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I’d agree if they weren’t near-universally a problem.

Yeah, looks like they removed it.

Yeah, in general the site could use some configurability. This is the big one, but I’d also really appreciate being able to directly see community names instead of the expanded ones. I’d much rather see “/c/floss_replacement” than “Free (libre) software replacements for proprietary software” or whatever. Even when they aren’t super long and unwieldy, they make navigation harder.

Is anyone else bothered by banners?

Banners are fuckhuge. Even fitting wide ones like /c/gaming take up most of the page, and then there’s vertical ones like /c/anime which are kind of absurd. …


Doom is a great pick. Compared to music or movies or whatever, game cover art produces far fewer memorable images, but Doom’s is immortal.

I have a japanese copy of Final Fantasy VI despite not caring for the game because the cover art is one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen.

I agree, it’s a really great time (other than Interloper)! I think many of the criticisms here are valid and important, but it’s still a damn good game.

God, I really hope you get this going. I’ve been searching for a decent imageboard for years. Best I’ve found are Lainchan and sushichan but even those have their share of garbage.

It’s gotten a lot worse in the past 6-7 years or so, but yeah slower boards can be kinda tolerable if you’re liberal with your filter use. I’ve been using /vr/ a bit still.

Oh no, in that example I’m equating China now and the US in that era. Meaning a force that opposes the greater evil (Germany then, the US now) but that itself has imperial interests. (In this case maybe not literal territorial expansion, but exerting control through business…much like the US but, yknow, not as aggressive)

That’s more substantive and mostly makes sense, I just don’t agree that choosing neither empire constitutes fence-sitting…that attitude seems to me like liberal lesser evilism.

I don’t know, should I call an American who didn’t fight for America in the second world war because they didn’t want to fight for America’s imperialist project a fence-sitter because German fascism was the greater evil? Even if they were involved in anti-fascist activism at home? To me that sounds ridiculous and incredibly convenient for any force that is not literally the absolute worst on the planet…all they have to do is oppose the bigger bad.

tf? I’ve got no problem with you also bringing attention to the US, in fact I think it’s necessary to drop into conversations like these and bring reminders like that.

My issue is the idea that unless “the mess at home” is cleaned, we can’t care about bad things happening elsewhere on smaller scales.

“Whataboutism” as a claim can be abused a lot to avoid criticism of the other evil that is being referenced, but there is no reason to believe that’s the case on an anarchist forum where you would be very hard pressed to find anyone who isn’t also extremely opposed to the US and other western empires. Given the demographics of a site like this, it’s also likely that most of their activism is targeted toward them as well. There is no reason that criticism of a potential evil has to wait for a larger evil to be toppled.

You’re not actually making a point here, just hurling insults.

I don’t even know what to believe with this shit and I’m not an anarchist but this is the most ridiculous objection I’ve seen. “WHAT ABOUT [worse thing that anarchists also oppose]” is fucking meaningless and leaves you looking less like a good Marxist and more like you’re just looking for any reason to dunk on nerds on the internet.

Honestly, that’s more complicated than I even need, though it could be cool. A centralized site using whatever vichan fork and actually good rules / active mods would be incredible.

An imageboard that isn’t filled with reactionary trash.

More than likely we’d see a progression through the stages of history roughly the same as what happened the first time. Knowledge of communism and general egalitarian principles may soften things a bit at first on the small scale, but history is not shaped by ideas. What they know and believe is not nearly as relevant as the conditions of the world they live in, and assuming those conditions are the same as they were in reality, things will basically happen the same. The most I can say is that the movement through history would be accelerated since things like writing exist right off the bat, letting various forms of organization progress quicker.

To say continuing communism would be possible in this scenario would be a rejection of the core of historical materialism, so I’m not sure how much room for debate there is on this within a Marxist framework.

I’ve done the fix and even then it’s only partial. Unfortunately it’s a thing I’ve experienced on several controllers of theirs over several models, and people I know who’ve experienced it still do even on the newest ones before this.

It’s a fundamental problem with their dpad design that they’ve seemed completely uninterested in fixing.

I really want this, but I mostly just hope they take the opportunity to fix their dpad rocking problems.

Absolutism like this is also a little silly. We need a range of strategies, from the most radical to the most reserved.

Looks like great work. Can’t wait for the iOS version!

Passed on to the dev, their response:

As for the playcount issue, that’s an oversight on my part, shouldn’t be too hard to fix for airsonic. Tho I hate dealing with jellyfin grumble grumble

Like I said above, this project moves fast and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this be fixed.