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I’m not even pro-PRC or whoever you’re trying to piss off but this is the most obvious troll account I’ve ever seen. Go away.

It seems to me like a short-sighted way to counter a bit of the visible damage capitalism does. Much like most well-intentioned liberal reform, it starts from the position that capitalism is a fundamental force of the universe that must be worked around rather than one system of many which can be replaced.

That said, I’d be immensely glad to have it. I’m someone who likely will never be able to work in a meaningful capacity, and would benefit from money to not die.

It definitely isn’t a solution to any wider problems, but for my needs it’s the best gecko-based browser.

I love firefox and can usually make excuses to myself for them but I’m tired of keeping up with whatever bullshit they’re trying today. To librewolf I guess.

The most I’ve been able to do is advocacy, bug reports, and feature requests. I’m monolingual so no translation for me, but I am a pretty capable writer. If anyone has any suggestions for how to help out, I’d gladly take them.

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This hurts my soul. What I appreciate about GNOME’s visuals is that it looks clean and modern but still tactile and layered. Looks like they’re trying to throw that out the window and justify it by pointing at others who’ve done it.

I love GNOME, but this looks awful by comparison.

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When I add my account instead of browsing lemmy.ml as guest, the button will simply grey out and nothing will happen. This has worked for me in the past…


Because I don’t care to configure them :P

It’s for making it so you can right click on sites that grab it and replace it with their own shit. Or if they block it. I think the rest are fairly self explanatory? Augmented Steam and ProtonDB for steam just add a bunch of additional shit to steam pages like Is There Any Deal links, Bitwarden is my password manager, the containers keep the few Google and Amazon sites I do find myself on isolated, etc.

@Whomtoasklemmy*Permananently Deleted*
  • Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy
  • Amazon Container
  • Augmented Steam
  • BazQux Reader: open links in background tab
  • Bitwarden
  • ClearURLs
  • GNOME Shell integration
  • Google Container
  • LocalCDN
  • Privacy Redirect
  • ProtonDB for Steam
  • Purple Ads Blocker (twitch)
  • uBlock Origin

@Whomtoasklemmy*Permananently Deleted*

Debian stable on my desktop (GNOME 3.38) and my Thinkpad R52 (MATE). EndeavourOS on my modern laptop partially so I don’t have to manually deal with nvidia driver fuckery and partly because GNOME 40+ is infinitely better with a touchpad than any other DE. I particularly like Debian and Endeavour because I dodge the commercial influence and weird decisions which hit Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, etc. As much as I love Fedora and several Ubuntu-based distros, getting out of that game feels great.

I’m a frequent hopper that’s trying to slow down. I’m only letting myself change things out on my modern laptop for now so I hopefully don’t uproot all my machines every time I have a passing interest in something else. I’ve recently embraced the flatpak future, so I’m hoping a solid Debian system with flatpaks for the user-facing stuff I need up to date will keep me satisfied. It’s going well so far.

Thanks for the excellent work, this makes Lemmy much nicer to use.

My guess, aside from the strange word usage, is that they think using slurs casually takes their power away. It’s a pretty common belief…I guess people realize the obviously true fact that those words are bad not because of any natural law but actually because of social factors and then just conclude the problem is the people hurt by them. That leads them to put the burden of solving this problem on the targets of that language, since “they’re just words”. If you come at it from that angle, I can see how you’d land on the idea that the way to go is to do whatever you can to desensitize everyone to all words with power so everyone can see that they’re just words.

It should go without saying, but even if this is what they meant, it’s still absurd and incorrect. And while I’m sure some do land on it by following a similar line of thinking to what I just said, I’m confident even more land on it out of convenience: it lets them defend the shitty thing they wanted to do anyway.

I’d agree if they weren’t near-universally a problem.

Yeah, looks like they removed it.

Yeah, in general the site could use some configurability. This is the big one, but I’d also really appreciate being able to directly see community names instead of the expanded ones. I’d much rather see “/c/floss_replacement” than “Free (libre) software replacements for proprietary software” or whatever. Even when they aren’t super long and unwieldy, they make navigation harder.

Is anyone else bothered by banners?

Banners are fuckhuge. Even fitting wide ones like /c/gaming take up most of the page, and then there’s vertical ones like /c/anime which are kind of absurd. …


Doom is a great pick. Compared to music or movies or whatever, game cover art produces far fewer memorable images, but Doom’s is immortal.

I have a japanese copy of Final Fantasy VI despite not caring for the game because the cover art is one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen.

I agree, it’s a really great time (other than Interloper)! I think many of the criticisms here are valid and important, but it’s still a damn good game.

God, I really hope you get this going. I’ve been searching for a decent imageboard for years. Best I’ve found are Lainchan and sushichan but even those have their share of garbage.

It’s gotten a lot worse in the past 6-7 years or so, but yeah slower boards can be kinda tolerable if you’re liberal with your filter use. I’ve been using /vr/ a bit still.