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Looks like great work. Can’t wait for the iOS version!

Passed on to the dev, their response:

As for the playcount issue, that’s an oversight on my part, shouldn’t be too hard to fix for airsonic. Tho I hate dealing with jellyfin grumble grumble

Like I said above, this project moves fast and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this be fixed.

For what it’s worth, I’ve passed this comment onto the dev and they agree:

The airsonic one is quite slow. I had improved it over how slow it was originally… I should probably try examine it again and see if there’s any further ways to improve it

I can’t make any promises on their behalf (don’t hurt me, taiko), but the pace of this project has been incredibly fast for the past couple years and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some big improvements :)

Ran into it being pretty silly with applying to removedute and other silly cases.

But that’s imperfect implementation, not a censorship issue lol.

There are lots of different color schemes as well as support for custom ones if the few lighter ones aren’t good enough. You can also force it to use your window manager’s buttons if you’d like. Both are in the settings menu.

It’s definitely more opinionated / less customizable than MusicBee, but I’ve found that it has infinitely more features that are relevant for music nerds.

It might be more helpful, then, to think of it as opposed to other stories involving harems rather than compared to your typical video game protagonist (though I don’t really agree that Big Aggressive Man is all that rare, though it’s certainly less prevalent than in the 90s). Harems are either tales of sexual conquest / domination with a Mega Cool Badass at the front or lead by blank self-inserts who inexplicably have women fawning over him.

When I played it, I didn’t expect such an explicitly horny game to be so…healthy?

That’s one of the consequences of freedom of association and perhaps its biggest strength. Fediverse blocklists are what keeps it usable and not filled with absolute garbage, letting people join communities that interact with others based on a set of principles that they support. Moderation is good and necessary and drastically under-applied on the internet at large.

Whatever, should’ve have replied to someone honestly complaining about “coddle culture” in the absolute hellscape that is the internet. Go fling shit at other shit flingers…the magic of the fediverse is that the rest of us don’t have to deal with them. It’s a haven for queer people specifically because you can curate your experience just like you can in real life. It’s so fucking weird that people think that everyone having to deal with everyone at all times online is normal and the default and that anything restricting that is just being coddled. Outside of have-tos like work, I can avoid shitheads and have shithead-free spaces in my day to day life. I choose the people I hang around. The fediverse and the blocklists that are so pervasive within it are a natural extension of this right to a digital space.

I think that we have a pretty bad PR problem when it comes to free and privacy-focused software and services. So often when this category of things gets attention, it’s because it’s being used to harbor fascists and other pieces of shit. I believe Minds also heavily favors the far right. There’s no real reason to promote these platforms over others. Friendica and PeerTube are infinitely more capable and also better both in terms of freedom and the ability to be used responsibly.

If you look over at the Mastodon side of things, you’ll see where things can go when the social gains of these alternatives are the biggest part of the message. Tons of people use that not because they know it’s free software, not because they know it’s federated, but because “it’s Twitter but queerer and without the fascists!” There’s real tangible power in that appeal that needs to be at the front of the conversation.

I’m not being black-and-white with it, and I don’t think you’re bad if you choose to use it (at least with what I know about it right now). Instead, even despite its appealing features and presentation, I would urge others to choose other options because especially now while every decent-to-good option is relatively obscure, it is best for privacy and freedom in the long term to make sure that the software and services that we promote are liberatory not only in technical terms, but in practical social ones. These tools need to support oppressed people and are uniquely suited to do so…we have a responsibility to play a social and PR game as much as we do a technical one.

re: Gigablast, I’d question the ethics of a site that promotes removedute on its front page

in case anyone doesn’t know about removedute:

removedute is a video hosting service known for accommodating far-right individuals and conspiracy theorists, and for hosting hateful material. The platform was created in 2017 to allow video uploaders to avoid content rules enforcement on YouTube, and some creators who have been banned from YouTube or had their channels barred from receiving advertising revenue (“demonetized”) have migrated to removedute.

Yeah, it’s a bit frustrating and when using Matrix you have to just accept that it is not suited for certain uses of Discord, particularly the ones that encourage tightly-knit communities with consistent and seamless moderation + common settings across them.

I manage a “server” that simply would not function without Discord’s systems for channels and moderation / organization. Believe me, I’ve tried to move it to Matrix, IRC, and other places but I’ve never found something which doesn’t require massive sacrifices to what the community is about and how it works. Especially given that these are a bunch of non-techies who for the most part do not care at all about free software and privacy, nothing gets anywhere near a practical replacement.

I deleted my Reddit account a couple years back and split my time between Tildes, Raddle, and Lemmy.

I don’t really miss it. I’ve had much more meaningful interactions in the past couple years than I ever did on Reddit, and there’s infinitely less garbage to sort through. I still end up on Reddit from search results for technical questions, buying guides, etc. but not actually using Reddit makes life much less of a headache.

I’m not sure, but my guess is that it’s unofficial. The downloads page, when you expand all the options, has an AppImage, .deb, .rpm, and snap package. Probably best to use one of those unless you specifically require flatpak for some reason.

I keep it pretty bare.

It’s a Wonderful Life is my favorite movie in general. It’s such a beautiful celebration of human goodness.

I can give a little background on how the owner and users of Tildes feel. Given Tildes’ focus on a particular vision for discussion, proposals for federation haven’t really been taken to and have been seen as something which could take away from the social goals of the site if not handled very carefully. In fact, this used to be part of an old FAQ:

Decentralized communities are interesting and have a lot of potential, but that model also introduces its own problems and difficulties. Tildes is already attempting to do quite a few things differently to improve the quality of online communities, and I’m more interested in focusing on those goals without introducing the additional complexity of decentralization.

However, since Tildes is open-source, someone else could certainly use it as a base for their own decentralized version.

I like greybird-dark using the default xfce window buttons. imo when you go for something flatter or more modern, xfce looks kinda tacky.

It’s perfect. I know my partner in Florida can’t drink the water there, but up here it’s absolutely wonderful.

I figure I’m in a good place for water if the world burns, being right next to the great lakes.

I meant harmless on the part of the observer.

Regardless, the problem isn’t that they’re hypocrites, it’s that they’re homophobes making the world worse. Shame them for that, not for being gay.

I feel like the “haha all homophobes turn out to be gay” was at first a harmless and funny observation but at this point has transformed into a weird form of blaming queer people for queerphobia.