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Seems unlikely. This poster is certainly not gonna last since they’re clearly just trolling, but anti-vax posting isn’t going to be moderated and nutomic in particular has some personal stake in that. Not to equate that position with full on anti-vax shit, but they clearly want room for skepticism over vaccines even when it’s essentially baseless.

lemmy.ml as a server doesn’t seem interested in moderating this kind of thing. Seems like it’s up to mods like @pingveno@lemmy.ml here.

OP is literally named truthsocial after Trump’s platform and just trying to rile people up. Not worth your attention, don’t feed the troll, move on.

I figure it sets a good precedent even if it isn’t enforced on other instances. Even if it meant more popularity, I’d rather have a healthy lefty community than spread the software at all costs.

If anything, I’d just like to have a more even distribution of leftists. M-Ls can be plenty cool and I don’t mind them being the most prominent, but I do find the all around dunking on anarchists to be obnoxious as hell, and how anarchists are constantly on the defensive as a result. The left is more than just M-Ls and the anarchists they mock, and I wish more of that was represented and we could be at each others’ throats less.

lemmy.ml’s sideboard thing:

A community of leftist privacy and FOSS enthusiasts, run by Lemmy’s developers

Lemmy (the software) has a separate, more general mission from Lemmy.ml (the instance).

Losing /r/piracy would be a real shame. I haven’t had a reddit account in years, but I still visit occasionally because the megathread and other things are such great resources (especially when I need to grab stream links for friends too scared to torrent). It’s important for outreach, whether we like it or not.

In their defense, YouTube at least has Freetube and NewPipe and such making it easy to use it extensively without majorly sacrificing your privacy. As far as I know, there isn’t really a similarly healthy way to use TikTok.

…that said, I’d be less concerned about the CCP watching me than I would be ByteDance themselves.

Take It Off though…

The creative possibilities of the format interest me to a certain degree, but I’m far too privacy-minded and social media-averse to ever use it. I’d consider using a private and FLOSS clone, but that’s unlikely to happen.

And miss out on the satisfaction of typing it out and slamming enter? Never!

I feel you, but also keep in mind that these people are victims as well. The reasons not to switch are getting fewer and fewer, but they still exist and those in power intend on fighting to keep it that way.

It’s a shame, but changing the status quo isn’t really a matter of convincing more people to switch (though it certainly won’t hurt)…if anything, they’re the ones missing out.

I do it compulsively. In the terminal it’s basically a nervous habit at this point, and in GNOME Software the “Up to Date” screen makes my brain release every happy chemical it’s got.

Glad to see another convert to Flatpaks, the turn toward 'em has done so much to make distro choice more than just “Debian / Ubuntu and if you want to use anything else, fuck you build everything yourself”. Even for projects that are large enough to be packaged basically everywhere, it’s nice having them lead the charge.

I think the flattening of Adwaita is a big step into the past, but honestly I am too. Always interested in where they’ll take the project.

…and hopefully it means adaptive sync on their Wayland session is moved up the todo list.

That’s probably a bit much. I’m guessing they opened it up, saw that it’s a small community within an already small site, and figured it’s not worth the space. Plus if they’re responsible mods, including a link to here would also mean they need someone to check up on it to make sure it hasn’t gone off the deep end and they’re linking to somewhere with a bunch of…nazi spam or something.

It does suck though, that could be a nice source of new users.

This is a very very very rough proof of concept for a series I want to do called “It Came From the Repositories” where I dig for weird and forgotten Linux software and showcase it. …

I’d really love to see an option that’s closer to old reddit or Tildes.net or something, I always feel a little alienated by the design as it is now.

Crypto is so infuriatingly good at hijacking the language of decentralization and web liberation while doing its very best to destroy what little of the internet actually is still free.

Its greatest strength was tricking the people who do (or did) actually care into working against their own interest.

Well, this has killed my remaining faith in Arena, since they’ll trash their existing formats out of nowhere. All Cockatrice for me now.

Honestly before I understood the principles behind free software and all that, these are what got me hooked on Linux in the first place. I still like to install MATE and Compiz every once in a while to have a bit of fun…it’s comfy.