliable mess after 12 years of development. Wayland is the one that needs to go away. Just because Xorg maintainers don’t think maintaining old code is sexy any more doesn’t make Wayland relevant.

Removing an application from Play Store is such a laughable empty threat from Google. It’s not like their platform is a locked down mess like Apple’s iDevices where removal from the Apple Store is actually detrimental. I don’t know why Google even bothers. Sure, some people don’t know about installing from third parties, but if it comes to them having to do so, they’ll figure it out fast enough.

But they’re taxing meat. Do you want them to tax air next? You don’t tax basic needs. No matter what they say or what excuses they make, they’re basically trying to be prissy pseudo-ethical vegetarians/vegans. All of these people going after meat are trying to turn us all vegan, and that will mean a decrease in the ability of human beings to adapt and survive.

We treat animals like meat because they are meat. Like I said, we eat too much meat and trying to decrease it can help solve the issues here, but placing a sin tax on meat as if it was the equivalent of cigarettes is beyond stupid.

Yet another anti-systemd rant from someone who probably still thinks GNU should be horribly limited to the point of uselessness like UNIX and *BSD. And they wonder why GNU has been successful on a wide range of devices and UNIX and *BSD has been relegated to servers and other very limited use applications. Whining and complaining abut “systemd is not The Unix Way!1” forgets that GNU’s Not Unix.

The ideal number of comments is zero. It was hard to write, it should be hard to read.

It’s awful.

Collapsing the sidebar doesn’t really collapse anything, just hides the navigation. What’s the point of that? None.

Why the living hell does any webpage think that scrunching the text into the middle part of the page makes it better? The smartphoneification of web pages is an absolute cancer that needs to end. Do people think this is easier to read? People must have ADD if they can’t keep their attention on a line of text longer than a few words. There’s less space for tables, charts, and inlined images and other things which will limit articles in a major way.

This is complete insanity and I insist that they at least give me an option to keep the old way.

This is a screwy attitude that assumes every single webpage is this new-web application wannabe BS that people who know better avoid. Chrome and its ilk cater to that garbage; Firefox just does what it needs to do to serve what we want. The problem is, Chrome has gained the lead this way and Firefox (Mozilla) is just doing what it needs to survive. And it’s working. Just because you see someone doing what they need to do to survive doesn’t make it garbage. It’s still a very open, customizable, usable program despite all the objections, and even if Mozilla drops it, Free software will continue to make it viable and usable because no sane person wants to touch Chromium’s poisoned code base.

Maintainer: “I’m tired of maintaining this code because maintaining code isn’t considered sexy or glamorous, I’m going to put all my effort behind Wayland which is still a buggy, incomplete, problematic mess twelve years after its inception and just say Xorg is dead because I want attention.”

Shut it. Go maintain Xorg until you can do better. Wayland is not better. Let Wayland die. You’ve tried to force it down our throats for years now and no one is buying it.

Something that is necessary for basic human survival and yet they won’t tax companies that do far more damage to the environment that has nothing to do with basic human survival. What a scam.

Vegans, get over yourselves. Your stance isn’t ethical or eco-friendly, it’s anti-human and anti-nature. The food chain exists, omnivores require meat, and nothing you do or cry about because you saw a cute little cow one time and are now traumatized to learn that meat comes from that animal can change that. We do eat way too much meat but the solution is NOT to remove meat from our diet, it’s to reduce it.

Your point of view is basically “we hate the idea of nature itself and omnivores and carnivores should not exist”. Stop being dumb.