Desktop computer systems, especially those based on Linux, are way more complicated than typical personal computers in the 80s and 90s. We…

Relevant project by the same author trying to achieve these design goals

While I agree with some of the points, some of it is just pointless early Mac nostalgia, and some of it is just outright dangerous, as with the “one user, unlimited access” point – there is a reason we have limited users and passworded accounts and a superuser/root account to handle things; the security of our system is at stake.


i guess the question is whether people are willing to give up the extra functionality for that simplicity, or whether simplicity in this case just means “abstract away what the computer actually does” because, it’s easy enough to just use gnome out of the box but the options and configurations exist because people want them and shared libraries exist because people want a lot of big programs on their system.

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